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Inside Out Joy Costume

Updated on August 31, 2015

How to Dress Like Joy From Inside Out


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By the end of this Inside Out costume guide, you will be able to successfully put together an inexpensive-yet-authentic DIY Joy costume.

This step-by-step guide includes high-res images and detailed descriptions of Joy's outfit and hair and tips for replicating her bright, unique style. Keep reading to create what will undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable movie-inspired costumes of the year!


Who is Joy?

Voiced by comedian Amy Poehler, Joy is the endlessly optimistic central emotion living inside 10-year-old Riley's brain. She was Riley's very first emotion. Because of this, Joy is utterly invested in Riley's happiness and struggles to embrace the increasingly larger role that the other four emotions begin to play in Riley's psychology.

Essentials For Your Joy Costume


Bright Blue Pixie Cut

Unlike Inside Out's four other emotions — Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness — Joy's appearance does not center around a single color. Her look is an explosion of three bright colors: yellow, green and blue, and her hair is undoubtedly her most recognizable feature.

Joy shares a similar hair color with Sadness but wears her glimmering blue locks in a very different way: a spunky pixie cut. Carefree and always looking for the fun in every situation, Joy's hair sticks up at the back of her head and commands just as much attention as her bubbly, energetic personality.

Disguise Women's Joy Adult Costume Wig, Blue, One Size
Disguise Women's Joy Adult Costume Wig, Blue, One Size

Given the popularity of Inside Out, Disney has already released officially licensed costume elements. This adult Joy wig is also available in children's sizes.

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Chartreuse is a bright lime green color.
Chartreuse is a bright lime green color.
Chartreuse is a bright lime green color. | Source

Lime Green Dress

If you're down for some simple DIY, start with a sleeveless chartreuse (aka light lime green) dress, preferably one with a round neckline and knee-length hem.

Joy, as cheerful as she is, would never wear a stiff or skin-tight dress so you shouldn't either. This emotion is all about movement, spontaneity and, well, joy! Choose a bright, fun dress that flows when you bounce around and throw your hands in the air then complete the look by painting bright blue flower-like bursts all over.

For folks who would rather not break out the scissors and fabric paint, Disney released a pre-made Joy dress that is available on Amazon for both kids and adults. That dress is great for last-minute costumes but the color is far more yellow than green, which is not accurate to the movie.

Azbro Women's Charming Princess Square Neckline Mini Dress, Lime M
Azbro Women's Charming Princess Square Neckline Mini Dress, Lime M

Aside from the square neckline, this $15 lime green dress is a perfect foundation for a DIY Joy costume.


Joy's Makeup


One of the best things about this Inside Out costume, compared to 10-year-old Riley's other emotions, is that Joy's look doesn't require any face or body paint.

Joy's skin is light peach with hints of yellow, a skin tone that some Inside Out fans or cosplayers may already possess. If a makeup-free face doesn't satisfy your costume cravings, give your face and arms a once-over with a butter yellow face powder or cream and finish with a dusting of glitter. Highlight your eyes with bright blue shadow and eyeliner and color your lips with a bright pink lipstick or gloss.

Joy Hair & Makeup Tutorials

A variety of Joy hair and makeup tutorials have recently popped up on YouTube and some of them are simply amazing. Check out my two favorite Joy tutorials now! ➔

Which of Inside Out's emotions is your favorite and why?

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