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Updated on September 1, 2017


If I had the awareness that time passes, I would do so many things that I never encouraged myself to do for fear ... I know you hurt me, I'm sorry to look or think. You push me to be better every day ... but from the clear distance. Not only do I see you live happily, but I realize that you do not need me. And you never needed me. Maybe, just seeing you is not enough. Maybe, I need you to love me. But ... I have my feeling to defend. My cold personality does not show it to you, but I care more than I can accept. Looks that cross, and will never be important to you. When the rain falls I remember you, in my gray room in which fear and insecurity sails. Fate cross us? You never know. I let life surprise me. So many things have changed, and you have left me in this sad solitude. Your absence is noticeable, there is a great emptiness in me. Every time I approach, the wounds open and it hurts a lot. To see you with another is custom. Watch you take your hand as you could do with mine. See you hold her, when I need that so much ... Just to see you .. just that .. it hurts me.


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