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Inside The Directors Chair:James Cameron

Updated on May 1, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

In Thursdays edition of Inside The Director's Chair we have someone who has been in the game for many many years now and he is definitely a game changing director in the way he does things in the use of 3D and high resolution format recording James Cameron is by far a director who is someone who belongs in this class.In 1981 was considered his first film that wasn't a short and this was his first time behind the camera and taking the reigns as a full on director and he was helping Piranha Part Two:The Spawning.When you look at how this is his first ever film it is some what of a head scratcher compared to his resume of movies he has put out but nonetheless Cameron did this film and during the time shortly after the release of the first Piranha film it was time for him to release a follow up and see what he has with directing talents and by far with the two Piranha films that were put out in the past 3 years these were considerably less violent then the updated ones but still were considered scary and horror films back in the early 80's.

Then 1984 came around and he started something that became one of his main core franchises moving forward for the time being in The Terminator.When The Terminator came out with the giant Arnold Schwarenegger in as the title character he showed everybody who viewed the film a whole different world in Sci Fi and how he was able to basically stretch his legs and run with the special effects and go crazy and it really made it still today one of the best films ever made.1986 brought the much anticipated sequel to the film Alien with Cameron directing the titled Aliens.Whenever you ask fans of all of the films which one is your favorite it is almost a 50/50 split between people picking the original first film and James Cameron's epic second film because shortly after working with robots and Arnold he really knocked it out of the park with such a beloved franchise and people just took it and never let it go and loved every second of it.1989 brought Cameron's film The Abyss which I have seen a ton of set photos for while he was making it and this one is honestly a favorite of my dads but just the way he was able to take the story he was given and make it all so believable and amazing and work the way he did just is in the same strain of Alfonso Cuaron and what he did with Gravity and how he had to make his story work as well.

1991 Brought in an argument that is being argued about still to this day that when people make sequels to films they just might not work and when Cameron made the second Alien film people were thinking if he makes another Terminator he can't get THAT lucky twice can he?? Well yes he can and he did in a big way because to some avid fans of the films say that Terminator 2:Judgement Day is almost better then the first film and provides special effects that are entirely way ahead of their time for what was being offered from everyone else so that would show that already in 1991 James was on top of his game showing every one that he could that he could shock and awe any movie goer possible if you hand him the right story.

1994 brought in a fan favorite and one of my personal favorites of his films in True Lies.He comes back to his action roots and works with Arnold again but his partner in the film is Tom Arnold and adds in a bit of comic relief that just makes the film that much better and you would think being a bad ass Arnold film in the mid 90's it wouldn't work but it does in the best way and it was a complete smash at the box office and was almost considered to have a revival to have a television show because it became such a cult hit from most of Camerons films and no matter when its on at any part you could watch it and still love it and thats what makes it great.1997 James Cameron gave us something that he considered sort of a passion project and he would basically do ANYTHING to get it out and by anything meaning that when they hit their cap on spending for said film he gave up his salary just so it could be released because he had a "Feeling" about it and loved it so much,The film I am talking about is Titanic.

When news came out about James Cameron doing an epic film about the ship crash and the days that lead up to it people weren't too interested in the premise of it and thought it was a weird thing for Cameron to do since his last two films had Arnold in it and were hardcore action and explosions.But when the castings came through for Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet for the roles of Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitbecater as the main characters and love interests in the film and that it would be more then it being about the boat itself and then explaining the characters that resided on the historical boat living up to that day as well.When the time came for the film to release I did hear going in that the film was going to be around 3 hours and 29 mins about and thought I couldn't sit that long in a theatre but literally once you get into the story and the first time they show the ship the visuals every time they panned out on the ship were just stunning and having the obvious "Im the king of the world" scene is also another one because it shows SO much detail in the ship and how everything around it.The film later on went on to become the highest grossing film EVER and the song for the film by Celine Dion that Cameron almost passed on but had to hear it over a few times to be favored more on it went on to win the Best Original Song Oscar by a landslide because the soundtrack is one of the few soundtracks to sell over 8 million albums because of that song alone,Talk about a "Feeling" right?.

From 2001-2005 Cameron decided to go back to his roots and work on shorts and tv specials and after the phenomenon that was Titanic they had numerous specials that involved him going and exploring the real ship with people running the tiny carrier they were and he recorded it all but on the side he also did an aliens of the deep special and wasn't ever not busy after the success of Titanic.From 2006-2008 James Cameron said he would be taking a break and if anything came to him then he would work from home on a script and story to direct and then have something to work on immeaditaly when the time is right.Then in 2009 he announced via his company that he owns himself that he had something special and he was citing that after hard work and many sleepless nights that he had the same "Feeling" again like he had with Titanic and people were like ok now that he banked on that in a BIG way people thought he may use that as a ploy but then along with saying he had the feeling he gave a title and he announced the title of Avatar.

After basically 12 years of not being behind a directors chair on his passion project that is after his biggest money maker EVER and he didnt really tell a whole lot when it came down to what would happen but every now and then he would leak some things about the story and who was in it like he cast Sam Worthington as the main Character role in Sully and the cast was basically an all star cast of people that are in it so everybody was interested to see what was going to come of this Avatar film in the future.When the time came FINALLY for the release of the film and very subtle teaser poster that had been released of just text and a blue person you didnt know what to expect but the fact that would be in 3D and that it clocked in a little over 3 hours and after the first showings some loved it and some hated it but slowly the scales tipped and the world of Avatar became a cultural phenomenon.The film ended up clobbering what Titanic made because 3D sales are higher and inflated then what regular ones are and ended up making over 2 BILLION dollars and it was a craze at certain places like comic con's,conventions and more showings of the film but the craziest thing I heard was that their was a religion starting overseas that was based all about the way of life of all things Avatar which is an amazing thing when it comes to stuff like that.During awards season it basically won almost every special effects award because it was something again so next level and different that it never was done before and couldn't be done by anybody other then James Cameron himself.

So the future now for Cameron looks like he is all in and very focused on the Avatar sequels and is working back to back up until there is an Avatar 4 in 2018 and he was talking in an interview when he ever mentions things about it saying that one film might have an underwater universe and totally flip the world they had before and have it be upside down and make it something never seen before which to him is just a day in the park.But for James Cameron himself he is everything that you can say good about a director and more and more because every time he works on a film he innovates himself into something brand new or something that has never been done before or will totally astonish and blow away the crowd and give them their moneys worth when they go see his films and they will enjoy his filmmaking and with every film he has made I have been a fan since day one and its just gotten better from there.

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Ok Film Fans! Todays Poll is asking to vote for your favorite James Cameron film out of all of the films he has made so far and see which one comes out on top.Now box office wise it would be Avatar by a long shot but lets see what actual fan voting does.

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