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Introducing Laura Kane: A Hollywood Future Star

Updated on April 22, 2019
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Danny Gonzalez is a freelance reviewer who has contributed reviews and interview sites such as Examiner, Word Press, AXS, and many more!



In the many years that I've been writing and conducting interviews, I've never felt such a privilege to meet someone as passionate about their craft as the lovely Laura Kane. She was introduced to me by few friends who are passionate film makers as themselves. This wonderful young woman is striving to be one of the best in Hollywood and is determined to find success in career path she loves most. I now have the pleasure to introduce you to Laura as we talk about her passions and thoughts on her career aspirations.

Interview Q & A

Hi Laura, welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you as I introduce you to my readers. So please tell them where are you from?

LK: I’m from Oulu, Finland. It’s a city located close to the Arctic Circle by the West Coast of Finland. I was always surrounded by nature and the greenery and I loved playing outdoors and in the forests that we have.

What was the "thing" that wanted you to become an actress?

LK: I guess I have always had the desire to entertain and perform. I started ballet classes at the age of 4 and we had big performances twice a year. Also sometimes my friends and I created some sort of small plays that we performed to my parents. The moment when I realized though that this is something I could do for the rest of my life was when I was a teenager and we performed small scenes at our school. It was something that felt natural and I loved it.

What makes you so passionate about it?

LK: It’s something that gives you an opportunity to experience a variety of emotions and different circumstances what you most likely do not get to experience in your own life. The fact that you get to study and create a full person with their character traits and flaws is something really interesting to me. And it’s fun. I love working together with talented people towards a common goal.

Is there someone who inspired you to get into the field.

LK: Fellow actors you see day to day. You see the hustle and you are a part of it. Also some incredible actors and actresses that I would name are Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, Sean Penn and Gary Oldman. Obviously there are many others right there on the same level as these guys, I have an enormous respect for them as they are fully dedicated to their acting and their craft.

What is your personal goal that you want to accomplish personally?

LK: My personal goal is to live my life to the fullest, it doesn’t always happen obviously, but that is the goal.

What about the movies excites you and why?

LK: What excites me about the movies are the different stories and interesting characters that you see in these worlds that the filmmakers and actors create. It can easily be this fantasy world from another planet or one of the blocks in your neighborhood. You get sucked into these worlds and stories, and more often than not, you are watching something beautiful that talented and creative minds have brought to life.

What's your favorite movie?

LK: This is a tough question, there are many movies that I love, so it is hard to pick one favorite.John Q has always been one of my favorites, the story, characters and the acting makes it so compelling to me that I could watch it over an over again. It’s the same thing with The Shawshank Redemption and Schindler’s List. Quite recently I also saw Vox Lux starred by Natalie Portman and I loved that one as well. There a many great movies out there and like I said it is really hard to pick an all time favorite.

What are you afraid of in terms of your career aspirations?

LK: It’s not that it’s a fear of mine, but I hope I will never want to stop learning and developing my skills as that is when I think you can get stuck as an actor. I love learning, and also I think you have to have challenges in order to grow.

Which actor/actress would you love to meet or work with someday?

LK: I would love to meet and work with several different actors. To list a few, I would have to say the obvious - Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Benedict Cumberbatch, Melissa McCarthy and Jake Gyllenhaal - but there are numerous others, including the actors I mentioned earlier.

Which would you prefer to work in movies or theater?

LK: I can’t choose one over the other as I love them both. It’s like choosing between your kitty and your puppy, they are different but you love them all the same. I hope I can keep doing both for many years to come.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

LK: Acting, here in United States as well as on other continents. There are bunch of things I want to do.

So when will we see Laura Kane on stage or screen?

LK: I have been discussing with different production companies about possible upcoming projects and the future looks bright. One of the films is called Hundred Candles and there are other productions as well. I’m looking forward to what other opportunities the future brings.

What Have I Done And What Am I Doing!

Some of the projects that I have been a part of are "Test 1067" which is a sci-fi short about a distant facility where test subjects go through various experiments. I played the test subjects’ Nanny, who was strict but she still cared for her test subjects. Another production that I recently worked on was Flush directed by Adam Sputh and produced by Robin Alexander. In that one I played Crystal, a career woman who worked in a tough corporation world with a high hierarchy. She had worked her way up to the top and didn’t look fondly at people who tried to take shortcuts.

Last fall, I also worked on a short film called "It’s Who You Know" and there has been discussions of making that into a web series in the near future. The film was directed by Ricky Rosario and it starred Craig Fishback and 92-year-old Oscar and Emmy winner, Cloris Leachman. She is phenomenal. Everything she did looked so effortless but even the smallest things had so much emotion and intention behind it that it was astonishing. You felt it on the set and you feel it when you watch her on the screen.

Other productions that I have worked on are "Don’t Go!" which has done well in the film festivals and it was directed by Bader Al Shuaib and Mohit Pandey. I played the lead, Anna Wilson, who had issues with her boyfriend’s plan to head into a college across the country. A short film, "I Belong", on the other hand is a survival story of young Rory who has to overcome herself to be able to make it and Satisfaction Guaranteed is set in the 1950s where a housewife decides to undertake an atomic surgery to become the perfect wife.

I was recently on a set for a short film called "Flush" which was directed by Adam Sputh and produced by Robin Alexander. I played Crystal, a career woman who worked in a tough corporation world with a high hierarchy.


Special Thanks

I would like to extend very special thanks to Laura for being so gracious for her time and I along with Hollywood will be looking forward to seeing her work in the near future.

Laura Kane's Bio

Laura Kane was born in Oulu, Finland, it’s a city close to the border that shared with Sweden and it’s rather close to the Arctic Circle. She has spent a lot of time in the wilderness when she was growing up which made her appreciate the beauty of nature. She has always loved to perform since she started taking ballet lessons when she was 4 and also putting private little performances for her family which instantly recognized her as a talented young lady from an early age. She also wrote a play on the third grade for her class in grade school which also showed another side of Laura's versitiity. In her teens, she joined a theater group in Oulu and through that she was instantly noticed and was offered many different kinds of projects including summer theater, short films and site specific performances. She knew acting was the thing for her at that point in her life and applied to the University of Worcester to study Drama & Performance in UK. Upon graduating , she spent some time back in Finland but soon after decided to move to Los Angeles to continue her studies and pursue dreams of acting to which she has been most fortunate to be a part of many different projects ever since.



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