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Inside Out Disgust Costume

Updated on August 31, 2015

How to Dress Like Disgust From Inside Out


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After reading this Inside Out costume guide, you'll be able to quickly put together an inexpensive DIY Disgust costume that's perfect for your next Halloween party or convention.

This step-by-step cosplay tutorial features high-res images and descriptions of Disgust's fashionable green outfit plus tips for replicating her snarky style. Get ready to create this fun and sassy Pixar-inspired costume!


Who is Disgust?

Disgust, voiced by Mindy Kaling, is the emotion wholly committed to saving Riley's life on a daily basis. Highly opinionated and brutally honest, Disgust keeps the 10-year-old safe by rejecting things like broccoli. Despite her apathy and sarcasm, she loves Riley and always has her best interest in mind.

Essentials For Your Disgust Costume


Purple Scarf & Flats

If Riley's brain was a middle school cafeteria, Disgust would undoubtedly sit with the cool kids. Snobby and superficial, Disgust accessorizes with more flair than any other Inside Out character.

Her most notable accessories are her purple ascot (aka neck scarf) and matching ballet flats. Choose simple items that are not textured.

Nine West Women's Speakup Suede Ballet Flat, Dark Purple, 8 M US
Nine West Women's Speakup Suede Ballet Flat, Dark Purple, 8 M US

Purple flats like these are a vital part of your Disgust costume.


Green Dress & Leggings

Like Sadness, Fear and Anger, Disgust's look revolves around a single color: green. Green is the color traditionally associated with nausea. When someone looks sick, they are sometimes described as "looking green."

Disgust's shape is inspired by the thing she hates most: broccoli.

While locating a pair of dark green footless tights will be a breeze, Disgust's dress is not something you can pick up at your local Target. Your best bet is to start with a sleeveless knee-length green dress with a conservative v-neck. Transform that plain dress into a Disgust-worthy outfit with light green and bright blue fabric paint.

2015 Sexy Short Women Dresses for Cocktail Party,Green, Small
2015 Sexy Short Women Dresses for Cocktail Party,Green, Small

Aside from the round neckline, this dress offers the same silhouette worn by Disgust in Inside Out.


Disgust's Hair & Makeup


Sparkly Green Hair

Disgust, vain and insensitive, is the only emotion with bright green hair.

If you decide to style and temporarily (or permanently!) color your own hair for this Inside Out costume, be sure to give yourself side-swept bangs!

Green Skin & Makeup

Painting your face isn't mandatory for this Disgust costume but it certainly does add to the authenticity of your Inside Out outfit. If you choose to paint your face, invest in a high-quality face paint, not the stuff that sells for $1 in the Halloween aisle.

Check out my favorite Disgust tutorials now for face paint recommendations and strategies to replicate this emotion's sparkly makeup. ➔

Which of the five emotions plays the largest role in your brain?

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    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 2 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      I think these are really cute and would love to send all three of my daughters as one of the emotions.