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Introduction to Deafblind Superhero, Phantom-ZX

Updated on March 18, 2019
Full Body of Phantom-ZX
Full Body of Phantom-ZX
Phantom-ZX's Backpack
Phantom-ZX's Backpack
Phantom-ZX's Gauntlet
Phantom-ZX's Gauntlet
Phantom-ZX's Superhero Stats
Phantom-ZX's Superhero Stats

Hyun Nguyen a.k.a. Phantom-ZX


  • Birth date: May 2
  • Age: 30 yrs. old
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Chinese
  • Ethnicity: Asian-American
  • Major: Nuclear Engineer
  • Relationship Status: Married

Life Story:

At 22 years old, Hyun started working at nuclear power plant as engineer with his team after he graduated with bachelor’s degree based on engineering. Three years later, his team and Hyun decided to create a unique nuclear generator for a purpose of powering up everything in the world. Unfortunately, the governor caught and disapproved their plan because he believed that it would lead to the world destruction if nuclear generator was misused. That was why he tried banning it for safety reasons. In case, he ordered Hyun and his team to stop building that generator. If they refused to obey what he said, they would be fined and placed in the jail as punishment. Hyun’s team had no choice but obeyed the governor’s principles; in otherwise, they gave up everything what they had for creating a generator. Still, there was only one person, who pretended to obey the governor. That was Hyun. It meant he was very sneaky to work on developing a generator without being realized by governor. In order to do that, he kept being a normal employee like others to work his roles of managing, investigating, and fixing the nuclear power plant. However, he sneaked to build a generator in a secret place during breaks and non-working periods. It took almost two years to complete the nuclear generator without being captured by the governor. Hyun finally began running and testing a nuclear generator as prototype. At the moment, this event became unlucky because there were several members, who served under the governor, appearing in front of him. He was shocked and placed his hands in the air because they were armed. In other words, he had no choice but surrendered to them. They announced that he was arrested due to an illegal action of building a nuclear generator, so one of them handcuffed him. The member planned to take Hyun out, but they were very puzzled when they realized something wrong about his generator. It seemed that a generator could contain too much nuclear energy and was overloading. The members noticed that it would go exploding soon, so they retreated immediately with Hyun. Unfortunately, he accidentally hit something on the floor and fell down while they left without realizing him. He tried escaping from his generator but had no time to do. The overloading generator went boom, and Hyun was captured in a nuclear explosion. After that happened, he was very lucky to survive barely, but he got seriously injured. A few of the employees from nuclear power plant found him lying the floor and brought him to the hospital.

Hyun got several surgeries in order to restore his body. There was a miracle that his body was perfectly healthy. The unfortunate result was that he lost both hearing and sight sense due to nuclear explosion, and it caused him to become frozen in a state of depression. For several days, he was lying on the hospital bed while waiting for nothing. However, his wife, Britney Nguyen visited him everyday for checking if he was doing fine. She tried to keep him busy by doing tactile activities, but Hyun was still upset that he couldn’t see and hear everything. In other words, he was incapable to see Britney’s beautiful face or hear her beautiful voice. He was very frustrated with loss of hearing and sight and believed that this life was unfair to him. He kept complaining, but she calmed him by explaining that this life had many meanings that would lead him to a new future. Still, Hyun kept complaining and becoming angry. Several days later, he had no choice but accepted his new self as deafblind. After that, something strange had happened to him. When Britney entered Hyun’s hospital room soon, he started realizing her immediately without hesitating and greeted her. She was puzzled about his behavior and then wrote, “How do you know I’m here?” on his right palm. Hyun replied, “Yes, but I feel something strange inside me. To be more specific, I do feel your aura energy. It gives a quick response in my mind, so I can respond quickly without hesitating. That’s how I know you are here.” His comment made her surprised and frozen without saying something unique. However, Britney was uncertain about this truth related to his special ability. In case, Hyun was fortunate that he was dismissed from the hospital, so he was taken care of by his wife.

Few months later, his wife, Britney and Hyun walked together on the city street for feeling refreshed in the environment. They were clueless about a robber who was behind them and planned to snatch her purse by sneaking silently. The thief almost reached her purse. At the moment, Hyun sensed a danger and pushed Britney away from the robber. She was puzzled and then realized the thief. It was too late because the robber already caught and tugged her purse while Britney was struggling to prevent him from snatching her purse. Hyun made a comeback by pushing the thief away from her. The robber failed a chance of taking a purse away from Britney and became frustrated. He took a revenge on Hyun. In other words, he started a fight against him and believed that he was in a huge advantage because Hyun was unable to fight well due to his deafblindness. The thief made a first move to punch Hyun’s face, but Hyun dodged effectively. He was shocked and believed that it was lucky, but next time was not. He planned to thrust Hyun’s belly with the feet, but Hyun still dodged without any problem. The thief couldn’t believe that and kept attacking Hyun aggressively. Fortunately, Hyun successfully dodged everything what the robber gave and then punched the robber’s face perfectly. That hit made the thief angrier and gave him no choice but took a gun from his jacket’s pocket. Britney screamed loudly when she saw a gun. The thief aimed and tried shooting at Hyun’s head repeatedly, but Hyun dodged all bullets. The thief and Britney were very shocked and frozen while becoming incapable to describe what they saw. He thought that it was impossible for deafblind victim like Hyun to dodge everything even he had no senses of sight and hearing. While he was freezing, Hyun brought a full blow on the robber by punching too hard at his face. It was successful to knock the thief out. At the moment, Hyun was lucky that polices just arrived and found out that the robber was one of the wanted men. They appreciated Hyun’s effort to defeat and capture that thief by handshaking his hand. Still, they didn’t know how to say to him since they had never seen any deafblind individual who could fight. After polices left with the robber, Britney was very surprised about his husband’s effort, and didn’t know that he could fight without using sight and hearing sense. She wrote, “Thank you for saving my purse from that thief. You are my hero.” on Hyun’s palm.

After robbery event, Hyun was thinking of himself as a hero since he didn’t know how to describe his strange ability. Still, he felt not ready to be a hero because he was clueless how to master his ability properly. In case, he made a request to his wife, Britney that he wanted to train himself in the martial arts, but she couldn’t accept that because she was afraid of seeing his husband get hurt. Hyun begged her to do a favor for her, but she kept refusing. He was very stubborn and didn’t give up until he got an approval from her. Several weeks later, she began giving up because she was sick of seeing him beg everyday. So, she had no choice but support his wish. Britney brought Hyun to the martial arts class and then discussed with the instructor, Billy about Hyun’s request. Billy was laughing at her and told her that martial arts were not playful but dangerous. In other words, he believed that they were not safe for blind person like Hyun. So, he commanded her to leave with Hyun from the class. Britney explained Hyun everything what Billy said by writing on his palm, but he refused to leave. He was complaining at Billy about his request, but Billy couldn’t accept that because of Hyun’s deafblindness. He kept arguing with him; however, he asked Billy for a match. Hyun made a bet that if he won this match, Billy would have to let him join martial arts class. In other words, if he lost this match, he was forceful to leave the class. Billy was laughing at Hyun and thought it was a joke. However, he did notice Hyun’s seriousness and determination, so he gave Hyun a try. A match between Hyun and Billy had started. Hyun was frozen in a firm form, so Billy made a first move to attack him. When Billy almost punched Hyun’s face with a fist, Hyun started sensing that move and then dodged it immediately. Billy was a bit of surprised about Hyun’s move, but he kept attacking Hyun frequently. When Hyun dodged one of Billy’s moves, he started going to punch Billy’s face, but Billy blocked it. Billy was surprised that Hyun could attack as well as he could defend. In case, he started respecting Hyun as a determined fighter, so he would give him all what he had. When Hyun started using a leg to kick Billy’s side body, Billy realized that move and became defensive immediately. Billy finally caught Hyun’s kicking leg while letting it hit his body, and then he forced Hyun to lie on the floor by twisting leg. After that, Billy locked Hyun’s body on the ground in order to seal Hyun’s movement. Hyun struggled escaping form this lock, so he had no choice but surrendered. In the result, it was his loss in this match that made him frustrated and depressed. He agreed that he had to leave the class, but Billy stopped him from leaving. Billy wrote, “I think you can join my class because I’m very impressed of your skilled moves even you are deafblind. Please feel free to join my class.” on Hyun’s palm. Hyun’s face became changed from depression to happiness. He accepted Billy’s offer and began training himself with Billy as his instructor in martial arts class.

Hyun continued working hard on polishing his martial arts skills for almost three years. In addition, he developed his sensory ability greatly that could allow him to see everything including organisms and non-living objects, but he could see only white outlines. It meant he could walk and move freely without relying on others’ help. He won many rewards including championship award and medals. He became a first deafblind martial arts fighter as a new legend since he was mostly untouchable what ordinary fighters had seen ever. After witnessing his sensory ability by himself, he decided to become a deafblind superhero since it could be good advantageous for defending citizens and defeating villains. Hyun was lucky to have his wife, Britney because she did have professional experiences as a scientist, so he could work together with her on designing a superhero suit and advanced technologies (gauntlets, belt, backpack, and boots). That was how Hyun Nguyen a.k.a. Phantom-ZX was born in the superhero world.

Deafblind Superhero: Phantom-ZX

  • Super ability
    • Sensory Area
      • Maximum of 100 meters (diameter of the sensory limit)
  • Aura Sensor
    • Black = Darkness & Evil
    • Yellow = Lightness & Good
    • White = Neutral
    • Red/Orange = Heat
    • Blue = Cold
    • Rainbow = Uniqueness & Special Power
    • Technologies
      • Energy Gauntlet
        • Energy Blast Mode
        • Energy Sword Mode
        • Energy Fist Mode
        • Energy Barrier Mode
  • Boots
    • Air & Water Jet Mode
    • Hover Mode
    • Speed Mode
  • Backpack
    • Sound Wave Production
    • Gas & Chemical Canceller
    • Electricity & Light Absorption
  • Belt
    • Medical Kits
    • Rope & Grappler
    • Breather Mask

Please share your thoughts about this idea of supporting Deafbllind community and people. Thank you for reading.

© 2019 Lui Fung DeConcini


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