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Interpretation of Confusion: Metal and Satanism

Updated on January 18, 2013


The beauty of this subject is that only the ones who “get it” will truly understand. Perception is a powerful thing; perception is almost always mistaken with facts.

Let’s cover some facts, Satan, Devil, Hell, Demons, upside down crucifixes, Fire, Sulfur, end of the world, bat winged creatures, so on so forth, we have all seen the imagery on the album covers. Lyrics of Anti-Christ, and suffering and all of the already mentioned aspects of Satanism above. Visual of darkness, of leather and steel, make-up, fake blood and ritualistic antics…..just writing about this brings a smile to my face because to extremely few Metal-heads all this actually represents what non-Metal-heads believe it is, the worship of Satan. For the vast majority of us Metal-heads, this stuff is great, it’s theater, it’s part of the energy and part of the theme which goes with the music! No, it does not make us Satanists! No it does not make us hate Jesus! Non-Metal-heads, specially the religious types, will insist that “we” are carrying forward the Devil’s work unknowingly by promoting and listening to Heavy Metal and just the mention of the “vile” lyrics is propagating and spreading the word of evil blah blah blah… Heard this many times and either “we” are so much more advanced intellectually that we can see right through all this or for sure we have all been duped by Lucifer himself into spreading his word by listening to Heavy Metal! Even though the second option sounds so very Metal!!! I believe the first option is in check!

Heavy Metal is a genre of music, this is obvious, the Heavy Metal bands or any band for that matter, starts with a passion for the music and fame and oh!, let’s not forget the money….nothing better than to do what you love and get paid for it….Part of making money in Metal is image, from experience….if the album cover was gory, with pentagrams and sacrificed goats and babies missing limbs, blood and guts…my first reaction was “Wow, that looks fierce, I want to listen to it”….and sometimes the album was just that, imagery, the music sucked, and other times it was just as vicious as the artwork and it was headbangin’ good! So, part of the importance of the imagery has to do with rebellion, rebellion against mom and dad, establishment, against the church, against the school, government, whatever….. you get to pick your reasons….what’s more offensive and aggressive to all of the above other than what stands for the complete opposite of society?? Hell yeah, Satan! It is extremely entertaining to watch non-Metal-heads stumble and try to blame misfortunes of life and human choices on the Heavy Metal music, they have no clue and at the same time all of the conviction in the world. I have nothing to say about these people except give them the Metal horns, because they don’t get it.

Metal is Satanist some say…..I’ll try to be brief and clear. Satan, Demons etc… are a product of Metal and NOT the other way around!! Metal is not Satanist, chances are Satan worships Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal is above all that, Christian Metal ….does that mean I am inadvertently worshiping Jesus? No! Heavy Metal is what it is and no matter how many non-Metal-heads try in spin it a different direction when it comes to reason, meaning or message of Metal, that is just more fuel to rebel!! That brings more vicious album covers and lyrics, more aggressive sound and with that we will also see more of the figure which most believe to be the Prince of Darkness(No not Ozzy)….it’s all part of the act, all part of the theater of Entertainment, all part of the Metal movement so, non-believers….keep giving us reason to be more Metal, we appreciate it!


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