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Ingredients of a boring Hollywood movie

Updated on March 13, 2015

Important ingredients of a boring Holywood Movie

So what are the ingredients of boring movie? A good example of this is a great sports story like "McFarland USA" which has many scenes that drag on too long and do not contribute to the inspirational theme of the movie and before you know it, rather than being inspired you get kind of bored.

"McFarland USA" is overall a pretty good movie, but it should have been a great movie, equal to the true story and in the end it wasn't, unfortunately. The acting was good and some of the scenes of long distance running were good, but I was hoping for much more and this movie missed the mark in too many places to give it a strong recommendation.

Interestingly enough, Kevin Costner has another movie out that has been in and out of the theaters very quickly called "Black and White". This movie was very similar and quality and the boring element as "McFarland USA" is.

Like "McFarland USA", "Black and White" had a strong story and a good inspirational message but it also dragged on so badly in so many areas that eventually I started to lose sight of the message the movie was trying to provide and I started to lose interest. Movies that have a potentially strong message cannot just drag on for any length of time because in my opinion you will lose interest in the overall idea or purpose of the movie if there are too many scenes that are unrelated, too insignificant or just plain boring. I think Kevin Costner has some kind of a deal with his own production company or some producers to make some low budget movies like this and it has been highly unusual to see two movies from Kevin Costner that have come out this close together with both so similar in quality. In my opinion Kevin's best movie of all time came out in 1990 and was called "Dances with Wolves". This was a movie that kept the tension and interest high throughout the film and had a huge emotional payoff in the end.

Overall, I do barely recommend "McFarland USA" but I do not recommend "Black and White"

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