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Inside The Director's Chair:Zack Snyder

Updated on May 8, 2014
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I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

On this edition of Inside The Director's Chair I decided to cover director Zack Snyder.As stated above he could be considered the other wild card on this list among such iconic directors that I have covered already but with his resume everything he has done has been different,game changing and just a new way that he has done movies his whole career and for the future for sure.

Now starting with his first directed film in 2004 which compared to his others could basically be considered a shot to the heart and a pure wake up call every time you watch it.The film I am talking about was Dawn Of The Dead.A film that flew under the radar before its releases that shows Sarah Polley as the main lead character who is a nurse and lives a good life and goes home to her lovely husband and then when she wakes up she ends up awakening to a complete zombie apocalypse and a total change in what was going on the night before.All of the times I have watched this movie and my friend even went to see this film a whopping 8 times because he thought it was that good but every time I went to see it or watch it on TV I notice that you can really sense the helplessness in the actors faces who are trying to survive this and that is much different then all of other zombie films that were released after it.This one was definitely one when you watched it it was so in your face and out there and so violent that at the same time it made it THAT much of a great film as well.

2006 brought along Snyder's next film and it brought along something that had so much action but was so dramatic at the same time when he directed the film 300.This film revolved around the story of Leonidas and his 300 men going to fight the Persians in an ultimate battle.This film basically launched the big career of Gerard Butler as he played the character of Leonidas.The action scenes in it were just beautifully directed and the whole tone of the film with it either always raining or it would always be dark because their was never good or a silver lining in it all it was just all about pride and an all out war.This film was so successful that it even spawned a sequel called 300:Rise Of An Empire.It was a 3 year wait until Zack Snyder chose to release his next film in Watchmen.A graphic novel that he took and transformed into a motion picture.So for everyone who has read the story knows the plot of this one but for the ones who haven't this film is about in 1985 where in a world where superheroes do exist one of the members ends up dead and member Rorsache ends up having to do an investigation to find out what happened and who can be brought to just but when he starts digging he begins to start regretting what he finds because it can literally change everything.The film stars Jackie Earle Haley,Patrick Wilson,Carla Cugino,Billy Crudup and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.This film when I first saw it in theaters it literally blew me away watching the story come together and how amazing and visual the entire film was from the second the lights dimmed to the minute the credits rolled.This was definitely a big plus for Snyder and his 300 film and people were more then excited to see what he would come up with next.

In 2010 Snyder gave everyone his follow up to Watchmen and this film was sort of a totally different take on what he has done in the past with Legend Of The Guardians:The Owls Of Ga'Hoole.This film was all 3D and complete animation instead of having big time actors this time around he ended up having all voice acting in having Jim Sturgess,Hugo Weaving,Helen Mirren and Joel Edgerton in some of the roles of the owls.This film for Snyder as a whole was something that was sort of a miss for him because in all of the films that he made for one it didn't really stand together with his resume as a whole like I even heard of some people not even knowing that Snyder had something to do with the film and also having it be a children's animated film from the guy that did Dawn Of The Dead like it was something that turned out ending weird for him and didn't quite bring in the buzz and box office that others have.2011 Snyder got back into his roots and visual brilliance with the film Sucker Punch.

The film starred Emily Browning,Vanessa Hudgens,Abbie Cornish,Jena Malone and Jamie Chung as the main roles of the group of girls in the film and the story revolves around Brownings character who gets put into an asylum by her father she decides to escape with them at times into completely other worlds and she used it as an escape from the boring life that was at the asylum and over time she develops a plan to try and escape from the asylum and become a free woman and with help from her friends who she meets in time they begin to travel to these worlds with her where she fights dragons and flies fighter jets and sword fights with knights in a castle.This one didn't get huge box office but at the same time it was loved by a certain group of fans because they loved his view of where Snyder wanted to go with the film and the complete vision of how he handled it was perfect to some but at the same time not to all.There was little talks of a sequel trying to be brought in because of the hype for it and then it slightly died down because it is very hard to get the team of girls together all at once and then have Snyder do the film again so it is a wait and see approach.

2013 was in my eyes and arguably in some others Snyder's shining moment when he released the film Man Of Steel.This film after the big bomb of Superman Returns the hype on it and talk was going through the roof and going just about as high as Superman could fly and everyday there was news for it whether it be the change in the suit by making it all blue and ditching the red shorts and the casting of Henry Cavill as the new Superman and everyone else who was cast made news every day.But when it was released even after all the trailers and everything was able to be seen this film FINALLY got it right ever since the original films so long ago.Like watching it and only being able to see Krypton for like 20 minutes you literally get immersed in the world because he made it beautifully and giving a kudos to Snyder for directing TWO amazing dads in Russell Crowe as Jor El and Kevin Costner Jonathan Kent.Along with getting Amy Adams to play Lois Lane which is another win for him and having Michael Shannon playing the evil and power crazed General Zod.When this was all out and made huge money at the box office a lot of critics and fans just loved the little things he made about the film whether it was the ship and doubles as the Fortress Of Solitude where he finally sees Jor El for the first time since birth.Also the action scene where Superman and Zod fought in the city for the first time because the bar of which every comic book movie has to live up to now is the New York battle in the Avengers but when they did this in Man Of Steel they literally duked it out and destroyed EVERYTHING that was standing and of course Superman comes out the victor by doing something that was highly discussed when he broke Zod's neck cause Superman isn't suppose to kill but once again Snyder just showed everyone that he created something that isn't your grandpa's Superman.

The future for Zack is arguably the brightest out of every single director I have done so far because of two films that he has announced that he is doing.At San Diego Comic Con there was a panel at Hall H which is the big panel that just stated that is was being ran by Warner Bros. But when it came time to show what was being done Zack Snyder came out and said "Ok everybody I want to announce that Amy Adams and the others are coming back for our sequel!" Which made everybody goes crazy and clap and cheer and then he said BUT he wasn't finished and wanted to bring out another guest and brought out actor Harry Lennix who plays the big general in Man Of Steel.When he comes out Snyder wants to announce that Lennix was going read a passage to everyone.When Lennix arrives to the stage he puts on his glasses and reads this "I want you remember,Clark,In all these years to come, and all your most private moments,I want you to remember my hand at your throat,I want you to remember the one man who beat you.Then before many even saw it coming an image showed up on the screen for his new film Batman Vs Superman.This film is by far his boldest and most amazing task he is going to ever have to achieve.Along with later on adding Ben Affleck as the new Batman and Henry Cavill back as Superman with Jesse Eisenberg as a much younger Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as the ever so lovable Alfred.This is the one film that could go on his resume and in this world for how big comic book films are now this film could be the one that changes absolutely everything and could end up being the highest grossing movie when it is finally released.Just when you thought that THAT wasn't huge enough about a month before production starts for Batman Vs Superman Snyder announced that he will also be directing the Justice League film that everybody in the comic book world has been waiting for FOREVER so his future the next 7-10 looks like its going to be nothing short of epic and spectacular for Zack Snyder and it is a great thing for him as such a visionary director as well.

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