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Iron Man 3 Villains Finally Revealed!

Updated on December 13, 2021

Well, it seems that the villains of Iron Man 3 has finally been revealed, and the news is spreading around the internet like wild fire already. Yes, the Latino Review, has already leaked a secret villain this Marvel comic movie coming soon will introduce.

Why should we take credence to the Latino Review? They've leaked a lot of news that ended up being right when it came to the Marvel comic movies coming soon! For instance, they leaked that mad titan Thanos would be introduced in The Avengers, and, well, they were correct, weren't they?

To comic investing freaks like me, this has been awesome news. Yes, spoilers for comic book movies, especially the upcoming Marvel comic book movies, is a great way to get a jump on which comics will get a huge increase in value.

On the flip side, news of the Iron Man 3 villains isn't so great for those who just enjoy the movies or comic fans who just enjoy reading comics. Many fans fear that Iron Man 3 and the movie's villains just confirm how much the movie will be a huge disappointment.

There's already outcries about the film already having way too much stuff going on, and a big complaint is making the same mistake as DC/Warner's first Batman movies in which there were way too many villains encompassing a film.

I believe overkill is the correct word. If you don't like *Spoilers*, then I suggest you stop reading this immediately. If you don't mind them and want to find out what's going on with the new Iron Man 3 movie that's slated to come out next year, let's see what you think about the new villains in Iron Man 3.

Ben Kingsley Has Been Cast

If you didn't know that it's been announced that Sir Ben Kingsley was cast in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie, he has been. However, many have been wondering what he was going to play in the movie.

Many fans were scratching their heads and wondering if Shane Black and Marvel Studios constant denials of Iron Man's main arch nemesis being in the third installment of the comic book movie franchise. In past interviews, Shane Black dismissed The Mandarin as a "racist caricature."

However, the Latino Review has just confirmed that the Mandarin will indeed be in the movie and played by Sir Ben Kingsley. Iron Man's most iconic villain will get his debut in Iron Man 3!

Whether it's true that Shane Black truly did not want The Mandarin in the movie or was just denying the rumors in typical Marvel Studios fashion, it was well known that producer and director of the two previous Iron Man films, Jon Favreau, was all for Iron Man's most iconic villain being in the film.

Was it their plan from the beginning or was Shane Black forced to finally give a comic fan favorite and " racist caricature" his due on the big screen? Who knows?

However, the Latino Review has reported this:

"prepare to see Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin in 'Iron Man 3.' He may not be in it as much as we're expecting, because The Mandarin might survive 'Iron Man 3' to feed into something like 'Avengers 2".

Okay, so if The Mandarin is not the main villain, who is?

Meet Aldrich Killain

Yes, although The Mandarin will be a behind-the-scenes villain, it seems that Aldrich Killian will be the main villain of Iron Man 3. Played by Guy Pearce, Killian will use the Mandarin’s resources and nanotechnology to create a line of super soldiers.

Based on the plot in the “Extremis” story arc in the Iron Man comics, it seems Killian will be the main baddie behind the release of a virus based on nanotechnology. Kind of sounds a little too close to G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra to me.

Whatever, but although Adrich Killian is at the forefront of this evil plan, Iron Man needs some villains that he can actually go toe-toe with, you know? After all we want to see some amazing action scenes from this movie, don't we?

Well, we just may, and below you'll find leaked photos on the set of Iron Man 3 which will reveal a strange villain Iron Man is set to go up against in the third film.

Iron Patriot on set of Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot on set of Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot suit for Iron Man 3. On Set!
Iron Patriot suit for Iron Man 3. On Set!
Coldblood in the Marvel Comic books
Coldblood in the Marvel Comic books | Source
Firepower in the Marvel comic books
Firepower in the Marvel comic books | Source

Meet Iron Patriot!

Yes, newly leaked photos on the internet confirm that Iron Patriot will be in Iron Man 3. Iron Patriot, really? Who the hell is that?

For those who don't know, the Iron Patriot is a combination of the Iron Man suit painted with the colors of Captain America. It's worn by Norman Osborn in The Dark Avengers comic line. Obviously, the character rights of Osborn is owned by Sony. We wont be seeing him in the armor.

So who is wearing the Iron Patriot armor?

From leaked photos it seems that James Dale Badge is inhabiting this suit. Wait a minute! Isn't he suppose to play Eric Savin, whom is the comic book counterpart of Coldblood?

Well, as you can see, Dale is in the Iron Patriot suit, but that doesn't mean he also can't be Coldblood, the military man turned cyborg mercenary in the famed comic books. With Marvel, who knows, right?

It could very well be that Coldblood will be in the movie and those cheeky guys at Marvel Studios is just going to throw him in the Iron Patriot armor and completely ruin the essence of the comic books. Then again, Coldblood may not be in the movie.

It also seems that Ashley Hamilton will also play the comic book villain Firepower, and both Coldblood and Firepower are most likely part of Aldrich Killian's little army that Tony Stark will have to do battle with.

Is there too much going on here? How many villains is Iron Man 3 going to have?

Well, there you have it so far. Is it too much? Is Marvel making the same mistake that DC made with the earlier Batman films, packing too many villains and subplots into one movie?

It has been said by the Latino Review "that there is a power structure that will make the Iron Man 3 story the most complex in the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

I really hope Shane Black knows what he's doing. We do want action and thrills, but a hugely jumbled mess with too much going on isn't what we want.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm glad that The Mandarin will finally get his due on screen. It will surely do wonders for the value of my Tales of Suspense #50 (the first appearance of The Mandarin). The comic has already become in super high demand, but I don't want a crap movie based on one of my favorite Marvel superheroes also.

I have to admit, Iron Man 2 wasn't that great. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Of all the awesome Iron man villains they could've used (Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man), they picked Whiplash? Ubber lame.

Looking at the roster of Iron Man 3 villains, I'm thinking the same thing I did with Iron Man 2 - LAME! Well, with the exception of The Mandarin finally making his onscreen appearance.

So what do you think? Be sure to comment on what you think about the latest Iron Man 3 villains and news!

Also be sure to see the marvel comic movies comic soon, as well as some of the upcoming Marvel movies in the rumor mill.

© 2012 Vic


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