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Inside The Director's Chair:Darren Aronofsky

Updated on May 10, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

On this edition of Inside The Director's Chair I have decided to cover director Darren Aronofsky.Darren has a much shorter resume then the other directors on here but when his films come out people will go see them as fast as they can and he has gained quite the fan base over the years for people who will see every film he makes and loves everything he does.When it came time for him to make his first film in 1998 he decided to choose a Sci Fi Thriller thats title has only just one logo to state it all.

In 1998 Aronofsky directed the film Pi,The story of it was about a paranoid mathematician who searches for the the right pattern needed to unlock the patterns and other things found in nature.The film was all set in black and white much like the popular film Clerks was done by Kevin Smith and this one didn't have any big name actors in the film it was just strictly about the story and the way it was told.2000 was by far his best and most known film to date and when he decided to do the film the story of it is just pure genius and all the actors who played in the roles covered everything in an amazing way.That film that I am talking about is Requiem For A Dream.The main story of the film revolves around the stories of four coney island residents and the way their lives start to spiral out of control in the form of drugs and every other dangerous vice that can be done in the world.Having the cast of Ellen Burstyn,Jennifer Connelly,Marlon Wayans and Jared Leto in the main roles.One big thing that Darren did very well was show the relationship between Leto and Burstyn as son and mother while she is cooped up in her apartment and tries her absolute hardest to get skinny and lose weight in order to be on her favorite game show.While Leto and Wayans start to deal and peddle drugs on the side with just trying to live and achieve the american dream.Darren also captured the budding and growing relationship of Leto and Connelly as boyfriend and girlfriend and how it starts to grow and then immediately having it shattered right before their eyes.

One of the big things in this film is how Darren decided to tell the story in its rawest state and when the last 15 minutes of the film is played it literally made people who saw the film's jaws drop and people were speechless because the film is so to the point and in your face with how it tells the truth of if you went down the same road as Leto and Wayans did then something really bad could happen to you.The craziness in the film starts with Burstyn going in for a weight check up and when they find out she has lost entirely way too much weight and is abusing the diet pills then they automatically commit her and end up using shock therapy which you see used up close and personal.Connelly's character decides to take up the opportunity from a dark character that is played by Keith David and if you have seen the film then you know what I am mentioning because it is so eye opening and crazy.Wayans character gets caught in the middle of a drug sting and then after being eyed by the police he ends up getting picked up in the hospital with Leto after Leto abuses Heroin far too much to the point where Leto is laying in a bed sobbing and he has his arm cut off from the elbow down.Wayans also sees the horrors and bad things that happen in prison when he gets thrown around and beaten up and yelled at constantly which also was eye opening to see because other films were too afraid to take that risk of showing what happens inside the prison.This film had gotten some major Oscar buzz after the release by the performances of Burstyn and Leto but Burstyn was the one who ended up getting the big nomination at the Oscars and the film in total got a total of 37 nominations during the awards season.

2006 was Darren's big film after doing Requiem in the film The Fountain.The film stars Hugh Jackman,Rachel Weisz and Sean Patrick Thomas playing the main starring roles.The film was about 3 stories that go over the time of a millennium and involves love,death and truly showing how fragile the world is.This film was overlooked by a lot of people because the ones that saw it said that it was a very different and out there film like the film was so out there that some people ended up not totally getting it by the time the credits rolled so this film seemed to be the one that goes on his missed list but still a very different film at that.Also being overlooked by some during the awards season it was still able to garner nominations during the season and 1 Golden Globe nomination as well.

2008 was a very different film for Darren and he was able to actually continue his greatness with telling an amazing story and having the great actors to back the whole story up as well.The film I am mentioning is The Wrestler.The film starred Mickey Rourke who played the title character and he had help from Evan Rachel Wood who played the daughter of Rourke and Marisa Tomei played the love interest in the film.The films story revolves around an old,washed up wrestler who is getting older as time goes by and has trouble gripping with the fact that life may not be so simple out of the ring when he retires.Now people who saw this were praising Rourke's performance as the wrestler in the film and they way he handled the character and the speech he has in the end of the film was one of the main highlights to how he would be able to cap off the story.The film ended up getting nominated for 35 total awards and even 2 Oscars.

2010 brought along the film Black Swan that showed the story of a ballet dancer who ends up winning the role for their show "Swan Lake" and over time as she starts prepping for the role she starts to go crazy and turns from going to the white swan to the dark side of the black swan and things start to go away from her in the bad way.The film starred Natalie Portman,Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel in the main starring roles with Portman basically becoming the title role in the film and doing such an amazing job that Portman ended up winning the Best Actress Oscar at that years Academy Awards.This film was rated as a big success even though the tone of the film was more dark but for how the performances were handled it didn't matter because they were so out of this world from every person on the screen even though that Portman was the one that got the buzz and the news over the time of release.

2014 was a long wait for Darren to do his next film and when he was asked to do the film Noah he knew he had to make it special and still be able to use his personal style of directing as well.When it came time to choose who was going to play the title role of Noah he didn't disappoint when he chose to cast Russell Crowe in the main role and Jennifer Connelly,Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson in the supporting roles.After Noah was released in theaters people were blown away at how Darren told the story and the way the special effects were done was nothing short of spectacular.The film wasn't nominated for any awards but moviegoers were happy to see someone finally tell the story right and it was rated as one of his best films that he has ever made.

Darren's future is one where he hasn't announced any new projects for the next few years because he is still honestly riding high on the success on Noah and the only known work he has going is helping produce two films.With one being called Zipper about a family man who can't seem to stay away from infidelity and the woman who come after him.The other one is called XOXO and it is about a guy who starts a Facebook relationship with a woman in secret and before things get super serious they take a dark twisted turn.So although he has done some great films and some that won't be forgotten and on top of it he is always working so we have that to look for that maybe in the next year or 2 we will see the next big project from Aronofsky.

Requiem For A Dream Trailer

Black Swan Trailer


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