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Invest Like a Girl

Updated on April 25, 2012

A Girls Investments

Don't be a sissy, but invest your hard-earned dollars as a girl would. There's money to be made in feminine finance. Here are a few crucial tips and opportunities for building up your bankroll.

Don't take our word for it: perform your due diligence before opting into any of the girly stuff we discuss. Your money is your responsibility.

How does a girl invest? Perhaps a pink frilly portfolio facilitates better financial decisions in the long run. Read on to learn our poorly kept secrets. We want you to succeed, but we want you to read all the way to the end and leave pithy comments even more than that. If you get rich, you pay more taxes and the roads get fixed. The alternative does not look promising.

Not all investing happens on the NASDAQ, and NYSE. Sometimes you gotta dig deep. Look for fledgling companies that are still privately held. Jump into a burgeoning business with an established track record for selling products to women. Both genders tend to earn income these days: they gotta spend it somewhere.

What a Girl Wants

Yikes. These things cost more than sunglasses should legally be allowed to cost. Certainly they have some secret powers conferred by super models or they contain appreciable amounts of gold and silver. We'll never know because we don't invest like a girl. Putting some money into this company will undoubtedly return mega-riches to you and your descendants, as long as women with rich husbands and high-paying jobs willingly shell out a month's rent for shoes and sunglasses. The Jimmy Choo company is privately held and not listed on any public stock exchange. Visit their corporate headquarters in London. They won't run away from you because their shoes are made for strutting runways, not sprinting.

Lunch at The Ritz 2GO USA Tea Rose Pin

Girls like to eat lunch, wear jewelry, and eat lunch at The Ritz. This stunning piece elegantly combines all three activities into something that can hang from ears or clothing. Lunch At The Ritz knows what women want even better than Mel Gibson: we're referring to Mel Gibson before he became famous for his voice mail.

Contact founders Esme Hecht and Zander Elliott for more information. They welcome visitors with fistfuls of investment capital to their corporate headquarters in New York, as far as we know.

kate spade new york Patent Leather Kindle Cover

We don't know who Kate Spade is, but she is able to convince people to spend more for Kindle covers than Kindles actually cost. That's a good thing for investors. People who read electronic books develop a deep-seated love for their electronic book readers and desire to protect those devices with quality leather-bound accoutrement.

Katie and her people also churn out handbags, clothing, wallets, and accessories. There really is a Kate Brosnahan-Spade behind the designer gear. Investors should note that Liz Claiborne, stock symbol LIZ, enveloped kate's company back in the 1990's. Look on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) for current stock prices.

1883 by Lucchese

Even cowgirls get the shoes, and this pair of darling boots screams out 'invest in me!' The next time you're in Texas with a trunk full of mad money, swing by the Lucchese factory in El Paso and help them upgrade their portfolio.They may name their next pair of footwear after you.

If you and Lucchese manage to sell enough of these boots, you can both retire early.


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      I own stock in Jimmy Choo