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International Festival of Raleigh A Success

Updated on October 11, 2015

If you live in the Triangle, you probably know about the International Festival.

This area is definitely rich in culture and has people from throughout the world..It is definitely a global community with it's top rate universities, and outstanding businesses and corporations, so people come from throughout the world.

And this festival which is celebrating it's thirtieth year is a chance for people to absorb various cultures and learn about various parts of the world.

Even if you never travel to Lebanon, France, Turkey, or Brazil, or Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, or Venezuela, you can learn about these places. And you can also sample some of their rich culture through dance and music, as well as sampling some of their great foods.

Plus, the sight of people dressed in their native outfits is a wonder to see and to hear them playing instruments from their cultures are also great.

Put this time in October on your calendar...It's a event you don't want to miss...



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