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Inside The Directors Chair:Steven Spielberg

Updated on April 30, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

Hi all readers and followers,

This is going to be a 7 part series I am starting with the same title for each one but every day will be a different director with a very amazing resume in the movie industry.Some may argue which ones I pick but I hope my top 7 are suitable for the fellow readers because after telling a few who I was gonna use they told me to go for it so here it goes.

Steven Spielberg…What can I say and where to start…He is by far out of the 7 I am about to do in this illustrious list THE best on here because when you look at his history of films that he put out in a 15-20 year span in the 70's and 80's it was numerous classics and films that have been remembered to this day for its lasting power in the industry and I won't even continue to count how many academy awards he has won or has been nominated for because it will be silly how crazy it is.But to start lets start with a fan favorite with Jaws.Now I will be honest one of my biggest fears is seeing people die under water or anything of that nature so watching this years ago was kind of a hard thing to take but I remember watching it and later on my dad watching a making of special and it made it even more interesting because it showed how much effort and time he put into the film and how much risk he knew he was taking into making a "Killer Shark" film and his reaction when he saw people scramble out of the theatre and they would be borderline vomiting in the lobby he knew he had something else on his hands.

The next one to cover is Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and this one I actually saw when I was like 10 or 11 and I will never ever forget the sound the ship makes.That unforgettable sound is something that sticks with you and it is just a visionary tale and grabs hold of you and doesn't let go if you are a fan of the story then you start to enjoy it even more.Now Raiders Of The Lost Ark is BY FAR my favorite Indiana Jones movie and I have seen it at home at a young age and I even got to watch it at school when we were close to being done with the year and just totally enamored with the story and the action of it the whole time and I completely agree with Indy when he says "I HATE SNAKES!".1982 brought us everybody's favorite extra terrestrial in ET and it was a story that made some fall in love with it in every viewing and some even cried because it grabbed hold of some people so hard that Spielberg had the ability to do that already in his career.Now way before there was Pirates of the caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow Steven Spielberg brought us the amazing and catchy film Hook in 1991.It was a film that took you away from the very beginning and made you believe that anything was possible and having people like Robin Williams as one of the main characters and Dustin Hoffman playing Captain Hook it was definitely a story that was made for adults and children everywhere and it plays on ABC Family from time to time and it still holds up in every sense of the word.1993 brings along one of my personal favorites and one that was just recently made into 3D because of its resurgence into a 4th film.Jurassic Park introduced the world into the dinosaur world and how amazing it really can be and it had everything you can think of from amazing landscapes to the ginormous roar of the T Rex when he tears through the forest and when it is pouring rain and the kids are in the car nobody and I mean NOBODY looks at that water cup scene the same again after seeing that movie because it is SO iconic.

In 1993 Spielberg got lucky with back to back wins with JP and the epic Schindlers List.A World War 2 epic about a character being concerned for his workforce after they witness their abduction by the Nazi's.The film clocks out at 3 Hours and 15 minutes long which is quite a while but after being released it was considered an epic achievement in the world of cinema and won the best picture Oscar in 1994 and 7 other Oscars in total that year.1997 Showed Steven granting the fans wishes with The Lost World or as it is know to everybody else Jurassic Park 2.That film was a good draw to some but at the same time it didn't get the classic appeal that the original did at the end of the day.He also directed the film Amistad as well in that year which had an all star cast about an 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship and had the liking of Anthony Hopkins,Morgan Freeman and a very young Matthew Mcconaughey.1998 brought in my other favorite by him and I saw it when I was younger as well and it literally in no sense of the word knocked my on my rear end and blew me away all at the same time.That film is Saving Private Ryan.Again working with an all star cast he was able to make another classic film and show his directorial abilities to the fullest but it showed some of Hollywood's top actors going in the trenches and some of the worst things you could see Spielberg showed or tried his best to show on screen and some people who actually lived it and saw the film have said to have left the theatre in tears because it touched them so closely and in such a deep way but although it was so violent it also is a very beautifully directed film too.

2002 he started working with young actor Leonardo Dicaprio in the crime drama Catch Me If You Can and that film was a very classy,to the times film and everybody said if Spielberg played anything right in that film it was how the times fit the scene perfectly.In 2002 he also gave us a different take with a film called Minority Report starring Tom Cruise.It was more geared towards the Sci Fi crowd and he was able to put out two very different stories in the same year which I think is great.2004 came along with the film The Terminal starring Tom Hanks being a man who basically spends his life and time in the airport and bonds with the employees that live there.This film was an interesting one when it came out because it was so different for Spielberg to do but once again in his amazing fashion he knocked it out of the park.2011 brought in the film War Horse about a boy and his beloved horse who gets sold to the front lines during World War 1 and instead of the boy giving up on him he enlists and follows him every step of the way.This was also based on the play that gained major response after the film was out out.2012 brought along the film Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis which from what I read and watched in interviews that was sort of a passion project to him and he was trying his hardest to get done and when the time came to get it going he ran off with it full force ahead in the best way.Although it was another long epic film Daniel Day Lewis delivered a near flawless performance which garnered him with the Best Actor Oscar in that awards season moving forward.

Now I know I didn't cover ALL of his films and he has SO many more great ones like The Color Purple,War Of The Worlds,A.I. and some others that you could just mention like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull or The Adventures Of Tin Tin.He is definitely a director who is the best in his field and shows no signs of stopping and from the looks of what his future work brings I only see nothing but brilliance and amazement throughout the rest of his career.

What is your favorite Spielberg Film

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Ok everybody who's voting this might be one of the toughest ones to do because after listing the films in the poll over to the right there are at least 5 classic films on that list maybe more.So I am curious to see what comes out on top in the Steven Spielberg poll for best movie because he makes some amazing films and this list is a definite show of work.


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