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Indie Artists - How To Gain Exposure

Updated on November 22, 2019
PoiseGirl0018 profile image

I am blogger, romantic comedy writer, freelance photographer, and music lover from the Philippines.

Behind a great success is careful planning.

Are you an independent artists? Are you struggling to get there? It's understandable because it's really hard to gain exposure in the music industry, specially nowadays, anyone can make music and there so many aspiring people out there doing the same thing like you. In short, competition is tight. However I found some ways to increase your exposure. Hope these helps, but of course, since you're an indie, your full effort is needed. It's the determination that matters.

Tip #1 - Submit Your Song To Music Channels

Credits to Eddy Ducreo for the logo.
Credits to Eddy Ducreo for the logo. | Source

Aside from sending demos to those huge YouTube's music channel promotions, try sending demos to those emerging channels or those who are just started their services. Why? Because, since they are just started to build their channel, they won't be so strict and picky in choosing songs to be featured. Please do not underestimate those emerging channels. Who knows, one of viewers will change your life forever. It would be chain reaction effect.

Try to send your demos to Eddy Ducreo's music channel on YouTube. He accepts all genres not just EDM. He's one of the most approachable promoters I know. He really helped artists the best he could out of his own expense and free. He won't ask anything from you.

Tip #2 Music Bloggers & Playlist Curators

Tunemunk Playlist Submission Tool. Credits to Tunemunk
Tunemunk Playlist Submission Tool. Credits to Tunemunk | Source

Submit your demos to those music bloggers, playlist curators and other playlist wanted websites like Soundplate and Tunemunk. There are so many playlists in there that you can submit your demos. You can search genres you want. The more you send demos, the more chances to be featured.

Tip #3 - Internet Radio Stations

Credits to Radio Wigwam for their logo.
Credits to Radio Wigwam for their logo. | Source

Search for online radio stations on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Look for their details and if possible contact them and send your demos. Though, you won't have royalty for every plays but it's a great help for you to gain exposure. Who knows, one of listeners is the key to your success, right?

Try this online radio station!

Submit your demos to vloggers, they can use your song in vlog and they will credit you. As people watch their vlog, your song can gain exposure too. Every share made by vlogger's followers, it will boost your exposure and who knows your song will be viral because of it. Try searching vloggers on YouTube, Facebook, etc and find out how to contact her/him personally.

Tip #5 - Music Promotion Groups & Sites

Credits to Audiomack and AZKHA for the screenshot.
Credits to Audiomack and AZKHA for the screenshot. | Source

Join any social groups that promotes music. There are so many groups and pages on Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc about music promotion. But you must be careful in your wordings not to convey demanding attitude towards them or insist people to listen to your song. Be humble and be professional.

Aside from social media you can also upload your mp3 versions of your songs on any music-related sites like SoundCloud, Auidomack, Younk, Audiograb. Why mp3 upload mp3 copy? Because piracy is everywhere, we can't control it. It is possible that if you upload your high quality songs on free download site, someone while download it and claim it as theirs and monetize your works.

Tip #6 - Free Music Hosting Sites

Credits to Audigrab for the screenshot. AZKHA's Audiograb Profile
Credits to Audigrab for the screenshot. AZKHA's Audiograb Profile | Source

Giveaways. People love free stuff. Again, when you're giving your song for free, give them mp3 format not the high quality copy. I just discovered that Audiograb is a great way to monetize your songs too. People will download the free copy of your songs but Auidograb will pay the artists USD 0.0045 per download. So though you're giving songs for free, you're actually get paid. Awesome, right? But make sure you have all the rights of the song. Now you take advantage of sharing your audiograb link on your social media sites.

Aside from Auidograb, Younk is a great way to be discovered. Younk had just started last October 2018. It's social media flatform for music. You can upload your songs and listeners will fund your song and if it's unreleased, the funds goes higher, there'll will be a big possibilities you'll be signed or they will produce your song. See links below.

Credits to Younk for the screenshot. AZKHA's Younk profile
Credits to Younk for the screenshot. AZKHA's Younk profile | Source

Cover or remix any popular song. If you're not fond of doing cover or remix, now you need to do it, at least one or two popular songs, it's either old or new songs. This is really an effective way of gaining exposure. Like nowadays, there are huge artists that started doing cover songs. But you must be very careful on this. If you'll release it commercially, it should be in a legal way. You should be the one to be held responsible for its copyright.

Featured Music Label

Credits to Wireworks for their logo.
Credits to Wireworks for their logo. | Source

If you are into EDM try to submit your demos to Wire Works. Wire Works features independent and singed artists in their playlists. Wired Works is also a music label so you might have a chance to be signed. Their goal is simple, to give a platform to artists who have the potential to push boundaries, and strive to capture the sound of the next generation. Reviews, interviews, podcasts, and playlists, all bases are covered to bring you the very best coverage and up to date news within the industry, for fans and artists alike!

© 2019 PoiseGirl


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    • PoiseGirl0018 profile imageAUTHOR


      17 months ago from Makati City, Philippines


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      Tipsy Bells 

      17 months ago

      Wow this is really helpful :) Thanks for the great info Poise Girl.


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