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Inside The Director's Chair:Stanley Kubrick

Updated on May 6, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

On this edition of Inside The Director's Chair I decided to cover Stanley Kubrick.While listening to my favorite movie video blog it involved 5 people and they listed the 4 directors they would put on their Mount Rushmore of directors as it be.While everyone had Steven Spielberg listed everyone listed Stanley Kubrick first because when you think about the classic movies that have come out in the past 40-60 years then you would name at least 3 of Kubrick's amazing films.In 1953 his first directed film and not a short was a film called Fear And Desire.It was a film about soldiers who were stuck behind enemy lines and they need to deal with their fears and desires that will drive them to try and get to safety.The film was classified as not rated and ended up nothing going with a hardcore rating like some do today and it is one film that is in the Library Of Congress for films.

In 1955 Stanley did the film called Killer's Kiss and it was about a guy waiting for his girlfriend at the train station and then he goes into a backstory which ends up becoming the main plot of the film to begin with.In this film Kubrick works with actor Frank Silvera again in back to back films so he was well known with the actor and thought it could make a good relationship instead of bringing in somebody new.This was also an unrated film and doesn't go with the recent ratings system that every film has been doing for a long time now.1956 was another interesting film for Kubrick as he released The Killing.The film involves the story of a group of guys trying to execute and pull off a race track robbery.This one instead of being unrated or having no rating was just being rated as APPROVED.It could possibly be because it is the mid 50's but on the other hand it could just be how Kubrick wanted it so you never know either way this film was an enticing thriller.

1957 gave the world Paths Of Glory and this one involves soldiers in World War 1 who disobey what their commanding officer asks of them and then he decides to make an example of them during the film.This film had Kirk Douglas in it as a starring role and everyone knows that he is Michael Douglas's dad and that is a big relation right there.This film was nominated for 1 BAFTA award and had a total of 5 nominations.In 1960 Kubrick decided to work with Douglas again on the film Spartacus.This one involved the character of Spartacus causing a revolt in the Roman Republic and making big changes for what he was trying to do.Although this film clocks in well over 3 hours long this one was and is still known as a classic today and gets an 8.0 rating on the movie websites which is his highest showing so far in his career so this film was a big one for him.1962 brought along the film Lolita and it was definitely something that is a touchy subject nowadays but back then it was something that he could direct and shoot and make a good film out of.The story was about a professor who becomes infatuated with one of his students who is 14 years old.This one had James Mason and Shelley Winters in the main casting roles and also has a TV-14 rating on it so along with being a film it was also made for television so Kubrick was killing two birds with one stone with that film.In 1964 Kubrick came out with one of his most recognized films by far and one that has been used and copied in so many other films to date with Dr.Strangelove or:How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb.

When this film came out having George C. Scott and Peter Sellers in the main starring roles ended up paying off in a big way because the way they portrayed the characters was nothing sort of perfect.Also this film is one that is quoted and known for all over the world.It was garnered with 4 Oscar nominations and still to this day is ranked as one of the greatest films of all 1968 Kubrick went Sci Fi on the world and gave everyone 2001:A Space Odyssey.With this film it introduced the world to HAL 9000 and the quest that was being set off on to find out what this mysterious and artificial item is.This film is another one that is like Gravity in its sense where if this wasn't made then certain films like Gravity might not have been done the way they were because Stanley really pushed the limits with this film as opposed to his others and with all the special effects in it owning it now and watching it on Blu Ray format is definitely something that is a sight to see.

In 1971 Stanley's next film after 2001 was something that would shock and awe the audiences for the way that it was done,its story and the acting that was used in the film alike.This film is A Clockwork Orange.With this film which is about Alex Delarge who is a delinquent in future Britain and he is later jailed for his acts and gets put into a therapy process trying to drop down the crime but it ends up taking a very different turn.With this one being another one of Kubrick's best films ever made the way that Malcolm Mcdowell just became the character he had to become and do the things that were done in the film just made people sort of forget where they were when you watched it and sometimes it was almost too much to watch but at the same time so brilliant in how it was done both by the acting and directing.This film was also nominated for 4 Oscars and many actors alike have taken so much from this live for many roles onto this day.1975 brought along a much different film from A Clockwork Orange.The film I am talking about it Barry Lyndon.

The story of Barry Lyndon revolves around Ryan O'Neal as the title character and he assumes the position of a widow's dead husband who is very wealthy in 18th century England.This film was the one film that broke through for Stanley because the film ended up winning 4 Oscars and being nominated a total of 11 times.1980 brings in one of Kubrick's best films and most known film by far in The Shining.The film was about a family who decides to spend the winter in a vacate hotel resort and after some time the father played by Jack Nicholson who is a writer in the film ends up losing his mind and starts seeing visions over time and things start to get worse and worse.Danny Lloyd also did a fabulous job playing the son who comes to have psychic abilities and can start to see the bad in the hotel and what it has to offer.Basically there is certain things people never forget about this film.Whether its the twin girls at the end of the hallway just staring at Danny or if its Jack axing open a hole in the door to say the infamous and on the spot line "HERE'S JOHNNY!!!".There are many other memorable moments in this film that nobody ever forgets that last year in 2013 their was a documentary called Room 237 follows all around the hidden stories within the film and everything that was in the story and what it really meant.This film got 5 total nominations and 2 wins but nothing from the Academy which could be since it was basically a Horror film based off of the Stephen King novel that the Academy doesn't look highly to those films although they should of.7 years after the success and greatness of The Shining Stanley Kubrick waited a long time to find his next project where he decided to go back to his war epic roots and chose the film Full Metal Jacket.

Now besides The Shining this is by far my favorite film of his because there isn't a bad thing in this film and everything in it was just perfect for what the film represented as a whole.The story based it around the brutal boot camp tasks that are taken before going off to the Vietnam war.Also this film made R.Lee Emery a god in that world because he basically embodied what it was to be the PERFECT drill sergeant and having Matthew Modine and Vincent D'Nofrio in the other big roles helped a ton because they played the living out of their roles and the film was nothing short of magnificent and it is another film that is used over and over again today and that iconic film poster is used on t shirts and albums for musicians now because it was SUCH a big movement after the film was released.The film was also nominated for 1 Oscar but ended up not winning the big award and yet it is still one of the most remembered films to date.

After having two amazing movies go back to back then Stanley Kubrick waited a whopping 12 years for his latest and apparently final film as it was being reported with Eyes Wide Shut.This film had Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the main roles and the story was about a doctor from New York City and he is married to his curator wife in Kidman and after she admits to an affair with someone else Cruise pushes himself to an all night limit that involves sexual and moral discovery among other things.This film runs at 159 minutes which in time lengths now is a very long film and it was definitely a weird film for him to do.Kubrick himself was known for doing some odd ball films but this one was just had an odd setting and some of the plot felt out of place and you felt out of place even watching it but people still watched it regardless because it was Stanley Kubrick's LAST film.The film had a total of 15 nominations and 1 Golden Globe nomination as well and among not being of his greatest films it was by far one that got talked about at length between people after they saw it and possibly that could be what he was going for all along.

On March 7th 1999 it was reported that the great director Mr.Kubrick had suffered a severe heart attack and died in his sleep overnight and that night someone great in the entertainment business left the world that day because after the news was released about his death Steven Spielberg released a statement saying that he and Spielberg were working together on Spielberg's film A.I. Artificial Intelligence.Steven liked to say that a lot of his vision and thoughts were left in the film and the way he did things were sort of left in the film when Spielberg finished overall was something that was special to Steven himself and his remaining family that he has overall.Now that he is deceased I can't really talk about his future for obvious reasons but in other words like I said in the beginning with the Mount Rushmore of tattoos if you were to ask 100 people in the business who would be on theirs I believe he would make it on there if not be the first name spoken every time and to be the first person over someone like Steven Spielberg who was also a friend is a GIANT and amazing statement to make for very special director.

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