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Inside The Directors Chair:David Fincher

Updated on April 30, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

Great Shot Of David Fincher Directing

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Fincher Laughing Away With Norton And Pitt For Fight Club

Hi everyone,

In this version of Inside The Directors Chair we have David Fincher who out of everybody I am doing during this week of directors might have directed the most amount of movies that have landed on my all time favorite list.Between 1985-1990 Fincher was not as known as he is now and he spent most of his time and used his special talents on Music Videos and the direction in them.Some of the credits he used were for Madonna,A video short called Express Yourself and a video collection of Now Thats What I Call Music!.1992 Brought along his first film which had ALOT of hype already put into it because it was the third installment to the Alien franchise.This was his first time behind a big budget film and being able to spread his wings and show what he's got but at the same time after the film was done and in the bag there was talks that he was sort of limited to what he could and couldn't do from the studio when nowadays the director literally runs things and it wasn't like that at all.But nonetheless the die hard Alien fans liked the film so it passed by which is good for him and the start of his career.

In 1993-94 he went back and did some Music Videos for Aerosmith and Sting before going back into the directors chair in 1995.But in 1995 this brought one of his most popular and most disturbing films to date in Se7en.Se7en stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as detectives trying to solve the crimes of a serial killer who kills his victims by the ways of the 7 deadly sins.The film also stars Kevin Spacey in a visually stunning role as an unnamed character so the role players just call him John Doe but Spacey plays it ridiculously well and he is almost the hallmark of the film along with the sleek cleverness of such a new story.1997 Brought in The Game which starred Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton,A wealthy financier who receives a strange birthday present from his estranged brother Conrad and it turns into a thing that starts to run his life and take over everything that he knows.Fincher did this one and it was received well with Douglas at the starring helm but it was also a darker film just like Se7en was so it had that same feel so you knew that Fincher does well with the genre.

1999 brought in an ultimate cult favorite and one that every person that saw it was very surprised by seeing the big twist ending in Fight Club.Fight Club stars Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as the main characters but the story follows Norton as a down on his luck guy who basically hates his life and everything that he does and then out of nowhere on a plane while on a business trip he meets Tyler Durden.Durden is played by Brad Pitt and he played it in an awesome way because he was a guy that just didn't have to care in any way shape or form at all.But Fincher working on this film adding tricks in this trying to cue the watcher to let you know about the big cliffhanger using burns in the film and while the film runs off screen at times and things just flash on screen you may think "Wow thats weird" but no it was all part of his plan to tell you that Tyler Durden WASNT REAL! When I first saw it I was in a room full of people that had already watched it and after the big reveal they just sat there in silence and I just sat up and yelled "Wait WHAT!" and it caused a great laugh but it was a great turn that David Fincher made as an director to show you that a movie can have so many other layers and Fight Club is over 10 years old and people still say it holds up to this day.

2002 was another different take on a film for Fincher and he brought the world Panic Room.Which when some people thought and heard the title the people were like "So its about a room??" But when the film came out he made it SO much more then that and thats why it is such a different and great movie.The film stars a lot of great people in Jodie Foster,Forest Whitaker,Jared Leto,Kristen Stewart and Dwight Yokam.It basically is about a home invasion involving this family in their brand new home so they decide to hide in the Panic Room but little do they know the intruders are coming for the items inside the Panic Room so it creates a dilemma.Forest Whitaker,Jared Leto and Yokem played the intruders and played it very well by them having to bicker back and forth and sometimes not being able to stand each other although they are suppose to be a tight knit group completing a plan.Kristen Stewart at this time was a young Kristen Stewart and she didnt have to do a whole lot because she played a girl who got sick over time in the film so fans who don't like her for her Twilight fame may enjoy her little use of screen time in it.2007 David Fincher decided to go with the true story route and make the film Zodiac.Now Zodiac is another film with an all star cast starring Jake Gylenhaal,Robert Downey Jr,Mark Ruffalo and many many more.But with Zodiac being about the famous Zodiac killer who lived in San Fransico and terrorized the area for how they make it seem in the film from the 70's to the late 80's.This one is interesting because for how the true story is played out they said they never knew who was Zodiac and in the film they sort of hint at the fact later on that they knew who he was and overall it was a little under 3 hours long so it is a lot to watch but at the same time it was a good film to watch if you are into mystery's and thriller's.

2008 was time for him to make an epic in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.The character of Benjamin Button is played by Brad Pitt and he is a character who basically ages backwards and it just records through his whole life and what happens and what made him an extraordinary person.Cate Blanchett also plays the love interest in this and did a fantastic job in this movie and her and Pitt were awesome together on screen and having Fincher show the story overall and how their relationship goes through it all its great.2010 he reverted back to a true story with The Social Network.With the script written by Aaron Sorkin who has an amazing reputation in the movie business as it is.It starred Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield as Mark Zuckerberg(Eisenberg) and Eduarado Savrin(Garfield).They did have quite a few other names in the film like Rooney Mara,Justin Timberlake and this film helped Armie Hammer lift his career off as the Winklevoss Twins and Fincher created a overly successful and great film that was nominated for best picture at the oscars that year.

2011 Fincher decided to bring a book to the screen again with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.Fincher used the tagline in the trailer for the film as "The feel bad film for the holidays" because if you have ever read the story it technically isn't the softest story in the world so people were wondering how Fincher was going to go into it and try and make it fit with the story.But when time came out for the film to be released it made a good enough response to get good box office and having Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara playing the amazing Lisbeth Salander character just made the film and David Fincher made the film a dark film and then some but good enough to keep it to the story and at an R rating even with the infamous rape scene that is in the book.In 2013 he decided to go back to his roots and decided the much anticipated music video for Justin Timberlake's new song "Suit And Tie" from his comeback album "The 20/20 Expierence" and he did everything directing wise in it and using all the lights and getting JT and Jay-Z together for a video that actually ended up getting him a VMA for his directing.In that same year he also unleashed the Netflix show House Of Cards onto the world and he directed 2 episodes of the first season and was the executive producer on the whole first season and having Kevin Spacey play the AMAZING main character in Frank Underwood and if you have ever watched that show it is good that they give you the whole first season on Netflix right away because the way the story is told and the way it is directed it makes you want to watch it all right away.

In 2014 and beyond for David Fincher is going to be big and I am excited to see how it all plays out because in 2014 already he is releasing the film Gone Girl based off of the book and is going to star Ben Affleck as the husband in the tough situation of finding his lost wife played by Rosamund Pike and it looks like Affleck could get another Oscar from what I have been seeing from it because literally everything that Fincher has done with it has been praised so far so I don't see the rails falling off of this one.He also has a Heavy Metal remake in development for all the people that loved that so there is definitely something to look forward to there because just reading the premise on it makes you excited to see a preview or picture for it.Now that I have covered the amazing career of David Fincher I hope nothing but the best for him because he has made some amazing films and music videos and he is just somebody that deserves to be in this business for a long long time.

Favorite David Fincher Film

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Hi Everyone..

Its time to vote for your favorite film from Mr.Fincher himself…Lets see which one comes out on top as he is listed as one of the top 7 directors in this list for the week..Cant wait to see your results.

Fincher Directing Wearing A Great Hat

Directors Brief On Fincher

Gone Girl Trailer


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