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Interesting Aries Characteristics That Describe The Arian in Your Life

Updated on May 7, 2012

Aries: March 21-April 20

Famous personalities including Paloma Picasso, Holly Hunter, Matthew Broderick and Diana Ross all have one thing in common:

They all share the same zodiac sign of Aries.

Aries is one of the most independent astrological signs, and seemingly, this kind of trait has already been in their genes ever since they are born.

They are very outgoing, active and adventurous no matter where they are in this world. People who are born under the astrological sign of Aries are very naive despite their independence.

They easily trust people which can lead to problems in the future.

They tend to walk into a den of lions, which can bring problems and dangers to their lives.

The good news is that the perseverance that they have in life is untouched no matter what hardship they come across. Aries people are children at heart and they always think that the world is full of magic.

Aries-born people are natural born athletes. In fact a lot of popular players are born under this astrological sign. They are known to be a physical sign because of the masculine power that they have.

Women who are under this sign are known to be very aggressive and dynamic, while men on the other hand are physically and mentally strong. These people are also known to be competitive in many if not all aspects of life.

But there is no need to worry because they know how friendly competition goes. They hate stepping on someone's foot, which is why they always make sure that they only engage in a healthy competition.

Aries people are known to be very friendly and generous, and they always make sure to protect their friends against people who may mean harm.

The Aries Person Within

Despite the fact that Aries people are very independent and strong, they have some hidden insecurities which they hide from the world.

The reason behind this is because of the intense pressure that they feel to achieve their goals. They also have the tendency to pressure themselves in order to get what they want, especially when it comes to careers and such.

Whenever they feel like they are not going to achieve their goals, they will start doubting themselves which eventually turns into insecurity.

That is why despite the fact that Aries-born people are very enthusiastic and optimistic, they have the tendency to make themselves feel down at times.

Aries people are also well oriented when it comes to projecting their personalities. They always make sure that they are going to leave a good impression to everyone that they come across.

Usually they leave an impression that is talkative and exciting to other people, which is why they are easily adored by the people around them.

Sometimes, they can also be very impulsive, and they tend to not think before they speak out their minds. That is why sometimes, everything suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Possible Careers for the Aries-Born

Aries people are very well known as activists. They have the tendency to venture into a business idea without actually thinking, because they believe that every business is like gambling.

They need to gamble and win the game in order for them to achieve everything that they want.

Unfortunately, if success takes a lot of time before it appears, they have the tendency to lose their interest in it. They are also known to be notorious in forgetting what they have started, which can definitely lead into a waste of time and money.

The reason behind this attitude is because they don't have the patience to wait for everything to turn into something that they expect.

Attracting an Aries

If you are trying to attract an Aries, then you need to let them know that admire them. They love knowing how many followers and admirers they have.

Also, they love knowing that they are loved and most of all they love knowing when someone is being intrigued with the life that they have.

Compliment them regularly, because Aries people love being complimented with everything that they do. You also need to engage into interesting and intellectual conversations all the time.

If you can't think of anything, and want to excite them you need to create a friendly debate for them to be able to enjoy the conversation that you both are having.

Avoid getting an Aries bored, and keep in mind that when you avoid giving your opinions then you will definitely make an Aries bored.

You also need to avoid controlling them, because they are not fond of taking orders from other people. You will only drive them away from you, and you definitely don't want that to happen.

Dating an Aries

You will surely find it exciting to date an Aries woman, because they are very forceful and hot. So if you are going to date an Aries woman, make sure that you can handle everything that they have to offer.

The woman under the astrological sign of Aries is very independent, so don't worry if they are not too needy or clingy because this only shows that they can definitely handle themselves without you.

If you can't be faithful then forget dating an Aries woman, because they are very faithful to their partners and they expect the same from the opposite sex.

Aries men on the other hand have the tendency to be adventurous when it comes to dating and relationships. They are full of excitement and novelty that is why a lot of people love sticking around with them.

You also need to have the ability to follow their lead, because they love women whom they can lead towards whatever they want to do or wherever they would like to go.

Keep in mind that you need to avoid letting them feel that you don't care, because this will surely make an Aries man drive away from you. They also have the ability to get angry easily and have the tendency to leave and never come back again.

To finally capture his heart, you need to make him feel that you are important and that you can’t easily be charmed by his charms. If you can do this naturally, then you will surely get to capture his heart instantly.


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    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 2 years ago from Scandinavia

      Well I am happy then.Lol

    • profile image

      fat 2 years ago

      Lol true ooo, my partner is like this

    • angel4967 profile image

      Cindy Pierre 5 years ago from Nevada

      This is totally me!!! I loved everything you had to say, all quite true for the most part. I even named my company Aries Moon Productions, that's how much I identify with my sign. Thanks for putting this up.

    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      Great overview! Mostly true for myself... but I wont say what isn't ;)

      Lovely series you have with these!