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Intro to Reviewing: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television (Community finale?)

Updated on June 2, 2015

Class is in session kids. Welcome back to, for now and potentially forever, the last Intro to Reviewing for a brand new Community episode. I know, I don't want to believe it either, but it looks like last night was the end for our favorite study group, with music and lyrics by Jim Morrison and The Doors. How did they do? Let's find out before it gets a little too dusty in here. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Intro to Reviewing: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television (Community finale?)


School's out (for the summer), and the study group turned Save Greendale Committee's job is done. But there's trouble on the horizon. Elroy is leaving to go work for LinkedIn, Annie is interviewing for an internship with the F.B.I. and well, EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART! Luckily, Abed is having everyone pitch what their "season seven" (it gets really meta folks) would be like. As usual, everyone else is in on the fun except Jeff, until things start to get real, pulling Jeff into the game. In other words, this is a sad one guys. Prepare to have a tissue or too, and don't look at any sad Troy pictures before watching.


Best Line

"The current trend in branding is unique, simplistic, phonetically memorable gibberish. How about Nipple Dippers?" -Elroy, settling the debate on what the Save Greendale Committee's new name should be. Bravo Elroy; two weeks ago it was "I have a stinky", last week it was "I've been addicted to encouraging white people" and now he tops himself again with Nipple Dippers. I'm going to miss Keith David when he's not in Community: The Movie.

Best Moment

A tough one, especially since this could very well be the last one of these ever (for a new episode that is). On the one hand, I certainly enjoyed the more emotional aspects of this episode, including the very touching Jeff and Annie scene in the study room and a very happy yet sad goodbye at the end. On the other hand, Britta's pitch for a seventh season was so dope that I actually used the word dope to describe it. And of course, THE END TAG! Actually, you know what; the end tag wins. I was going to go with a tie, but never mind that noise. Let's be real here guys; this was the greatest end tag in the history of the show. Troy and Abed in the Morning? The Spanish Rap? The Darkest Timeline? The totally provoked shots at NBC? Move over; Dan Harmon has toppled you (and by default, himself) with Community: The Game and one final jab to NBC's throat during the disclaimer. That was the best moment. Not even the ending of CM Punk vs. John Cena, Money in the Bank 2011 was as good.


Everyone. Hey, it was the last one, so we might as well give medals to the entire group. Whether it's been for all six seasons or just this one, everyone had at least one or two great moments and left their mark on this wonderful show. So hats off to you Jeff, Britta, Abed, Annie, Shirley (SHE RETURNED!), Frankie, Elroy, Chang and the Dean. You're the best, around. Nothing's gonna ever keep you down.

This Week's Former Study Group Member I Missed the Most

Troy Barnes. Full disclosure here guys; I wasn't just expecting Troy, Shirley and maybe even Pierce to make an appearance in this finale, I was almost certain. For one, big returns/cameos always happen in season/series finales, and it made sense that a show like Community (which has historically mutilated the fourth wall) would lampoon the practice. On top of that, IMDB got my hopes up a few weeks ago when the plot for last week's episode (Wedding Videography) was listed as Troy's return. When that didn't happen last week, I naturally assumed it would this week. Lo and behold, no Troy. Hold on, it's getting a little dusty in here again.

I understand why it didn't happen. Donald Glover is a busy dude, making rap records and all. Plus, as last night's episode highlighted, people move on in life. This was something Jeff had to come to terms with as those season seven pitches revealed themselves to be just that, and it's something myself and other fans need to come to terms with as well. People move on from community college, either to jobs, pirate adventures, or in poor Pierce's case death. It's the way of life. So I applaud Community for not only bringing that up, but making it a central point in the episode. That said, it still doesn't change the fact that I am so very, very sad that Troy didn't return. Hey, it takes time to cope people! Things don't just happen just because you type it in a review column. Oh well, at least Troy should be back for the inevitable Community movie. That is going to happen. Probably. Maybe. Oh no...


If this was indeed Community's last hurrah on the smallest of screens, what a way to go out. "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television" brought a full punch; it made me laugh, it made me sad, it made me wish there was more time that I could spend with this wonderful group of misfits. Not only was it a fitting conclusion to a very good season six (which, as I've stated the last few weeks, closed exceptionally strong), but it was a fitting send off to what seems like the end of the line. If I had to give my guess, this probably is it for Community on TV. There's been too much cast turnover, there appears like there could be more following the events of last night, and as much as I love Jeff, the Dean and Britta, a show with just the three of them is incomplete. If that's the only option, I do hope that was it, because what an ending. With a tear in my eye, I'm giving this episode an A. Now let's bring on that movie.

That'll do it guys. Never fear; Intro to Reviewing will return, likely reviewing all of the Community episodes from seasons 1-5. Hey, got to get all of them eventually right? In the meantime, I'll be back later this week with another Lists 101, and there will be some awesome non Community stuff as well! You guys like lucha libre right? Till next time, go to Yahoo and check out this finale, eat some chicken strips, look at NBC and laugh, demand your local board game company to event Community: The Game, go Team Angelico, go Cavs, go Blackhawks, why won't you read me El Hijo del Santo, and of course, bow down to the, bow down to the king. His name; DUCHOVNY!

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