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Inspirational Songs from Mariah Carey

Updated on October 19, 2015

It's no secret that I'm a huge Mariah Carey fan. She's one of the best female singers of all time. She has a high range and lots of soul. However, even better than her vocal range and her famous high notes, are the powerful lyrics that are so relatable and often bring encouragement.

Every album she has put out contains at least one song with a powerful message, whether it's a message of faith, comfort or self-confidence. Starting from the beginning, just in case you were perusing for some inspiration from Mariah Carey, I've put together a list of inspirational songs from this diva. I hope you enjoy.


Make It Happen

This first song is purely about praying to the Lord through a difficult situation and having faith that He will "make it happen." She encourages people to not give up and then to keep believing. It's from her ablum, Emotions.


I think this one is like her anthem. It is well known and often used for graduations and other programs across the US. The lyrics to this song promotes self confidence.

I Am Free

I absolutely love, love, love this song. I interpret this song to be about a person freed from insecurities and loneliness by finding contentment in the love given by someone special...from God.

One Sweet Day featuring Boyz II Men

One Sweet Day is a sweet lyrical that brings comfort to those who have experienced a loss of a loved one. This song is from the Daydream album and features the R/B group, Boyz II Men.

Can't Take That Away

This is the perfect song for encouragement and another good one for graduation. It encourages listeners not to listen to negativity from the outside, but to focus on what you know you have on the inside. There is something special in all of us that allows us to fulfill our purpose. Continue to pursue your dreams and believe in yourself despite what anyone else thinks, says or does to stop you. In other words, don't pay any attention to the haters or bullies in your life.

Make It Through the Rain

This message is similar to "Make it Happen". After listening to this song from the Charmbraclet CD, I am reminded that there is a rainbow after the storm. I'm also encouraged not to give up during difficult times. Instead of giving up, I should "hold tighter to my faith."

When You Believe with Whitney Houston

Here's more inspiration from Mariah Carey with a help of a friend. This ultimate diva duet from The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack is another one about faith...miracles to be exact. "There can be miracles when you believe."

My Saving Grace

"My Saving Grace" is my favorite inspirational song by Mariah. This is a song of thanks to God for being her saving grace; the one thing that brought on peace, strength and deliverance in difficult situations. Also from Chrambraclet album, she shows her fans and listeners her spiritual connection and gives acknowledgement to her Savior.

Fly Like a Bird

This ballad from the Emancipation of MiMi is like a prayer. Keeping up with the faith theme, this song is a cry out to the Lord for peace, strength and hope during a time of struggle.

I Wish You Well

This song is well written to represent a person who is applying certain scriptures to help overcome evil with good, by "blessing those who curse you" and "praying for those who despitefully use you."

Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now)

Mariah put an upbeat twist to the original gospel song by Rev. James Cleveland. The message is clear; "I just can't give up now...I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me."


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      2 years ago

      hey,you're the best singer Mariah ! you're my IDOL!


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