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Inside The Director's Chair:Quentin Tarantino

Updated on May 2, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

Hi All,

On todays Inside The Director's Chair I decided to cover one of the most awesome and i guess you could say shocking directors that has come along in a long time.Quentin Tarantino is somebody who really takes his time with his craft and every movie he has put out has been waited on like it was christmas morning which makes him a perfect addition to this list.1987 showed his first directoral film My Best Friend's Birthday.This film clocks at about 87 minutes and Tarantino plays a character in the film himself which tells you how much he loves to get into his films and have them play out but compared to some of his other films that have come out in his lifetime this one was his first try.1992 Quentin's decided to bring Reservoir Dogs to the screen and it was literally a shot of life compared to his first film as it involved a heist among a group of guys going corrupt and terribly wrong and then after it hits the fan they come to find out after that one of them on the inside is a police informant and it leaves the crowd guessing after it is released in the story as to who the cop is.Tarantino also played a cameo in this one as well and decided to say he was taking a Hitchcockeque approach to his films and he would show up somewhere in some position so it is a game for the fans to play as well.This film has the characters with names like Mr.Pink and Mr.Brown and has become an iconic film and the poster for it has been done over many times and has been re done on t shirts and many other things before.

1994 Tarantino gave the world arguably his best film he has ever done with Pulp Fiction.When this film was made he told people the cast and premise and that was it and saying that it involved John Travolta,Samuel L Jackson,Uma Thurman,Bruce Willis,Tim Roth and many more.The story centered around a group of people that are the big actors in the film and their stories of redemption and how it all plays out.This film surprisingly was more popular then Reservoir Dogs for how great it was and even though it was an ultra violent film for how the stories were told it was still something that was loved by critics and Tarantino fans alike.1997 he gave the world Jackie Brown which was something that was for the fans because his Tarantino fan base ended up liking the film a lot but compared to his last two this was probably the low point although still great at the same time and of course Quentin has his streak going of being in every one of his films and finding a character that fits for him and the story that doesn't blow it out of proportion.The story in it involving a flight attendant getting tangled into a drug ring and the webs of how it would work out and having Samuel L Jackson in another film again and adding actors like Robert De Niro,Michael Keaton and Pam Grier as the main character.

2003 Quentin was talking about doing something that could involve either a sequel or a trilogy possibly if the story went deep enough and he had enough material and story to go into it with Uma Thurman back as the main character.That film is being Kill Bill Vol.1 which had Thurman playing the character titled as The Bride and at her wedding she is brutally massacred and left for dead by her ex husband and his mercenary friends but after time in a coma she wakes up and avenges what he did to her and makes a list of each mercenary and tries to knock each one off before essentially killing Bill.This film was and had to be split into two parts because after she gets into the giant battle with Lucy Liu's clan of like 88 men and then takes down Liu's character then she has 3 more to go and then Bill but there was more story to tell which was perfect for Tarantino to tell more story of how she got so good at her craft and how she was trained overall.In 2004 Part 2 of Kill Bill came out and then the rest of the story came out and people were able to finally see what happens and how it all comes to be and you see her fight the rest of the mercenaries and she even gets buried alive! But in the end she comes through as always and gets to Bill and does what the title says and Tarantino does this film in a masterful way.Everyone he adds in the cast as the mercenaries are perfect and David Carradine as Bill was pure genius by him and he even found time to add Sam Jackson in there as the piano player in Vol.1 at the wedding which I thought was awesome.

On the side in 2005 he served as a guest director with Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez for Sin City.Based off of the graphic novel and something that many people wanted for many years and set entirely in the dark noire setting Sin City had an all star cast all around with people like Bruce Willis,Jessica Alba,Benicio Del Toro,Rosario Dawson,Michael Clarke Duncan,Elijah Wood and Mickey Rourke coming back to play the larger then life role of Marv.2007 Tarantino tried something different with Eli Roth and both of them did a double feature film series and Tarantino directed the film Death Proof while Roth worked on a zombie horror film Planet Terror and was somewhat again liked by die hard Tarantino fans but many critics thought the action and violence were too much to handle but I mean in the end thats basically what Quentin's films are.2009 was definitely a change of pace for Quentin because he was all about the kung fu craze in his last two films and then he decided to come with Inglorious Basterds.Now this film is about a group of jewish soldiers nicknamed the "Basterds" who try and take over the Nazi's during WW2.Now being that it was a Quentin Tarantino film it wasn't going to be something you would see on the history channel but you would know that you would get grade A acting out of the film no matter what and everybody was interested in how it would go because he did play it super close to the chest because it was something that he did love doing and directing.When the film came out I myself saw it at midnight at whatever theatre I could see it at and I will point out one thing that this movie CATAPULTED the career of Christoph Waltz because of the performance he gave in that film as the bad guy and Brad Pitt as the top good guy was another good choice for it and it just had so many good things going for it and it was kind of the movie that was so good and you couldn't hate it even if you tried.It also introduced the career of Michael Fassbender into a BIG movie role and now he is like a giant movie star so I mean it was a good start for him too.

2012 Quentin casted Jamie Foxx,Christoph Waltz and Leonardo Dicaprio in a Spaghetti Western and thats all he was giving us until a trailer came out showing Foxx as a cowboy trying to get his love interest back from a plantation owner and the title was Django Unchained.This film has Dicaprio playing the plantation owner Calvin Candie and it is BY FAR his most out there role other then Wolf Of Wall Street because obviously in the film the WORD is said on numerous occasions and Dicaprio himself even says it and he was SO into his character and wanting to try and get a Golden Globe or Oscar for the role that when he goes on his now famous rant in the film about how he is god in it and can't be controlled then he cut his hand by accident and blood was running profusely and instead of saying Quentin stop the camera he screamed louder and got more in character and decided to rub his real blood on Kerry Washington who plays Foxx's love interest all over her forehead and then it frightened her but the scene was done before she could react and Quentin thought it was gold when he found out but still the film itself can be really funny at times but he went from Nazi germany to Racism and plantation owners next like one extreme to the other and both were successes without a hitch with is amazing and seems like something only Quentin can do.

So the future for Mr.Tarantino always is a secret because he is so secretive about his films and we only know what HE tells us about them so I am only going off of what I know.From what I heard he had his next project done which was going to be another spaghetti western without all the racism and everything and it had this all star cast attached and then out of nowhere like a flash of lightning when he gave the 6 lucky people who he asked to be in it then somehow that script was leaked online in its entirety and now everyone could read it and a site was even broadcasting it like it was there right to do it and make money off of something that didnt exist and then Tarantino got smart.When he found out about the leak I think if he could of lifted up a car and thrown it he could of and would of but then he took a deep breathe and thought ill have this work in my favor so he had a reading in Los Angeles for 500.00 a ticket and he had a big circle reading of the script that leaked and he indeed said that the title of the film was "The Hateful Eight".He said if things fall into place he would continue it and try and finish and maybe give it a different ending that nobody knows so its different but for now that film just remains to seen.The other one that just has a giant PENDING over it is Kill Bill Vol.3 which you might think how?? and the big rumor is that the daughter in the film would now be a grow up and go learn the ways she learned and then it would go on from there and she could possibly be hunted from a new list of mercenaries and then it could a whole different type of story and possibly work out for everybody as well.But for this edition of Inside The Director's Chair I hope that Quentin continues to make films that just shock and awe everybody that pays to see it which to me is the Tarantino way.

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Ok fans I wanna know what you think is the best Quentin Tarantino film and if you have any comments about them just post them below and we could get to talking about movies!

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