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Indiana Evans Pictures, Videos & Information

Updated on March 28, 2014
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Indiana Evans strips

Indiana Rose Evans is an American actress born 27th July 1990. Indiana loves to sing, draw, shop, hanging out with friends and playing with her cat Meemo. Indiana had a deep interest in performing since the age of 5 when she would perform for family and friends.

At age 7 her parents enrolled her into dance lessons which started with ballet and then evolved to Jazz and tap dancing.

As a small child she used to watch the Australian TV soap "Home and Away", so when her agent broke the news over the phone that she had won the role of Matilda Indiana in Home and Away, she was in total shock. At first she didn't know what to say and started running around her home screaming. She was still in disbelief about being offered a part in the show she actually called back to see if it was true and it really was.

Indiana said that working on Home and Away is a very fast paced and overwhelming place to work but well worth the effort.

Indiana said that playing the role of Matilda may be seen as being very bratty, but her nature definitely isn't mean. She is just upset about going to Summer Bay and the fact that her mother has found another man to share her life with. It has only been a year since her father died and she was very upset .

Indiana landed her first TV commercial aged 11 playing the lead role in an Asguard commercial. At this time Indiana had was a keen drum player and had taken up drum lessons and even bought her very own drum kit with her first earnings from the commercial.

Indiana Evans in "Snobs"

Prior to appearing on Home and Away, Indiana won a guest role as Milly Roberts on the TV series "All Saints".

She was then cast for the principal role in an American Campaign for 'Kool Aid', which required an American accent. Indiana has also appeared in Comedy Inc.

Later Indiana landed the role of Abbie Oakley in the television series "The Snobs". At this time she had just started her 1st year in high school but could only attend for a couple of weeks because she was shooting scenes for most of that year.

The role of Abbie also required Indiana to learn and surfing and horse riding.

Apart from her love of singing and dancing and acting Indiana loves to draw and catch up with friends and shopping.

Her favorite actors range from Cameron Diaz to Cate Blanchett. Her favorite singers are Beyonce and Delta Goodrem.

Indiana Evan's Compilation

Indiana has appeared and starred in many TV series and films including H20: "Just Add Water" in 2009 replacing the previous actress Claire Holt.

She appeared in a disaster film, "Arctic Blast" in 2010 and later became a part of the TV series "Crownies in 2011. In 2012 she starred in a remake of the the 1980 film, the "Blue Lagoon" called "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening" as Emma Robinson.

In 2013, Indiana was last seen at a major public event at the World's largest Australian film festival in Sydney. Since then, Indiana has been keeping a low profile. Let's hope we'll see much more of her in future. Watch this space Indiana fans for all the latest news and gossip.

Indiana Singing

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      Sebastian 3 years ago

      Oh, Dios mío. indiana, tu la chica más hermosa jamás y quiero casarme contigo un día. muchos besos y abrazos de mi parte.

      te amo

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      ginny 5 years ago

      i love this girl so much check her out on h2o just add water seasson 3

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      these people need to update this and tell about her roll in H2O: just add water

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      Foarte frumoasa

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      I want to play sex with her

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      man shes hot not joking

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      She is a favourite actress.This is a super,fantastic girl.

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      Sex is important

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      I want you

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      SAMOT 8 years ago

      This girl is a fantastic actress. I love her so much.

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      Zoe 9 years ago

      I very like classical music so!

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      shes motherfucking hot

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      kameena kutta haramjade saaleeeee...........................................................

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      hfskdahf 9 years ago

      kameena kutta haramjade saaleeeee...........................................................

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      master 9 years ago

      She is hot for sure, definitely the kind of girl i like