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Instrumental To My Life.

Updated on July 28, 2017
My son and I at thr Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
My son and I at thr Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. | Source

What is Most Instrumental to my Life.

This old guitar has taken me

on journeys few can find

and i've strung along

chasing unsung songs

leaving all my woes behind

Tugging on each string

Just to find a chord

that will open what was blind

giving me a chance

for a longer peek

through the windows

of my mind.

It's sound hole

like a hungry mouth

devours all I play

regurgitating music

sometimes in an ugly rage.

it knows that I'm

no Robert Plant

I'll be no Jimmy Page.

I'm a somewhat crippled

Hindenberg but let me

burn up on a stage.

It's what's instrumental in my life

it's a curse and yet my saviour

as I struggle with the handicaps

of my fingers bad behaviors

till my muse brings what folks savor.

and upon my deathbed I will strum

my last chords to end my labor.

If you must face

the sour taste

of fame laying

your soul to waste

just turn it

into lemonade

add scoops of hope's

sweetmess delayed

and face your

next task unafraid.

Don't ever give up

on your dreams

even if they're skewed

or screwed

Chase them down

until your thirst is quenched

Then someday

they'll all come true.

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

Matthew F Blowers III -©-2017


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