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Intelligence -- Amelia

Updated on January 17, 2014

Be the bomb!

It seems you can't get past that Lost connection. Gabriel had a flashback back to 2007 when he and his wife, Amelia, were together and she was activated. And I thought the actress playing the part looked familiar. When I saw the opening credits Zuleikha Robinson I thought I recognized the name. And lo and behold she played Ilana on the final season of Lost.

Fast forward to the present day where a man is swallowing these little round balls. Turns out the round balls are explosives that are undetectable by x-ray. The man gets himself taken to a military base and his brother triggers him to explode by remote control. Nothing says family like blowing each other up.

Gabriel didn't find Amelia in Zurich and he's not too thrilled that Riley has gotten an apartment whose window looks out on his apartment. When they arrive at HQ it's to hear about the military base explosion. They also have a picture that's a real shocker to Gabriel. Malik Hasani, the bomber's brother, is seen in a photo with a man and a woman. The man is Amelia's terrorist partner thought to be dead, and Gabriel is convinced the woman is Amelia.

Lillian knows that if this really is Amelia, Gabriel won't take her out if necessary, and put his personal feelings before the safety of others. So she tasks Riley with the job of taking Amelia out if necessary. And she tries to do just that when they track down Malik who has swallowed some of the explosive balls and is set to explode. Amelia helps her partner, Ebrahem, to escape from Gabriel and Riley fires on their car as it's driving away. Needless to say Gabriel has a fit.

Gabriel's prime directive is to save Amelia and bring her home alive, while Lillian is to stop Ebrahem and Amelia in their tracks. Gabriel insists that Amelia is one of the good guys despite appearing otherwise and she's just undercover. But the evidence points to the contrary as Amelia was obviously in Zurich to steal the edible C4 prototype explosives.

Gabriel and Riley investigate Malik's last known whereabouts to try and find a clue to Ebrahem's next target and a boy there gives them a clue that makes them realize he plans to target a local hospital. His wife died in a hospital and this is his way of avenging her death. They rush to the hospital and Gabriel comes face-to-face with Amelia.

It turns out that Amelia is the latest human explosive device. She tells Gabriel she never loved him and everything was a lie. He refuses to believe her and won't leave her. He thinks he has a way to save her, but it might not work. Riley's not willing to let Gabriel risk himself, so she shoves him out the window into a pool below as Amelia explodes.

It seems Lillian doesn't believe Amelia was a traitor, either. Something she's not telling Gabriel. She secretly goes to investigate where Gabriel and Riley got the lead that the hospital was going to be targeted and talks to the little boy there. She shows him a picture of Amelia and the little boy tells her she told him to give Gabriel the clue so he'd figure out the hospital was going to be targeted so the people could be evacuated in time and all those lives wouldn't be lost. The question is will Lillian tell Gabriel what she discovered?

In this case it might be kinder to be cruel. Would it make it any easier for Gabriel to know that he was right about Amelia? Would it make it easier to accept her death? Amelia seemed to want to try to make Gabriel hate her before she died, hoping that would make it easier for him. On the other hand wouldn't it be better for Gabriel to know that what he and Amelia had was real and she died a hero [by warning him where the bomb was going off so the lives of everyone in the hospital could be saved] opposed to thinking she died a terrorist? For Gabriel to know he was right to have faith in Amelia and he was right about her.

Whatever the case, I imagine Gabriel will be after Ebrahem. The irony is in Ebarhem's attempt to get revenge for the death of his wife, he'll now have a man after him who wants revenge on him for the death of his wife. And Ebrahem is far more guilty than the hospital was.

I was actually shocked they wrapped up the Amelia storyline so fast. I figured Gabriel's search would be a show-long obsession. I really hoped they didn't get rid of her so fast so they could jump right into a Gabriel and Riley romance. Their characters don't click and they don't have any chemistry together. As I said, there's more zing and chemistry between Lillian and Gabriel. It would be nice if this show didn't something different and just have a man and woman be friends. Besides, if after not giving up on Amelia for all those years, to have him just hop into a relationship with Riley would be very damaging to the Gabriel character.

Aside from possible hunting down Ebrahem and making him pay for Amelia's death, it seems Gabriel is going to have another problem on his hand in the form of Mei Chen. In the promo for next week's show she introduces herself. So it seems Gabriel may be battling a female version of himself. It should be interesting.


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