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Inside The Director's Chair:Peter Jackson

Updated on May 9, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

On this edition of Inside The Director's Chair I have decided to choose Peter Jackson as today's director.For one he has chosen to time and time again create some of the most memorable worlds in all of cinema in The Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit series.Also he is someone who always makes the story a very memorable one every time it is shown on screen and no matter what it is.In 1987 Jackson started his directing debut with the film Bad Taste.The basic story of the film involves a town that is swapped out by aliens and with the remaining humans alive they decide to chase their human flesh by working at a fast food chain located in the town.Among most of the cast not being well known names Peter Jackson was even a member in the cast as one of the guys in the film that isn't a alien.1989 showed the world Meet The Feebles and it showed a woman named Heidi who works the "Meet The Feebles Variety Hour" and after discovering that her lover who is played by a Walrus is cheating on her and everything going on just changes.This film didn't have a whole lot of huge actors in the film but every character was almost based on one of the character on the Variety Hour.1992 brought the world Dead Alive and the basic storyline of this film was a young mans mother gets bitten by a mysterious rat monkey and then of course dies but later on comes back to life and starts killing everything in sight.The original title for the film was simply Braindead and for it being a Comedy/Horror it was a definitely something different from the director.1994 brought along the Crime Drama Heavenly Creatures and much unlike his previous films that didn't have that "Big" name attached to it this film had Kate Winslet in a starring role and the story was about two girls who decide to bond together by living this fantasy life that they both love and created together and when the parents decide it is becoming too much they end up splitting the girls up and after that happens they end up searching for revenge against the parents that tore them apart.Melanie Lynskey played the role of the other sister and both of them together must have been an amazing fit because the film ended up getting 7 nominations and 1 Oscar nomination in full that awards season.

1996 Brought in another Horror Comedy film in The Frighteners.This one ended up starring Michael J Fox in the main starring role and the film was about Fox's wife dying in a car accident in the story and he later comes to realize that he can speak to the dead and has the ability with him throughout the story and he also may be the only one to stop the evil spirits before it crosses over and the dead start killing the living.This film ended up with 10 total nominations during awards season and was one of Jacksons most popular films at the time.5 years went by and Jackson didn't direct a project once at all during that span and maybe it was a good break for him before he decided to do the film trilogy that would go on to change his life and everyone else who say the film.In 2001 it was announced that a Lord Of The Rings series was coming and they chose Jackson to helm the projects and that Jackson would give the film its "Best Shot" at being what the books try to say and resemble.When the casting came out it was like a total polar opposite to what Jackson was used to working with when the main cast included the very large group of Elijah Wood,Sean Astin,Cate Blanchett,Orlando Bloom,Sean Bean,Christopher Lee,Ian Mckellan,Dominic Monaghan,Viggo Mortensen and Andy Serkis playing the ever lovable and also very tricky Gollum.With this film having such a gigantic cast and expectations on it going through the roof at the time of release when it finally decided to come out in mid December the reception on it was nothing but positive and some viewers we even blown away and knocked on their back by how huge and vast the worlds were in the film and the way the special effects were done was like nothing anyone had ever seen before.The film garnered an amazing 89 nominations in full and ended up winning 4 Oscars when that time came in the season making Jacksons first effort in the films a true success.

2002 was no surprise as Jackson decided to work on the second installment of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy with The Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers.This film continued on with the story that Jackson was trying to tell and had most of if not all of the original cast come back into play for this film as well the great story lines that come along with the first one as well.This one had the boys continuing their journey and the true tests that are taken as they go along in their trip and the evil Saruman joins forces with Sauron and they build an alliance that centers around his hordes of Isengard.This film was also a GIANT success and everything just got better for the series with the box office and fans alike.During the awards season this time the film got another astonishing 84 nominations and 2 Oscar wins the night of the big show.2003 played out to be final installment in the Lord Of The Rings franchise with The Return Of The King and when that film was being made and actually hit theaters in December this was one film that changed everything and was a landmark in Hollywood forever.Since it was the last installment of the series readers knew that the big war was coming in this film between Gandlaf and Aragorn fighting the huge final battle against Sauron's army.Also Frodo and Sam were inching closer to getting to Mount Doom with the legendary ring and to try and settle the story once and for all.This film was the most received amongst fans and it showed in a BIG BIG way during the awards season it got 77 nominations and it got a legendary and record tying 11 Oscar wins which has only been done by 3 films ever.By the end of the story and the franchise their was a big enough fan base that could cover the world twice over and some of them were so hardcore that if something bad was mentioned about the series it would be a flip the table kind of thing because they were so passionate and proud about the amazing work of art that they were seeing the past 3 years.The Return Of The King in 2014 is now being considered as one of the greatest achievements in film history while the whole entire series wasn't far behind.

2005 was a time for Jackson to take a different direction in his films after making the huge trilogy that was the Lord Of The Rings films.But his next take was a remake of the classic King Kong.The films main cast starred Naomi Watts,Jack Black and Adrien Brody in some of the main roles and when the film was released it timed at a whopping 187 Minutes in total.Now for the LOTR franchise that was acceptable because their was a huge story to tell but the simple story of King Kong was sort of dragged out in the beginning of the film and was kind of forgotten by certain crowds who went to go see it.One of the highlights besides the memorable scenes in the original that were re done was the epic fight between King Kong and the T Rex.Some people were saying that the film was a very valiant attempt to recreate something that was so classic and original in Hollywood but at the same time some said if he cut out the first 45 mins then the film could have been a lot better.

2009 was something totally different for Jackson when he chose to direct the film The Lovely Bones that was based off of the highly successful book.The film starred Rachel Weisz,Mark Wahlberg and Saorise Ronan as the girl in the story who ends up getting murdered and by some special chance she is able to look over her family who is constantly grieving and her killer who got away with it and is still living in freedom and while she can see them she has to weigh her options in choosing revenge or just letting her family rest in peace and just letting it all go.This film was definitely a different change of pace for Jackson as he was well known to just make fantasy and action films and making this was basically a step back and being able to do things from a directoral standpoint that he has never done before.With Stanley Tucci playing the role of the murderer and man who gets away with it and the acting in the film was great and kept you in it but for it being a Peter Jackson film it was definitely something different.

2012 Jackson was asked with a proposal by the studio that was asking him to helm The Hobbit trilogy as well and it would be every that happened before the story of Lord Of The Rings that everyone knows and loves today.When Jackson agreed there was word wondering who was going to play Bilbo and Jackson had cast Martin Freeman to play the role for the 3 films and he also got Ian Mckellen to come back as Gandalf as well so it was definitely a push in the right direction.The first film retold the story of Bilbo and his gang of people were traveling to gang back their town and get through the mountain home that is entrenched in gold and being protected by the dragon Smaug.This film was set up perfectly for the next film and it truly showed that Jackson didn't lose his touch in any way,shape or form when it came to doing these films.During awards season this film continued the tradition that all the other Rings films did in getting 44 nominations and being nominated for 3 Oscars in full during the season.

2013 showed the sequel to the first Hobbit film and it was a good time for everyone who was a fan of the series because Bilbo finally comes in contact with the evil dragon Smaug in this film.The main cast from the first one and added Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of the devilish Smaug.Most fans who saw this film after experiencing the first one agreed that this one excelled in every way possible and thought that Cumberbatch's character portrayal of Smaug was one of the greatest highlights of the film.During awards season the film garnered 36 nominations and was nominated for 3 Oscars by the end of the season.The future for Jackson shows him wrapping up The Hobbit series with the film The Hobbit:The Battle Of The Five Armies which should be out sometime later this year.Also since this is the last film of the series and if it is anything like the last film of the Lord Of The Rings series Return Of The King then every fan will be in for a treat no matter what.The other project of Jacksons was the second Tintin film that will be titled as The Adventures Of Tintin:Prisoners Of The Sun.The first film had ok reviews and it did make enough to garner a sequel so the story will continue for Tintin and one thing is for sure that Peter Jackson could definitely be known as one of the greatest story tellers in Hollywood that we have seen in a long long while.

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Lord Of The Rings:The Return Of The King Trailer

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