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Intro to Reviewing: Community Episode Wedding Videography

Updated on May 26, 2015

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Class is in session kids! Welcome back to Intro to Reviewing, the Community review that has been moved to a nicer, fancier classroom. Kind of like how Community bolted NBC for the warm embrace of Yahoo! Today, we'll be taking a look at the newest episode, "Wedding Videography", or at it'll come to be known in the years to come, Garrett's Wedding. That's right guys, Garrett got married! What kind of woman would do such a thing? How would the study group react? I'm really just trying to stretch this bad boy out now. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Intro to Reviewing: Wedding Videography


So I already spoiled the set up, but who cares; Garrett's getting married! Yes, everyone's favorite model UN moderator (CRISIS ALERT!) who has been saved numerous times is getting hitched after shockingly popping the question in the middle of Jeff Winger's class. Naturally, the study group is going to attend such a high profile event and naturally (and also because Garrett asked him to film his proposal), Abed will be filming the whole thing, much like he filmed Pierce's "near death" experience ("Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking)" and the Dean's Apocalypse Now turn while filming a commercial ("Documentary Filmmaking: Redux"). What could possibly go wrong? You know, besides everything.

Best Line

"My name is Elroy Patashnic, and from 2006 to 2009 I was addicted to encouraging white people". Elroy, majestically describing his fatal flaw right before he goes right back to doing it at Garrett's wedding. Stop it Keith David. Last week you gave us "I have a stinky", now you come back with this? You and Angelico need to cool it on the awesomeness. The rest of us are looking bad!

Best Moment

Ugh, so many great moments to choose from in this episode! Seriously, if you haven't noticed, this is going to be the king of the hill of episodes I've reviewed thus far. I think it might even be better than the previous two documentary entries (no, we don't count the other episode that happened in the gas leak year. If you do, please head to the Greendale clinic for help). And one of those was an Apocalypse Now homage! The poor Dean is going to have another meltdown ala Martin Sheen when he here's of this!

Still only in Saigon? Still only in Saigon? Still only in Saigon.
Still only in Saigon? Still only in Saigon? Still only in Saigon.

Man, I was getting off topic there. Anyways, this has to be the toast right? I know, I just said this episode was loaded with hilarity, but let's be real; you aren't topping the toast. You just knew that thing was going to go wrong. The study group had worked so hard to get back into the good gracious of Garrett's family at the reception. Jeff Winger, the most capable of making the toast, was making the toast. There'd been no drama at the wedding aside from Garrett's drunk, very similar looking brother making a scene. When things are going that well at a TV wedding, you might as well just cover everyone in red flags. That I knew the ensuing chaos was coming and still laughed as hard as I had been throughout the entire episode is telling at how well everyone executed. It's also inspired me to never make a toast at someone's wedding. Beware the toast!


Annie, although Britta nearly takes the award for nearly overdosing on her Britta'ness in glorious fashion. Our favorite peppy overachiever may not have had the standout moment of the episode, but she was killer. How about that scene where her and Abed film her "missing lover footage"? How has no one thought to make fun of those scenes before this?! I would've given anything to see Nicholas Sparks' reaction to Annie doing a funnier, sexier version of the scene he's failed to write 15,000 times (I bet he laughed his ass off. Nicholas Sparks is a self aware guy I bet). That scene alone would've given Annie consideration, but then she had to go and read off the list of names her inner dragon might have. The names are as follows; Princess Firebreath, Sir Pent, Dr. Rachel Spinetail, Holly Hotbreath (immediately crossed out), Jimmy Tallon, Christian Scale, Carson Scaly, Jude Claw, Arianna Puffington. That's enough to make Annie the Steph Curry of this episode. All hail the MVP!


This Week's Former Study Group Member I Missed the Most

Finally knocking Troy out of his throne is Shirley. I know, Troy or Pierce would've been great for a laugh here, but a wedding is the kind of thing made for Shirley. Two people joining together in holy matrimony? Shirley thing. An occasion that calls for numerous baked goods to be made in order to buy happiness? Shirley thing. The best candidate to ride in on the white horse and save the day after Jeff blew the toast? Shirley, Shirley, Shirley. Our favorite mother hen turned assistant to Steve Webber definitely would've owned this episode. To be fair though, I must say that I didn't really miss any of the former members while watching this one. Which is in some ways sad, and in other ways a great thing for Community's continued success.


I've been saying for weeks that Community's sixth season has turned the corner following the episode "Advanced Safety Features". "Wedding Videography" represents the peak. It's even better than last week's "Modern Espionage", an episode I thought would be the strongest to close out the season. Every character has a great comedic moment (including the writing staff in yet another amazing end tag. Season six will forever be the year of the end tag I feel), there's actually some heartfelt, albeit semi disturbing, moments towards the end, and it manages to top the three previous episodes that used the documentary format. This is an easy A+ for me, and the best episode of the season thus far. Now let's see if Community can top itself in the final week. Will this be the last one?! Will there be a movie?! Will I contain my emotions? I need a moment or two alone.

There you have it guys. Class is dismissed. I'll be back with more Community later this week, and I'll be back with something else later today. What will it be? Find out. Till then, allow the great DUCHVONY to play you off into the day.

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