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Intelligence -- Mei Chen

Updated on January 27, 2014

Get out of my head, bitch!

Gabriel is still grieving the death of his beloved Amelia when he's seriously freaked out when he uses his chip he can hear someone calling his name. At first he believes it's Amelia's ghost or that something is going wrong with his chip. But he quickly discovers Mei Chen has a little bit better model of chip than he has and it allows her to gain control of his thoughts when he uses the chip. Not good.

Meanwhile a woman named Kate Anderson stole a hard drive from the CIA and is trying to sell it to another intelligence agency. She starts with MI6, first. She meets the agent, Tristan, in a empty building and demands he strips down to his skivvies to prove he isn't wearing a wire. Unfortunately, that's how he dies, in his underwear. Mei Chen shows up and takes him out. Anderson manages to escape and runs to the Chinese Embassy hoping to peddle her hard drive to them next. They let her in and for the moment she escapes from the murderous Mei Chen.

Anderson claims she's selling out to another intelligence agency because the CIA made her a killer. Lill is brought in on this. Only problem is Gabriel has gone AWOL and she doesn't know where he is. No problemo, Super Riley knows just right where he is. The character still sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't fit in. She has instant love interest written all over her. They should have left her out of the show and just kept up Gabriel's search for his true love, Amelia.

Of course she gets Gabriel to return. Did anyone doubt it? And Lill has some unpleasant news for him. Seems their program was being spied on by the CIA and all the information on the hard drive Kate Anderson is trying to sell to the highest bidder is about them. In particular, Gabriel's implant. So he now has a vested interest to stop her from handing it over to the wrong person.

Gabriel goes through the grid and discovers Anderson begged for sanctuary in the Chinese Embassy so Gabriel and Riley head there. En route Mei Chen starts invading Gabriel's mind again and almost succeeds in getting him to shoot Riley until she punches him to snap him out of it. Is it horrible that I was wishing he'd actually shoot her?

Meanwhile Amos has become Mei Chen's new techie. She scans for an employee in the Chinese Embassy she can pass for and takes her out to gain access to her. She takes out the Chinese official Anderson is talking to and figures out Anderson hid the hard drive in her eye. She forces Anderson to give it to her and downloads all the info on her chip.

Gabriel arrives in time to save Anderson from Mei Chen's not so tender mercies, but he's not thrilled she was trying to sell him to the highest bidder, basically.

Meanwhile Cassidy comes up with a way to wipe the info from Mei Chen's memory banks and to prevent her from invading Gabriel's head and controlling him. Gabriel has to lure Mei Chen into his dreams. When he does, she reveals she considers them like the new Adam and Eve, which Gabriel basically spits in her face over. She reveals instead of selling her info, she's decided to keep it and make her own race of people just like him.

While Gabriel and Mei Chen are having their conversation, Cassidy infects Mei Chen's chip with a sort of computer virus that wipes away all the info from the hard drive and then Mei Chen vanishes from Gabriel's cyber world. losing the ability to invade him again.

I actually thought Gabriel and Mei Chen had better chemistry than Gabriel and Riley so I was sorry he was so rejecting of her overtures. At least unlike Amelia, Mei Chen is still out there. And there's still Lillian. Hopefully, we won't ever go down the Gabriel and Riley route, although I have a bad feeling they will.

One thing I really don't like is the fact it seems to be trying to trade off the success of Lost and Josh Holloway's popularity as Sawyer on that show. The Riley character's past is too similar to Kate Austin's, Sawyer's love interest from there. The only problem is Riley and Gabriel really don't click on the level that Sawyer and Kate did and they definitely don't have the chemistry. Redo couples never work on different shows even when the same actors are playing the roles, and they work even less when a different actress is filling the role for another actress. The Gabriel character is completely different from Sawyer, so trying to retro fit him with a Kate Austin wannabe just doesn't work. As I said before the only female character I've seen Gabriel have some real zing with is Lillian. Don't rule her out because she's not played by some twenty-something actress.

I also think the weekly popping up of a former Lost actor is getting old, as well. This week Lance Reddick showed up as the CIA head. If this show is to make it, it has to do it on its own. It can't try to trade off the popularity of a former show to build its audience.

I really want this show to make it for Josh Holloway as I feel he got the short end of the stick on Lost, but the show needs to create something new and fresh and not try to integrate popular stuff from Lost to try and make this new show popular.


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    • pmarinov profile image

      Blogger at Best 4 years ago from Detroit MI

      Just FYI - they are considering canceling the show. I like it, but apparently its not doing well with the target demo 18-48 ...

      Good hub tho! Voted up and interesting!