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Inspired by a Movie or TV Show? Yes? Do You Eat Far Too Much Popcorn and Fall Asleep on the Couch Too Easily Too?

Updated on January 31, 2014

I was "inspired to write this hub by a question from TheLifeExperiment right here in HubPages Q&A section. Check out his contributions!

Uninspired Couch Potato?

I don't know if it is because as I age deeper into my thirties that my need to watch a television show or movie to its conclusion is not what it used to be or if it is dictated by a tireless toddler of mine's ability to stay up forever if the TV is on. Either way, I often find myself growing fonder of the coming sleep than the entertainment at hand as the time of evening becomes closer to 9 PM. You jest, you really aren't in bed and asleep by 9 pm? What are you 90 years old? No, no, I am 36. This I can guarantee. These thoughts came to mind based on a Hubpages question asking whether a TV or movie ever inspired you to do something. I must truly say that I was stumped. I am either very hard no motivate, not compelled by modern entertainment, or possibly self entertained thus not inspired by outside sources? With this, I go to sarcasm and what I have been inspired to do or not to do from some of my favorite films and TV shows through the years.



The Title and the Inspiration

Movie Goodfellas - The classic gangster movie Goodfellas has a lot of inspiration that can be found if you really dig deep. For example, I will never wear a wig although I am quit certain I will need one at some point of my life. Why you ask? Well If you have watched the movie, a certain character is "comically" strangled to death for not paying a debt to a gangster and in the process his wig wearing nature becomes clearly apparent as it twists and falls off his head. Now that is a way I don't want to go out...laying there, eyes wide, motionless, with a wig half off of my head. Did I mention that this character was also a wig pitchman and store owner?

Movie The Miracle Mile (1988)- Starring Anthony Edwards (ER's Dr. Green), The Miracle Mile is an nuclear apocalypse thriller where the lead character (A. Edwards), while minding his own business, decides to answer a pay phone that is incessantly is ringing off the hook in the background. He learns from a soldier manning a missile silo that Russia has unloaded 4 nuclear rockets heading toward targets within the continental United States, where Edwards character resides. The Inspiration? If you happen to actually come across a pay phone in this day in age, and it is ringing, just don't answer. Whatever is going to be said couldn't possibly be good news and is none of your business anyways. Even if you were able escape the impending threat communicated through such a pot luck call, the diseases you will catch from just touching one of those time capsule phones will finish you off. Gross!

Goodfellas Wig Scene


Movie: Gremlins- OK, this one is short and easy. No weird animals you never heard as for pets, even if it is really really cute, no water, and definitely no food after midnight. If you follow these rules there is a good chance you will survive a few more days.

TV Show: Bones- If you ever watched this show starring Emily Deschanel, you know that a lot of people die in strange and disturbing ways and only one person, Bones (Emily) can figure out how they died through analysis of their remaining skeletal pieces. The fact that she is needed at all suggest how gruesome these deaths are...The Inspiration you ask? Just don't go to the DC are likely to have the Washington monument somehow impale you while you are trying to be inspired by Honest Abe at his memorial...Splat!

River Phoenix RIP

gone too soon
gone too soon | Source

TV Show: The Brady Bunch- You've got 3 kids and you are gonna marry a chick who has 3 kids of their own? You Crazy.... You have go to know shenanigans would ensue... The inspiration? No cheesy orange 70's kitchens in my house.

Movie: Stand By Me- A Stephen King classic starring River Phoenix where three childhood friends lie to their parents that they will be out camping when in fact they are going to go look for a dead kid they heard there punk older brothers talking about having seen. I loved this movie as a kid and still do. It was dark, and filled with angst and great character development common in King's work. Inspiration? Choose your movie rolls carefully. River Phoenix's character, as you find out at the end of the movie, dies far too young when trying to break up a fight. In real life, the talented Phoenix succumbed to a drug overdose and died far too young. Even Stephen king couldn't have written as chilling an irony.

Ok, so as not to end this article on that downer I provide you this:

Movie: Pee Wee's Big Adventure - I will get the easy one out of the way. His name is Pee Wee and he was arrested for having his pee wee out in an adult movie theatre. Inspiration: Don't go by the name of Pee Wee and don't assume that it is OK to flog the dog in an adult movie theatre just because that's what people do there...Tequila! Inspiration: Don't hitch hike. Twice that I can remember, Pee Wee hitch hiked on his journey to find his "special" bicycle. Once was with an escaped ex-con who was being chased, was crazy, and allowed Pee-Wee, who is a bit "special" himself to drive eventually leaving them falling off a cliff only to be saved by the convertible roof acting as a parachute. Not to be deterred, Pee Wee again stuck his thumb out after the convict sped off in fear, and was picked up by a truck driver named Large Marge. He found out with a chill that Marge (trying to be nice and leaving large out of it) had been dead for years from a highway accident not far from where Pee Wee was picked up. Inspiration: Take a bus or just buy a new bike...


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