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Interviews, Interviews and Annoying Interviewers

Updated on May 28, 2016
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Patrick has been working as a freelance writer for the past 3 years

Answer Damn it!!

One on One
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Let's talk interviews? (The Annoying interviewers)

News - this may refer to newly received information. Some may be useful, some not so much, and some just downright useless - That's my definition, you go find yours :)

Moving on, we all watch news at some point to keep up with current events and such, after all, it is important - You want to know what is happening all around you, even if it is happening in the other corner of the world...

Sadly, infotainment is gaining more popularity and attention than any news worthy material nowadays. Like seriously, most people today prefer watching bloopers repeatedly to see their politicians or any other popular personality mess up at some point or say or do something ridiculous in front of the camera.

Don't believe me? Why has Donald Trump become so popular in the campaign period? Answer me that, go on, answer me that... I'll give you a clue, it is because of some of the most ridiculous things he has been saying from the very beginning: You know, stuff about Mexicans, his manhood being big and, you know? That kind of stuff…

It is what gets attention. What else? Controversy- This will win points regardless of which front it comes from. Controversies, like drama is one way to get the attention you need, just ask Nicole Arbor- the YouTuber comedian (and lots of other things she says she is).

So what is it exactly that I'm getting at? Well, I'm sure you already have an idea. Newsworthy stuff are being replaced by so much sh*tty stuff. That is the reality the world we live in now. Not that many people will go to YouTube to watch and understand the exact policies and plans Trump has for America, but they will go there in their millions to watch him being "roasted" and watch memes based on him etcetera etcetera...

Let’s talk a little about interviews

I used to love watching popular and controversial figures in the society being interviewed until I realized something; the interviewers tend to get carried away at times. Am sure you've seen this; the interviewer shooting hard questions towards the interviewee, and while we sit on the couch watching we go something like:

"Yeah, answer that!, give us the answers to the hard questions, tell us why you did this and that, no more hiding, give us the answers now!!"

Sure, we may not like some of those being interviewed and we want to get honest answers about certain issues affecting the society we live in. All that is true, but I have one question in all of this, why the heck don't some of these interviewers allow these individuals to answer one question at a time?

seriously mate, questions are shot from all directions and the poor fellow gets all confused wondering which question to answer first. I know they are just trying to poke and get as much information as possible, but seriously mate, I think they should try being a little more professional.

I will formulate a simple rule of communication right here:

I talk, after which you get your turn to talk. You ask a question, I listen to the question then give an answer. You see? everyone gets their turn- even in an argument; the same holds.

So why on earth do some interviewers get all carried away and such??

I have the answer- To get attention, to get mo views by embarrassing the interviewee. Sure, the interviewee may not be an angel. Hell' he/she may be the worst person ever, but if it is an interview, why get all crazy? You are a professional, ask they right questions, ask them in the right way, and then generate more questions from the answers you get if necessary. Children will shout and not allow the other person to say what they have to say, but as a professional news anchor or any other type of interviewer, act professionally.

Ok, Listen

I understand that interviewers (be it, reporters, news anchors, or whoever) are human too, and may have their personal views on the people they interview. But the thing is that they are professionals. That is why they are on television or in front of the camera and not me.

They are expected to carry out their work as professionals.

Am I being too harsh? I think I'm right. Let me know what you think.

Comment and tell me your thoughts on this, Thank you :)

I know, I know, but just watch,


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