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Inside The Directors Chair:Christopher Nolan

Updated on April 30, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

Nolan Working The Camera

Nolan Talking To Dicaprio On The Set Of Inception

Nolan On The Set Of The Dark Knight

Hi all,

The next choice in the Directors series is an interesting one because after looking at his full body of work compared to our first director(Spielberg) it is no comparison between the two but this artist who really was getting noticed in the year 2000 but Christopher Nolan was a young up and comer when he released the film Memento to everybody in the world.The film Memento is a very interesting one but a clever on at that because it does tell the story of a guy who is with his wife and before he knows it he wakes up suffering from severe short term memory loss and finds himself covered in tattoo's and his wife missing and soon to find out that she is dead.So later on in the story you need to know why he is tattooed all over and the ink on his body are clues leading to his wife's killer and the truth about what happened and him finally finding out what happened.Chris Nolan getting Guy Pearce to play the main character was the perfect choice because with it being such a twist to what the story is he plays it perfectly.Now in 2002 we have the film called Insomnia that has an all star cast with Al Pacino,Robin Williams and Hilary Swank to name a few.But the basic part of the story is its about two homicide detectives that go to a town where the sun doesn't set at all and they are forced to solve a young teen's murder.This one I heard was one that stuck out on Robin Williams resume of films because he is normally known as the jokester but instead in films like this one and One Hour Photo he actually plays the dramatic role very well and having Nolan behind the camera helped set the mood very well with the fog settings and how the mood was set the whole film.

So Christopher took some time off until 2005 and for good reason because his next film after that was the first part of one of the best trilogies ever created and changed the way we look at comic book films forever.2005 brought us Batman Begins and was Batman's origin story starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader and had him start out the story from the beginning with the falling of his parents and even a new villain that other fans haven't seen in Liam Nesson playing the "Perfect" role of Ra's Al Gul and the leader of the league of shadows which is mentioned in the first Batman film and plays a pivotal role in how he became the crime fighter that went on to help Gotham.Along with Bale and Nesson cast in very important roles Nolan used Michael Caine as the fan favorite Alfred the butler and he was loved even more just because of the way Caine turned the character into a lovable butler who could be funny and care at the same time about Bruce.Nolan also had Cillian Murphy cast as Dr.Crane or as the fans know him Scarecrow and Katie Holmes was cast as Bale's best friend Rachel Dawe's and as if the casting couldn't get any better the character of Lucious Fox was taken by Morgan Freeman and besides Bale and Caine that was the other one that stuck through all of the trilogy and it was perfect.In 2006 he took a break from the Batman films and decided to work on a magic film called The Prestige.He also decided when it came down to casting to bring in Bale again as one of the main characters and magicians using his best magic tricks and trying to form THE best possible magic trick against Hugh Jackman and his character and they both end up falling for Scarlett Johanssen's character as the love interest.The film also had a dark tone like Batman Begins did so the people going in to see it knew that Nolan was going for a Thrilleresque type film when he was doing this instead of it being really fun and if you have seen The Prestige then you understand why he went that route with it.2008 brought arguably Nolan's best film by a mile and he went back to work on the Batman franchise with the second installment The Dark Knight.When this film was being made every move on it was being watched a little bit more because of the heightened popularity of the first film and how he said in multiple shots he was going to be the first director to use a full fledged IMAX camera for wider complete shots during certain scenes.Also at the end of the first film it was announced that the villain in The Dark Knight would be The Joker and Nolan had cast Heath Ledger to do the duties of The Joker for the film.When the word was released on Ledger there was a flurry of negative response on the internet because Ledger was previously in Brokeback Mountain and 10 Things I Hate About You so people were saying some hateful things about the casting and how Nolan was ruining the film and franchise because of it.But Nolan responded back with a short response telling fans to just "trust his vision" and he will deliver the best film possible.Then when the day came for the film for release moviegoers and fans alike left screeners picking their jaw off the floor because Heath Ledger literally BECAME The Joker and embodied the role so much that after his sad and untimely death after the release it earned him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar which was accepted by his wife and daughter.Its been almost 8 years since the release of The Dark Knight and it is still considered THE best comic book film EVER and it is one that will live in infamy for being just that and Christopher Nolan recognizes what he did when he made it and after reading a few articles he was very happy after the certain reactions made before he was happy that he made the die hard Batman fans happy and could move forward with future projects.

2010 was the year that he released the film Inception and everybody was excited to hear the cast that he had added for it and the premise of the film because it was a very interesting premise.The film revolved a character named Cobb who was trying to pull off a thing called Inception which was getting a guy to have a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream.Cobb was played by Leonardo Dicaprio and he brought his A game in this film along with Tom Hardy,Joseph Gordon Levitt,Micheal Caine,Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page as some of the main players.Nolan and his brother set up the story and it was definetly something that needed to be watched twice or possibly 3 times if you needed to understand it fully but at the same time he did something that is barely done anymore in film and Christopher Nolan left the ending up to the viewer and basically let people debate how it ended and to some only HE truly knows how it ends which is a crazy thing to think but if you watch it front to back it is a crazy movie but a very good movie.2012 brought the much hyped end and last part to the Dark Knight Trilogy The Dark Knight Rises.It brought Batman facing off against Bane played by Tom Hardy who despite some fans not being too big on his voice played the role of the villain beautifully basically showed fans and movie watchers alike that Batman wasn't invincible and he basically broke his back and brought him back to the beginning and while he was out of commission he destroys his beloved city and threatens to nuke it as well.There was the addition in this film of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle or Catwoman and she played the role good enough to be in the film like everybody's favorite Catwoman is Michelle Pfieffer but for a new age it was light years better then Halle Barry's.Now for Nolan as a director he had a tough job because he had something so amazing in this trilogy that HAD to end and he had to find a way how to end it and I won't ruin it for the few people on here who haven't seen the last film but Chris does fake you out into making you feel better in the end and letting you know later on that although he may be human Batman as a character lives on forever.

In 2013 Christopher Nolan didn't do a whole lot with making movies wise but he was talked into by Zack Snyder and he helped with the story on the new Superman film Man Of Steel and was basically a higher up and very important consultant on it and basically made that film the amazing thing it is today because it is a very good Superman film and I know he had something to do with it as well which I like that he came back to help.So his next film that is coming out post Batman trilogy is called Interstellar starring Matthew Mcconaughey,Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain and it involves a group of explorers who find a worm hole that lets them travel to vast areas in space and sounds like something that is SO new and different for him and I can't wait to see what it is so for me as a fan of Nolan I am counting down the days until Interstellar comes along and we can see him come back as a director cause he never makes a bad movie.

Favorite Nolan Film??

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Ok lets hear your favorite film from the director who brought you The Dark Knight Trilogy.Whether you are a fan of those movies or you like something older lets see what the best movie of his is..

A Poster Montage Of All Of His Films

Nolan Explaining How He Taught Himself The Basics Of Directing

Christopher Nolan Movies

Preview For The Film Interstellar..Mcconaughey doing the narrative in it sounds amazing.

Christopher Nolan With The Cast Of The Dark Knight Rises


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