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Interpretation of Confusion: Obsession

Updated on January 4, 2013

We have sunken into a Society of parallel lives through others! This has been happening for some time now….50’s, 60’s? For sure the 70’s, but it was done periodically in the form of newspapers and gossip magazines and the eventual update on the Tele. But Today!!! This phenomenon is not only for the actors and TV personalities with actual talent, through reality television, society has now obsessed with regular people, which is not a bad thing for the personalities on the shows, I guess they get to experience a little fame whether it’s 15 minutes of it….it’s good experience, but what about the audience? I struggle to understand watching a program on television which consists of literally just following people around in their daily activities, although many activities portrayed are understandably fabricated for the sake of selling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sat and watched one or two episodes of reality TV shows, but quickly lose interest if I have nothing to learn or gain. The struggle to understand then comes with shows that year after year continue on with more and more seasons……this signifies there is a significant audience! Not sure if audiences enjoy life experiences through others or if it’s curiosity or if it’s the plain fact that there are people on TV “entertaining” which do not have an ounce of talent for television and there’s a sense of “I could do that”!? Not sure….but I believe the following…

Judgment! I think there may be a sense of watching something outrageous and being able to sit back on the recliner and point your finger at it. People love drama, and love to look up to people as much as looking down on people. There are reality shows for everyone no matter where you’re from or where you are going and no matter what taste. There is although, one thing in common with all of them….the shock value….whether it’s fights, drunken parties, sex, nudity, offenses being slung around etc etc… I know you’ve seen it before. This for some reason captivates the audiences, especially when it’s perceived as real! Another form of captivating audiences is money! When a “personality” is being followed around by a camera and this person lives a lavishing rich life, people tend to gravitate towards the show because the life being portrayed is “fabulous”! I suppose everyone would like to “live” the life of the rich?! At least that’s what the ratings would lead one to believe. So, we are back to judgment, we as a collective race are designed to, unfortunately, point fingers and judge people and then on top of it discuss it amongst ourselves to validate the positive or negative aspect of the analogy. This somehow is designed to validate your perspective and reiterate righteousness…..which is ludicrous because it’s all subjective! What is right and what is wrong depends completely on where you are standing from and taste. Choices everyone has and it is usually made based on taste, this will help you choose what shows on television you will relate more with to “entertain” yourself. The entertainment aspect of the show is up to the viewer, the judgment part of it is where we should be careful. Media, whether it’s print, radio or visual has the power to convince masses with small statements or controlled shows and opinions, this is very easily convincing for untrained or unaware minds. Nothing placed on your television is by accident; there is a purpose for it to be there, whether it’s designed to sell something specific or to sell the show itself to improve/maintain sponsor cash coming in based on ratings. In selling specifics we are talking about actual physical products or the most dangerous product available: ideas! Other people’s ideas….it is important to gather information, process it and come up with your own ideas, but when the idea is already delivered to you and you either like it or not without processing the information thoroughly you are training you mind to just accept instead of thinking or choosing a side without processing the facts. For example….a famous reality star wears a specific brand or style of clothing, the fans/followers will imitate without any processing whether what was worn is appropriate, fits well on you or even if you like it……it turns into, so and so wore it, it must be in style or chic or whatever. When that happens, you are training your mind to accept and not to think, this unfortunately is the reality. Again, I understand being a fan and as a fan most of the time you would like to imitate your idol, I get that, but one normally would idolize people or groups of people for having a specific talent or specific gift……what do reality show personalities have to contribute? In my insignificant opinion Nothing!

I don’t blame the reality show personalities for the woes in society or the lack of thinking in people…the blame is entirely on the viewers, entirely……if there are no viewers, there are no shows…it’s simple. So the next time yourself or anyone around you complains about some show off Jersey, or about do-nothing sisters in L.A. or some angry cook, or rednecks stuck on an island or rich ladies in New York….make sure you look around and blame the people you know who are watching, they are the reason the show is on television, not the people on the tele.


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