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Intelligence -- The Wet Ops

Updated on January 30, 2014

This week's LOST guest star of the week is: Tania Raymonde

When I saw the two reporters being held hostage by the Syrians I groaned because the female reporter looked like the actress who played Alexandra Linus on LOST and groaned, "Not again." Then I looked at the names of all the guest stars and there it was, Tania Raymonde. We also had Lance Reddick, another Lost star reprising his role as CIA director. Since every episode has featured a Lost actor this looks like the show's gimmick and every episode will feature a Lost star. I wonder how long before Hurley shows up and who will be the Lost actor guest starring next week.

Rescuing them will be a delicate situation but former President Finnegan as offered to be cover so they can get into Syria and rescue the two reporters. Finnegan approved the program that put the chip in Gabriel's head so he'd like to meet him and get a firsthand look at what it's like.

On Finnegan's protection team is Charles Griffin, Riley's ex. Turns out he was able to get his position as Finnegan's chief protector by claiming Riley's heroics in a case that took place in Panama were actually his own. Needless to say any warm and fuzzy feeling that existed between the two ex-lovers goes up in a puff of smoke.

As Finnegan meets with Syrian officials who are surrounded by the Syrian Secret Police, Gabriel slips in to save the two journalists. Only the female journalist, Emily, refuses to leave. Seems she's not a journalist after all, but a CIA agent on a covert operation to rescue a scientist. So Gabriel leaves her behind and leaves the way he came. First, they have to figure out who the scientist is that Emily is there to save.

Gabriel figures out it's a woman named Susan Hawkins and Riley approaches her. It seems her husband brought her to Syria and now she's stuck there with her daughter without any way to escape. Gabriel and Riley trick the school officials into letting the daughter leave and they head to Finnegan's awaiting plane with Hawkins and her child.

However, Gabriel isn't done. He refuses to leave anyone behind and as dangerous as it is heads to the prison to rescue the two journalists. It seems he'll only be rescuing one, as the other journalist was tortured so badly it appears he expired. Gabriel gets Emily and Finnegan's plane lifts off to safety.

That's when Lillian discovers all is not as it seems. It seems CIA agent Emily hasn't exactly been honest with Gabriel. She's on a Wet Ops which apparently is a kill mission, not a rescue mission. Lillian contacts Gabriel just as Emily is moving in for the kill to kill Susan Hawkins.

Emily's Wet Ops is stopped in her tracks as she's placed in handcuffs and it seems alls well that ends well. Unfortunately, that's not exactly the case, as Lillian discovers Gabriel's troubles may only be just beginning.

[Lance] Reddick the Moon Menace aka CIA Direction Jeff who Lillian discovered was spying on Gabriel and keeping records that nearly got sold to a rival intelligence agency when one of his operatives stole the hard drive containing the information last week will continue to keep a watch on Gabriel. It's called a Check and Balance. Seems the government isn't happy that Gabriel has been disobeying orders, that just so happened to rescind and countermand Reddick the Moon Meance's kill orders on a couple of his own people. They express concern for the day when Gabriel may go rogue. Considering Reddick the Moon Menace's penchant for putting out kill orders Gabriel may find one labelled at his own head one of these days if he doesn't watch out. So it seems this Lostie will be continuing on the show in a recurring order.

I want to make clear my objection to all these Lost actors showing up isn't because I don't think they're not good actors. No one does creepy and lethal as well as Reddick the Moon Menace. The man oozes a sinister quality without even trying. But my objection is them being hired only because they are former to trade off a previous popular show to try and make this show popular. Every show needs to stand on its own two feet and this show is nothing like Lost. And Gabriel Vaughn is nothing like the character of James Ford/Sawyer.

But if they insist on doing this, they need to try and woo Matthew Fox into a guest starring role. Yeah, I know he's vowed never to do TV again, but since he's been doing nothing lately but get in trouble with the law, maybe he'll make an exception. Cast him as some psychotic maniac that jumps on people's chests and pummels their faces with his fists while making weird and strange facial expressions. You know, the character he played on Lost and have Gabriel have to take him down. Now that's a guest appearance I would enjoy. One where the writers aren't slanting the writing in his favor and playing him as the good guy when he's isn't. Yeah, I'm a Jack hater and I can give you a litany of reasons why I grew to detest the character. The irony is after Lost ended I ended up getting a cat and his name is Jack.

And my reasons for being adamantly against a Riley/Gabriel pairing is the same as it has been from the start. There's no chemistry between the characters and they just don't click. Their attempts at repartee in this episode were absolutely cringeworthy to watch. As I said, if a Gabriel romance must happen let it be with Lillian who he's got sparks with and chemistry. I know...gasp! A man being paired with a woman his own age opposed to some nubile chippy. What with the given story of Reddick the Moon Menace just waiting for Gabriel to step out of line so he can issue a kill order on him and Lillian being caught in the middle, a romance between the two would add even more tension to the situation. And it would be more interesting than a romance between Gabriel and the sweet little all knowing Mary Sue.


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