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Inside The Directors Chair:A Retrospective

Updated on May 18, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

Since the stories of the 15 great directors is over I decided to create one last one and have it involve every one that I chose in the list.Now you as the reader just picture that you are at a thanksgiving sized table or like a table you would see in Game Of Thrones that would fit an entire room and then you would have you on one end and either a laptop or a recorder and then going down the line would be the 15 awesome directors that I covered over the time doing this segment.Being able to just have their time and one by one ask them anything you wanted about their greatest works and get inside their heads when it comes to the idea of what it took to actually make such great films.One by one for each director I am going to list who I did again and then state the 3 to 4 questions I would ask them then move on to the next one before finally finishing the whole piece and wrapping it up.

The first person I am going to start with would be James Cameron.One of the big questions I have for him is how he would plan on doing the next 3 Avatar films back to back to back and filming them all at once.Because doing another is something that fans want to see but again doing 3 all at once is a VERY ambitious thing to do.Another thing I would ask is if their is any possibility of another True Lies or anything like it like the Bourne series did because for me personally that's one of my favorite films of his and seeing another one somehow would be really cool to see.The last question I had would be is if he would ever work with Leonardo Dicaprio again since Cameron did Titanic and that film turned him into the mega star he was and then he just kept growing and growing and seeing if he would ever want to work with him again and possibly see if they can create that magic once more?

The second director would be Steven Spielberg.The first thing I could ask is if he has any plans of going back to doing another Sci-Fi film and maybe doing another team up like he did with AI by having him direct the film and working with Stanley Kubrick on some of the project.Because it is being wondered by a lot of people if he will ever go back to his roots or if he is going to make big epic movies from now on like Lincoln and War Horse.The second question is who is a young director that you think has a lot of promise or a film you have watched from a director that made you take notice for how he or she did it.The last question I would have for him is what are some of his hobbies when he isn't behind the camera and the things that keep him busy when he isn't working on films.

The third director on the list would David Fincher.The first thing I would ask David would when is there going to be another installment in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with The Girl Who Played With Fire or if he even wanted to make another film or just leave the first one alone.Second question would be that he has worked with a lot of musicians in his films like Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto and trusted them as actors and was wondering if he would want to work with any other musicians and mainly have them just be actors.The last question would be could he ever see himself doing a comic book film for either the DC or Marvel world? Since DC is heating up their world now and Marvel has stuff set up for the next 15 years would he want to do something in the mix in there?

The next director at the table would be Ridley Scott.The first question I have for Scott would be the same question I think everyone has which is does he have any plans for another Prometheus or a Blade Runner 2? Or just like with Fincher and the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo does he just want to leave it as is with the films that he has made.The second question for Ridley would be for his next upcoming films like The Martian and any other Sci-Fi films would he take inspiration or any details that Gravity had shown the world last year in exactly how much you can have and how great you can make outer space look.Don't get me wrong Scott is like the best person to do it but if there would be any way to sharpen his craft would he do it? The last question would be what is one genre that he hasn't done yet that he wants to get into doing since he is such a complex director in what he does.

The next director is Zack Snyder.The first question with Zack and for him I am like geeking out in a major way because I love his movies but on the other hand my first question would obviously be about that little film he's working on called Batman Vs Superman.I guess the main question I would ask is if he was happy with how it is going so far and the direction of it since it is SUCH a big project.The second question I have for him is how he felt making such visionary films as 300,Watchmen and Sucker Punch because they are so different from anything coming out nowadays and just how different the stories are done as well.The last question would be and this is if he could tell me this would be what the motivation is towards having Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor because quite a few fanboys are still mad over the fact but I mean there is not really a cause for concern after seeing that picture released because it was something else.

The next director would be Kevin Smith.The first question I would have for him after telling him that I literally laugh at everything he makes would be how was it trying out a different genre in Horror while he was making the film Tusk? The second question would be if the film Hit Something will ever see the light of day because since it is about hockey it is something I was excited to see from him but the news made it sound like it just fell apart.The last question would be if Clerks 3 is really going to the last film for him and then he is going to hang it up? Because somebody who is a big fan that is like 3 films down the line and I wouldn't want to see that for a while now.

The next ones down the line would be The Coen Brothers.My first question for the brothers would be about their next film Hail Caesar and what gave them the idea for it because it is such a different type of movie that isn't a big tentpole film that comes out every year.The second question for them is how often do they get to come back to MN since they are both from there and I also am and what is their favorite part of the state.The last question is who is one actor or actress you would like to work with on a film since they have worked with a big list of people already and many would work with them hearing that it is a Coen Brothers film to begin with.

The next director would have to be Quentin Tarantino.The first question I would have for him is how he chooses his projects if he could share that because normally when he is done with one he already has another one in the can getting ready to start going on and it is a crazy system he has.The second question would be is The Hateful Eight still going to happen? since that whole fiasco with the script leak and everything will it ever been seen on a screen? The final question for Tarantino would be if he could have had his name attached to one film that has already come out what would it be?

The next director is Christopher Nolan.The first question I would have for Chris would be how he feels now that the Dark Knight Trilogy is over although it is arguably one of the greatest trilogies ever created.The second question would be if he will have any involvement whatsoever in the Batman Vs Superman or the Justice League film coming after that since they are shooting back to back.The last question for Nolan would be if their was a comedy film or beloved cartoon series that he could have the oppritunity to do would he do it? Since a lot of people say Nolan does make amazing films but at the same time they keep that dark tone and maybe doing something else will help him branch out more as a director.

The next person would be Martin Scorsese.The first question for Marty would be if he has anymore plans on making another concert film like The Last Waltz or Shine A Light because both were so great and fun to watch.My second question would be if he is going to work with Leonardo Dicaprio and get him that Oscar since Leo and him are best friends basically and it is about time that Dicaprio gets an Academy Award as well.The last question would be if he would be open to making a biopic about either a musician or another person in the media since he just made Wolf Of Wall Street about Jordan Belfort but making like the Steve Jobs film or making a Mick Jagger biopic when that time comes would be the perfect thing for him.

The next director would be Peter Jackson.My first question for Peter would be what his thoughts were on Viggo Mortenson's comments on the second and third installments of the Lord Of The Rings films without trying to start anything across the table.My second question for him would be once the last Hobbit film is over where will he go after that since his biggest moves have been making amazing trilogies and having them rise above expectations in a big way.My last question for Jackson is was there anything you took or are taking from the sets of Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit since it is such a landmark memory for him as a director and the Hobbit series will be once it is all said and done.

The next director down the table would be Darren Aronofsky.My first question for Darren would be what is his favorite film that he made if he HAD to choose one since he has made such great and to the point films.The second question would be how was it working with someone like Jared Leto and directing him in Requiem For A Dream and now having him be a Oscar winning actor and musician.The last question for Darren would be what is your dream project you could make before you died and why?

The next director is the late Stanley Kubrick.If I were able to ask him questions at the table my first question would be what was one film you always wanted to make but never got the chance to? The second question for Stanley would be what was his favorite film he ever made in his career or had the most fun making? The last question for Kubrick would be how much time did you invest into the script and story before actually going into shooting it and making it.

The next director is Francis Ford Coppola.My first question for Coppola would be how he feels about his daughters directing career so far and how he feels about films like Lost In Translation and The Bling Ring.My second question would be how was it working together with the group of guys that made The Godfather cast? and how was it making all of that come together? My last question for him would be what is the best film he has seen in the past 3 years?

The final director and the one who would sit on the far end and staring me down with his creepy and scary stare would be the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.My first question for Hitch would be what films that are being released now are being considered some of your favorites.My second question would be was there any films that you wanted to make that ended up falling through? My last question for the legendary director would be how he feels about being known one of the biggest and best directors to ever step behind the camera.

The last thing I would ask all of them to make it a total 4 questions for every director would be "What is your favorite film that you have made and why?" and it is something that they HAVE to answer to make it interesting.While having all the people I chose at that table it could be interesting to have each director just talk to each other and then just being there would be worth the price of admission and being able to have the best seat in the house at time.

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