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Superheroes INDIANINJAS - The Movie

Updated on November 22, 2009

Info about the Movie


Indian-ninjas or Indianinjas is a short live action movie concluded in 2007 as a part of a school project in Tagore Public School Aligarh. Directed By Varun Mehta the story is about five superheroes who saves the earth from the evil powers of Villianious Victor. The movie was sheduled to release in 2007. but got delayed and cancelled but brought back in 2009 with added special effects. By the time, the movie got enough recognition over the internet and is hoping to do well further.


After getting several defeats by Indianinjas, the notorious Victor plans a big way ahead against the heroes. he takes the mighty powers from a giften evil tree and challenged the sorceress (Indianninja's Granny on their emergency screen, knowing what Victor's powers can do, the being calm and composed lady loses her temper and gets ready to sacrifice herself. Victors calls for a battle in which the sorceress loses miserably and held captive by Victor, sooner Indianinjas hits out for the sorceress's rescue. But they dont know what victor has in stores for them, Victor defeats the Indianinjas thus making them powerless. Here Victors has thrown out his loyal mate Wazzie and his troops because he has become very powerful. Wazzie being envy from the new Victor, Join hands with the powerless Indianinjas to destroy him. the powerless Indianinjas meditates to get their some remaining powers back from the heat of the earth, and in this process they form a bomb. they plan it for Victor. Nikita goes in disguise to present a box to Victor as a gift. As soon as Victor opens it, the bomb exploding....spraying its rays on him making him powerless for few minutes. Until then, Wazzie and his soldiers attacks Victor to make him more weak, by the time Indianinjas saves the sorceress and she grants them the powers again. Thus they transforms back into the Real Heroes and attacks Victor and his army resulting in Victor's defeat. At the end Victor is asking to wait until the next time in future, he might destroy them.


Blue Falcon - Hero : Leader of the team, he sets the things straight and make plans efficiently to workout.

Red Sword - Nikita : The only femme fighter in the team, she almost acts as a semi-captain and proves as an incredible individual.

Black Fire - Rom : The most intellgent of all, Rom is mostly helpful in making plans more quickly and often acts as a saviour for the team.

Green Saber - Heer : the most funniest of all, he cracks jokes on all most every member and often entertains, but acts as an explosive meteor when it comes o battle.

Grey Turtle - Lee : Most cunning of them all, he can mark out schemes and plots quite easily, he has the power to heal his wounds very quickly than others.

Sorceress : The little dwarf size sorceress, who fleed to India because of Victor, gives her super sonic powers to the five kids. The kids call her 'Dadi'(Grandma).

Victor : The maniac little monstor, he wants the special powers that the sorcress possesses, so that he can rule the whole word on his own.

Wazzie : Victor's loyal friend, who often ruins victor's plans of destroying Indianinjas.

Orglow : A rounded spherical creature, helping Indianinjas to search directions for their pathways.


***The ordinary movie got a niche for itself and made its name in just three months. the response has been encouraging especially on the internet.

***The response to the trailers on the websites like, dailymotion and others have been tremendous.

***Recently a popular clip from the movie on youtube was shown on a TV News Channel in India.

***Now Indianinjas has made its way into google as well, today nobody needs to scratch his head what it is all about. just search it on google and you will get the places.


Recently A Promotional Event was organised at Tagore Public School at Aligarh for the success of the movie. To Promote it further, A DVD Release Launch of the movie had been declared. The Promotion was divided into 4 parts.

*Classy Speeches

*Funky Performances

*Screening of the movie

*Valuable Interviews

The event went upto 2 hours and was a success.

The Shots

victor vs sorceress
victor vs sorceress
red sword nikita
red sword nikita
heer the green saber
heer the green saber

Favourite hero

Which is your favourite indianinja hero?

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