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Inside The Director's Chair:Martin Scorsese

Updated on May 3, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

Scorsese With His Oscar

Scorsese With His Emmy

Scorsese With His Golden Globe

Director Martin Scorsese is one of those directors on this list who is definitely someone who can expand how work from more then doing films and show that he is a man of many talents as well.With many shorts,documentaries and classic movies that many people love and can't stop watching its not a surprise at all why Scorsese is on this list and Saturday's submission to Inside The Director's Chair.From 1959-1970 he had a big role doing shorts and documentaries before he decided to tackle big on screen directing.With subjects like Street Scenes,Vesuvius VI,What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing At A Place Like This and New York City…Melting Point.

In 1972 Martin's first full film Boxcar Bertha was released and it involves two people out for revenge on the management of people from the railroad during the Great Depression.It starred Barbara Hershey and David Carradine in the starring roles and Davids dad John was also in the film too.1973 was Scorsese's first try at a crime drama in Mean Street's that starred Robert De Niro,Harvey Keitel and David Provel in the main casting roles.The film centered around Little Italy and the basic struggles of the characters to succeed in the film and this is one of Martin's more remembered films out of his many that he has done.In 1974 I believe Martin was still trying to find his stride when he did Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore starring Ellen Burstyn,Kris Kristofferson and Mia Bendixsen in the main starring roles of a widowed mother who goes on the road with her son and tries to go out and change her life for the better while she is a singer as well.

1976 gave Scorsese one of his greatest films he has ever done and yes you will be hearing that a lot in this but this year was the release of Taxi Driver.It stars Robert De Niro,Jodie Foster and Cybill Sheperd starring in some of the main roles and it involves a VERY unstable war veteran who at night works as a taxi driver and every time while driving around the streets he works in sees the sleaziness and bad things that go about drives De Niro to do crazy and violent things along with trying to befriend Foster's character who is played by a young prostitute in the film.This film ended up being nominated for 4 Oscars including Best Picture,Best Actor and Actress and Music as well.1977 Scorsese made the film New York,New York which was more of music based film that had starred Robert De Niro and Liza Manelli in the leading roles and they are two musicians who end up finding each other and falling for each other in the same way and helping their careers at the same time.

I normally don't add documentaries when I started these Director's Chair list and none were too out of this world that I didn't know if it was worth adding in between the films they were making but this is the one exception with Scorsese making The Last Waltz.In 1978 Scorsese decided to direct a concert film and do it all his way and try and make the best film possible.With artists like The Band,Eric Clapton,Neil Diamond,Ringo Starr,Neil Young,Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan just to name a few and it is still today written as one of the best concert footage films ever to date and Marty truly knocked it out of the park with this one.1980 Marty decided to take a swing at a book adaption and try his direction with Raging Bull.Again Scorsese worked with Robert De Niro on this project and he was the main character Jake Lamotta a career boxer who has what it seems is a very rough life because among trying to become the best boxer he can be there is times when you see him at home getting beat by his dad and then it being turned around and how he acts later on as an adult but for how it is being based off of the book it is another masterpiece for him because it is beautifully done and the acting in it from actors like De Niro,Joe Pesci,Frank Vincent and others was on point and great to the story.

1982 Showed Marty bringing everyone The King Of Comedy.It starred Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis as the main leaders in the film and the story follows De Niro being a rising comedian who is obsessed with his idol who is also a comedian and things get taken too far when his idol is a very secretive person compared to De Niro who is very all over the place and outgoing.Compared to the last film that was recently just made with De Niro this is honestly a step back because Raging Bull is like almost like the Mona Lisa of Scorsese's work and this one is just something that he wanted to do to do it which is nice because Marty never makes a BAD film but compared to his last work it was a step back.At the end of the day the film did get nominated for a BAFTA for De Niro's portrayal of the character and Scorsese was nominated at the Cannes festival as well for top director so it wasn't a total wash but they were totally shut out at the big award shows.

1985 was Marty's drama/thriller After Hours.It stars Griffin Dunne and Rosanna Arquette in the main roles and the story is set around a word processor agrees to visit a girl in Soho and it turns badly quick and is another that I honestly haven't heard much of until doing this but nonetheless if it is a Scorsese film the acting is at least top notch in it because he accepts nothing but the best when it comes to that.1986 Marty gave people The Color Of Money that starred Paul Newman and Tom Cruise.The story was about Eddie Felson and the big world of pool hustling.1988 was definitely something different for him when Marty gave everyone The Last Temptation Of Christ.The film basically chronicles the story that literally EVERYONE knows but instead it is beautifully acted by people like Willem Dafoe,Barbra Hershey and Harvey Keitel.

1990 brought another hallmark in Marty's career and again working with De Niro so much works well for him when he decided to team up with Ray Liotta,Joe Pesci and even his father Charles joined in this hit Goodfellas.The film revolves around Henry Hill and his pack of friends and how they work they way up the mob ladder and it introduced one thing Scorsese kept in his films in a big way with characters breaking the wall and talking to the audience and kind of being the in person narrator which was something that was perfect and different for the times.1991 Marty gave the world Cape Fear and this film is a Thriller with almost a Horror twist with the premise.The story involves a rapist who is convicted by a big time lawyer and 14 years later when he is released he comes out and tried to stalk and come after the family of the lawyer that put him away to begin with.Robert De Niro played the role of the villain in this amazingly and having Nick Nolte and Jessica Lange in it as well added the acting prowess up another couple of levels.

1993 gave us The Age Of Innocence which is set in a 19th century New York city and has quite the acting bill with Daniel Day Lewis,Michelle Pfieffer and Winona Ryder in some of the main leading roles and a young lawyer falls in love with a woman who is recently separated from her husband.1995 showed Robert De Niro,Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci in a mob induced war between the families and empires in Casino.With the film being a very lengthy amount that back in the day when we had cassette tapes instead of DVD's Casino needed two tapes to require a full viewing just like Titanic or Braveheart did back then as well.This film also showed eye opening amounts of violence and how the mob industry could be run from certain peoples eyes and some people thought the movie got a hard R rating because it was so violent but at the same time it was a very good film at that.

1997 was Scorsese's take on Chinese oppression and the life of the 14th Dalai Lama in Kundun.This film was another lengthy one or at least it felt that way because it was a storytelling experience and it was told the right way because Scorsese told it and it was nominated for 4 Oscars that year in Set Design,Costumes,Music and Cinematography.1999 was a very different film for Marty and he used someone new in his arsenal of actors in Nicholas Cage in Bringing Out The Dead.This film also starred Patricia Arquette and John Goodman and it involved Cage as a paramedic who keeps being haunted by his recent failures and death's and it ends up creeping up on him and haunting him so he has to balance his life to try and make it through the night.2002 showed Martin working with another actor he would work for many years to come in Leonardo Dicaprio and also the amazing acting talents of Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs Of New York.It also had Cameron Diaz in the film as the love interest for Dicaprio as Leonardo's character Amsterdam tried to find Daniel's character and avenge his fathers death that he did years before.This film runs at about 167 minutes and is a really good film if you have the time to watch it all start to finish and uncensored and not on television but when it came time for awards season it got nominated for a whopping 10 Oscars but was swapped out completely and got two Golden Globes that year.

2004 Marty got to working with Leonardo again and called this film something that he and him were going "All In" on with The Aviator.It stars Dicaprio as Howard Hughes and it is a biopic of his life from 1920-1940 and everything he did raveled up in twenty years.The film also starred Cate Blanchett as the unstoppable Katherine Hepurn and Kate Beckinsale was cast as Ava Gardner in the film as well.This was one of the first times in a Scorsese film where you could watch Leo fly and be amazed by the visuals and just the way it all goes down with the Spruce Goose and how he was so devoted in creating Hell's Angels.This film was nominated for a stunning 11 Oscars and actually ended up winning five.The big one was Cate Blanchett winning Best Supporting Actress which was an amazing feat for her for being so young.

2006 Brought in one of Marty's best and proudest moments to go after with The Departed.It stars Leonardo Dicaprio,Jack Nicholson,Matt Damon,Mark Wahlberg and many more in this amazing film that makes you wonder and think how it will end until the very end and it did create a big boost for the career of Vera Farminga playing the love interest of a few in this film.This film ended up winning 4 Oscars including the BIG one in Best Picture and Martin got the Best Director Oscar as well which was a well deserved year for him as well.2008 brings in another documentary with Shine A Light and spans the career of arguably the greatest rock band ever next to The Beatles with The Rolling Stones.It showed many interviews and pictures spanning their career and had a concert set in New York from their most recent tour at the time and it had many guests coming on stage to sing songs with the band and overall is a good time to watch and is something you could be in your living room and just turn up and leave it that way until the credits start to roll.

2010 was another year for a thriller from Scorsese when he brought the world Shutter Island.This one was another film that had Leonardo Dicaprio in the film as a detective along with Mark Ruffalo as his partner and they are going to an insane asylum to investigate the disappearance of a patient where you come to learn SO much more about the story when you watch it and you learn a lot more about Dicaprio's character as well and a startling secret that if you haven't seen it will kind of take you back and was a surprise to some movie goers.This one some people thought had a less scarier Cape Fear feel to it but still the acting was on point and kept you guessing until the reveal was set as to where the patient really was.2011 Marty decided to do a drama with a family friendly touch in Hugo.It stars Asa Butterfield and it is set in 1930's Paris and Butterfield lives in the walls of a train station and after finding a creation that his father makes he decides to name it Hugo and adventures are made.

2013 was another comeback year for Scorsese when he came out with The Wolf Of Wall Street.It starred Leonardo Dicaprio as the real life story telling of Jordan Belfort and the story of his wild life.After hearing in interviews involving Scorsese that the film was going to be about 3 hours long he had to trim it down because the rating community was going to give it a HARD NC-17 because it was THAT bad with all the nudity,sex,drugs and violence.But after being trimmed down to the best way Marty could the ratings group gave it a very HARD R and said that it was even hard to do that and after the story was released about that it made a lot more people want to see the film to see how crazy can it possibly even get?? But honestly after it was released I saw it after a Christmas party and MY GOD besides the fact that it is amazing and doesn't feel like 3 hours the stuff they rated it R for is totally within reason because you even see male genitalia in the film and some lines need to be drawn with that as well.When this film was out and people saw the film people automatically said that the Academy should just give Leo the Best Actor Oscar because he was THAT GOOD in it and tried THAT HARD in the film and was just mind blowing in the film from start to finish.But then Dallas Buyers Club came out and Matthew Mcconaughey just BLEW everybody away with his performance as Ron Woodruf and it was a tough decision to make but in the end Dicaprio gave an unforgettable performance none the less.

So for the future of Scorsese I know he was in talks to do a biopic for Frank Sinatra finally and really only he could do it right being a New York guy his whole life.Another one is a film called Silence about priests and christianity starring Liam Nesson and Andrew Garfield that could be a good film if done right and other then that he is going to executive producing quite a bit of stuff for the next few years so its going to be good for Marty Scorsese no matter what he does and I am excited to see what he has coming.

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I want to know what your favorite Scorsese film is in all of his years as a director.

Scorsese And His BAFTA

Top 10 Scorsese Films

Marty And Dicaprio On The Set Of The Departed

Marty And Leo On The Wolf Of Wall Street

Scorsese Giving An Inside Look To The Wolf Of Wall Street

Scorsese In An Iphone Commercial


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      3 years ago

      I don't think Marion Cotillard is failing in Hollywood. She was fuareted in two Nolan films and suddenly everyone associates her with him. She has had many other roles that made her stand out such as Contagion and Midnight In Paris. She also was in Public Enemies and had a big part in movie Nine. I know Nine failed but from what I heard she was still very good which is most likely why she's still getting work in Hollywood. In 5 years since her Oscar win she's just getting started.


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