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Pole Dancing: Dance Class

Updated on March 26, 2013

Pole dancing isn’t just for strip bars anymore in the recent years pole dancing has gained a lot of respect and is now recognized as a sport. With the growing popularity many studios and fitness centers are now offering pole dancing classes with instructors that are professionally trained. Pole dancing has grown so much over the last few years that it now holds federal as well as international competition which has thousands competing. Many people consider pole dancing as a form of art as much as it is a sport; it is physically demanding and challenging it requires skill, grace, strength, endurance, and flexibility. It is a modern sport for woman (although more and more men are starting to try it as well) that is active, sexy, and fun.

So where did pole dancing come from? Pole dancing is believed to have come from strip teases and exotic dancing. According to Myth’s “The dance of the seven veils” started exotic dancing which later changed to many different forms and versions of exotic dances, which includes pole dancing as one of them. The myth of “The dance of the seven Veils” has two different main stories of how the dance came to be. The first myth is a exotic dance was performed by Salome for King Herod for the head of John the Baptist. The second myth would be when the Goddess of love and sexuality, Ishtar (also known as many other names, but they are all referring to the same goddess), went to the underworld to visit her sister and at each gate of the underworld she was asked to take off a piece of clothing (which represented her power), by the seventh gate she was naked. These two myths are only the most popular ones; there are many different myths of where exotic dancing came to be. Most modernly celebrity Carmen Electra made a whole series of Exotic Dance Exercise Videos.

Pole dancing is a form of exotic dancing which started with exotic dancers and go-go dancers using poles as part of their routine, soon pole dancing become its own category of exotic dancing. This is what some believe, others believe that pole dancing was used long time ago already but was never popular therefore no one recognized it for what it was, and still there are people that believe that pole dancing came from yoga. But because of all this confusion, no one can put a date to when pole dancing was actually invented or which origin of people was the first to discover pole dancing.

Although pole dancing became popular through the fact that it is a form of exotic dancing, it is now used is more way then just a show of pretty half naked girls. Like mentioned earlier, it is sport and art combined into one and on top of that many women use it was a form of exercise as well. Learning pole dancing is not only good exercise but it also put some fun and excitement into the bedroom to spice up things a notch. As well, it has helped many women gain their confidence back and help them with their low self esteem due to the fact that pole dancing is a very sensual dance even through its steady rising popularity in the sports and arts department.

Pole dancing requires tremendous upper body strength and flexibility since you have to be able to hold yourself up on the pole and be able to let yourself slide down slowly so that it still looks good. Jokingly people always compare pole dancers to fireman’s when they slide down the pole but this is not true because, you would not want to go down the pole that fast, not only is it not sexy but it would also give you a pole burn and that is definitely not sexy at all. The first class of pole dancing you will expect to not learn too much but to know how to twirl yourself around the pole properly, though it sounds easy it will make your quit sore. You will learn the proper way of holding onto the pole without hurting your shoulder and your wrist. After the first lesson you will most likely be sore the next day, especially your arms, shoulder, back, and abs. As you move up in classes, you will begin to learn routines; your flexibility will increase as well you will notice that you are getting more toned.

A great idea is to use a pole dancing class for a party, a birthday or stag is always fun. Many studios offer specials for a party of one lesson it is a fun, sexy, and exciting way to spend a few hours with your girlfriends.

Explore and try new things =]


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