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Indie Folk On The Rise

Updated on February 26, 2013

In what way is indie folk on the rise?

In today’s auto-tune and lack of real talent being shown in the majority of pop music, indie folk seems to be shining through. According to Billboard's Hot 100 (As of 02/05/2013) The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" is #3, Ed Sheeran's "The A Team" is at #21, and Of Monsters & Men's "Little Talks" is at #23 to name a few. Results like these shed some light on the otherwise mostly gloomy future of music.

Do most indie folk artists sound the same?

A lot of indie folk may sound similar in style in the same way that most genre's do, however the real difference seems to be in the lyric and harmony. This genre of music seems to be sparking a growth of young musicians picking up instruments like the banjo, acoustic and resonator that had been less popular for non-country/bluegrass musicians, and beginning musicians alike.

Is indie folk music a fad, or will it grow, and bring more awareness of country and bluegrass music?

Both are very likely to happen. Pop culture's styles are always changing, and recycling old ideas to make something new. It is all about what relates to people, and indie folk music does it for now.

My Recommendations:

The Lumineers

The Civil Wars

Mumford & Sons

Kings Of Leon

The Alabama Shakes

Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros

The Head & The Heart

She & Him

Of Monsters & Men

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