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Internet Radio and Internet Radio Stations

Updated on May 11, 2011

Music Internet Radio

This article is in fact longer over due because in between writing my hubs what is it that inspires me to keep writing? you guess it, Internet Radio. We hear people rave on about the mp3's they buy on iTunes but only a handful of these people have noticed the radio function in the left-hand column or ever tried listening to the large variety of internet stations available.

Most free internet radio stations have their own websites, for example 'Soma FM' which the girl above is advertising allow you to hear their songs by downloading a streaming internet radio file and opening it with Winamp or Windows media player but they do ask discreetly for donations via a button on the link page.

What I liked about the Soma FM internet music radio was that it gives people the chance to hear sounds from around the world that are popular amongst the indigenous occupants of different countries, an example being the album 'Suburbs of Goa' which included Hip Hop beats with traditional Indian instruments.

If you are on the move and you have free internet access on your 3G mobile phone you can download an internet radio player from the Android app market that will play Soma FM, or you can simply use WiFi internet radio if you have an iPhone or iPod with iTunes.

Photo courtesy of cleverclevergirl

Internet Radio Player

Something I found especially interesting when researching for this hub was that there is actually an internet radio player you can buy for your car or vehicle, it works just like most CD players except you browse for streaming websites using the touch screen LED display. 

I'm not talking about internet radio players that you plug in through a data cable to your iPod or iPhone but players with internet radio software already pre-installed, there is even an internet radio player designed by a company called Livio which is a plug-into-cigarette-lighter-socket device.

Photo courtesy of jamescridland

Best Internet Radio

I first got into internet radio while I was doing my Graphic Design degree at university and was forced to buy an iMac computer in 2005, this introduced me to the world of iTunes and from here I looked for Hip Hop radio stations because I liked something with a beat to motivate me.

The first internet radio station that I became hooked on was Beatbasement because it played a lot of non commercial Hip Hop acts that you don't hear on MTV or local radio, these included the likes of old school act De La Soul and The Beastie Boys.

I also searched for internet radio rock stations and listened to 'TheKnat' on many occasions which played classic heavy metal from the 80's all the way to Nu Metal bands of the present day.

WeFunk Radio
WeFunk Radio

Internet Radios

Many corporate services operate that provide the independent broadcasters of internet radio with access to promotional tools and bandwidth, a couple of these being 'Live365' and 'Yahoo Music LaunchCast' . Although these might sound helpful in theory, they are in fact expensive for your average music enthusiast who dreams of sharing his vast music collection with a wide audience, these internet radio streaming companies also run their intrusive advertisements on the free internet radio section which means listeners are forced to pay for the good music.

Streaming Internet Radio

Many streaming internet radio stations have a BlogTV channel which gives the listener something to look at whilst the songs are being played, it also gives people the chance to ask for requests since there is a chat room to the right-hand side of every webcam channel.

I first heard about Innersense internet radio station when I was perusing on BlogTV and I loved the home grown drum and bass music they played from London UK. They also have a website where you can listen via downloading a playlist or selecting a pop-up internet radio player.

Many sites such as WeFunk radio which I also found through iTunes will list the track titles and artists that were featured at specific times during the stream and I loved the classic Funk and Hip Hop broadcasting from Montreal. You should checkout some of these stations as well!


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