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Intelligence -- Leland

Updated on February 10, 2014

Lillian officially becomes the best character on this show

Two girls are coming home from a night out on the town when they get kidnapped and taken to Mexico to force a high ranking politician to stop a planned satellite for Mexico. Their kidnapper is a drug lord named Hector. Only there's a lot more to Hector than meets the eye.

Leland shows up in Lillian's office wanting her to use Gabriel to rescue the two girls. She gets suspicious when she learns Leland wasn't tipped off about the kidnapping by the girl's father and that he hasn't told anyone. Leland was apparently keeping an eye on Hector.

It doesn't take long for Lillian to put it all together and realize Hector has got a dirty little deal with the government going. He's basically a snitch. He rats out fellow drug dealers to get rid of his competition while the government turns a blind eye to his own operation.

He feels safe to kidnap the two girls and blackmail one of the girls' father because he knows the government won't do a thing to him because they don't want to lose all the valuable intel he's supplying them with. He also believes he'll be able to get the Mexican Satellite deal killed without facing any repercussions. And it seems he may be right.

Leland wants Lillian to get Gabriel to rescue the two girls but not to harm Hector in the process. So she sends Gabriel and Mary Sue to Mexico. They arrive in time to save Samantha Royce as Hector's playing a sick little game with her. She's hungry, tired and dehydrated and he ties her to a chair with an unpinned grenade in her hand. The minute she drops it she'll blow herself up. Just as she drops it, Gabriel arrives and gets the girl out before she's blown to bits.

Then Hector contacts Gabriel claiming he'll hand over McKenzie Bradshaw, only it's a trick. Instead he grabs Mary Sue when she refuses to follow Lillian's orders to get her dumb butt out of there and she gets captured.

And thus begins Gabriel's romance with Mary Sue. He does one of his cyber walk-through of a scene and gazes at Mary Sue's frozen form and I want to gag my guts up. These two have no chemistry. How many episodes ago was his wife killed? And their repartee is forced and cringe-worthy. The show would be so much better if they'd have left Mary Sue out of it.

A big point was made on how clever little Mary Sue was in stopping her watch at a particular time to help Gabriel find them. Of course she was, even though the moron was stupid enough to get herself caught in the first place by not doing what everyone was yelling at her to do, cause macho woman can handle any situation and come out on top.

Anyway, Gabriel saves the girl and Mary Sue, too. But when he wants to kill Hector, Lillian tells him not to and for once he obeys orders. Good thing, too, as that would have been another black mark the government has against him and putting him ever closer to having a government hit put out on him.

Leland is happy with the outcome and even takes his little girl out to dinner to celebrate the success. Unfortunately, he doesn't know his daughter as well as he thinks he does or understand she's actually going to let this Hector situation continue as it is. Before going out to dinner with Daddy Lillian calls Hector up to tell him it's over, but he gloats that no one can provide the info he can. Lillian tells him she's found someone new to do what he's done, and as she says this the woman in the bathtub with Hector dispatches him to hell where he belongs.

I imagine Lillian pulled the hit on Hector without leaving anything to trace back to her. And the way she went off smilingly with her father, he won't have the slightest clue it was her, since she went along with what he and the government wanted and didn't have Hector taken out. It was in incredibly slick and delicious move and one that makes Lillian the most interesting character on the show.

Which is probably not a good thing since Lillian is not the lead character. Since Gabriel is the lead character he's the one you should be saying is the most interesting character on the show, only you can't really say that. Killing off his wife so quickly to most likely jump start a romance with Mary Sue kind of took a lot away from the character. Having him constantly trying to find his wife would have been a good story for him. He was actually pretty interesting while that story was going on.

And it's probably not good the Mary Sue character the network is pushing isn't that interesting, either. Actually, she's annoying and irritating. Kind of like nails down a chalk board.

If this show makes it, it might be a good idea if Mary Sue is killed off and Gabriel and Lillian's operation has to go rogue because the government wants to kill him because they think he's too big of a threat cause he won't follow orders. Seriously, Mary Sue needs to go. She adds nothing to the show.

On the Lost front, it seemed the gimmick was only for a few episodes, as I could spot no Lost actors in this episode.

Anyway, I'll be curious to see what Lillian does next. It's too bad that I can say the same for Gabriel. He really hasn't done anything to stand out from the rest of the cast. And like I said, that's probably not a good thing when your the star of the show.


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