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MARVELous Rhymes

Updated on September 22, 2017

Captain America

New Life

Steve Rogers tried fighting for his country.
Wanted to stand up for something.
He wanted to be a soldier.
Dr.Abraham Erskin wanted to make him super.
After his invention, Schmidt had erskin killed.
But the assassins didn't know that Rogers was still.
Still inside. When they realized.
They fleed the scene and committed suicide
When Erskin was killed, so was all that he had.
Rogers paraded New York looking like a flag.
He confronted Johann Schmidt
Who revealed that he had a gift.
He was the one with the Tesseract
Rogers suits up and fights for it back.
The Tesseract is lost but Schmidt is defeated.
Rogers is exhausted.
He sleeps through days and nights.
Wakes up after years and sees a new life.

The Trio

A New Life. A new state.
A new uniform. A new face.
Natasha Romanoff made his load light.
Together, they had good insight.
They both worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.
They both are prepared for the field.
They both are sharp and unbothered.
They both get to know the winter soldier.
The enlisted the help of Sam Wilson.
For his powered, wingback falcon.
On a mission to stop Hydra.
They were ambushed by the winter soldier.
Turns out that he's an old friend of Roger's.
Rogers did not even bother.
Instead, he gathered his team together.
They were given a strategy to stop the ships.
They were told to just replace the chips.
The ships were helicarriers.
Programmed by hydra to murder.
Those that threat. Hydra's success.
But that trio put an end to it.

Iron Man

Iron Man 1

Iron Man

Genius and billionaire Tony Starks.
Inherited Stark industries and created an Arch.
An Arch Reactor. To power a hidden suit.
A suit full of armor and that is powered from its root.
The suit stayed hidden before its completion.
Constantly updated by Doctor Yinsen.
But a group attacked the workshop.
They wanted the mission stopped.
But it did not. The mission went on.
But Yinsen, who helped stark was gone.
It was that day and time.
Stark made up his mind.
To rebuild the suit with better structure.
So In his chest, he put the Reactor.
Stark took over the company.
He made a move that may ruin his dad's legacy.
All the while his company had no clue.
Stark's suspicion kept them out of the loop.
Meanwhile, Obadiah Stane.
Felt like he would bring the company shame.
Truthfully, he wanted the company.
Wanted the wealth of stark's legacy.
Stark figured it out a time progressed.
Stane tried duplicating what was in starks chest.
The scientists he hired could not get it done.
Stane fought but he could not beat the one.

Iron Man 2


Tony Stark becomes a big name.
He adds a car to his fame.
His reactor became despondent.
But he vowed to not to tell anyone about it.
He then meets Ivan Vanko.
Who strived to prove that he's not invincible.
He was a rival that was defeated
But later stark seen that he was not depleted.
He was alive and well with a plan.
To defeat ironman.
Stark is then given a new element.
His aid helps synthesize it.
He put it in his arc reactor.
He was ready when Vanko came after.
He sent an army of iron men.
They weren't like stark but similar men.
He had it planned and made it rough.
But in the end, it was not enough

Iron Man 3


Starks success impressed scientists on earth.
They saw what Tony Starks was worth.
A scientist came to him with an offer
But Starks did not accept the offer.
Years Later a terrorist arose.
The Mandarin made his presence known.
He destroyed. Tony Starks home.
He made starks escape his throne.
The world then thinks that stark is dead.
He flees and investigates instead
He finds that the scientist he rejected.
Was really the terrorist.
Stark returns with the Iron Patriot.
He then defeats Mandarin.

The Hulk

The Hulk

David Banner had an idea.
To create soldiers with no fear.
He wanted the soldiers for battle.
With DNA from various animals.
General Thaddeus Ross denies his request.
David Banner still does the experiment.
On himself and impregnates his wife.
And find it's infected his son's life.
They experience a traumatic event.
That puts young Bruce with different parents.
Bruce grows and remembers nothing of the incident.
Gets a girlfriend, job and becomes a geneticist.
Her name is Betty. Last name Ross.
Her father was Bruce dad's boss.
She was also his coworker.
They enjoyed working together.
One day in the lab the pair.....
Worked on creating cell repair
By using low gamma radiation.
Creating something that will help the nation.
In the midst of maintenance.
There is an error in the sequence.
That prevents the machine from firing.
It is on the verge of exploding.
So bruce throws his frame on it.
And is exposed to more radiation
He said he should've died Because he knows what's inside
Then one day when he was under stress.
That monster within started to manifest.


After the Hulk bloomed like a flower.
The Military tried to weaponize his power.
They attempted to recreate.
The program that created the mistake.
Bruce transforms into Hulk and sees the disgrace.
In anger and fury, he smashes the place
Banner then becomes a fugitive to the states.
So he moves to another place.
He's in Brazil. Looking to be cured.
He contacts a guy that says he has it for sure.
In the meantime, Ross sends a swat team.
But banner transforms and defeats the team.
But Emil Blonsky finds out.
How the Hulk comes about.
Then agrees to be injected.
With similar serum, so he could fight it.
Banner returns to the states.
He reunites with his first Date.
Attacked by Ross again.
He transforms into Hulk and dismantles their plan.
They retreat. But Blonksy insanity.
Walks up to him and mocks the beast.
The hulk kicks him. Seemingly kills him.
But he survives and the serum heals him.
Blonsky has banners blood in him.
The injection mutates him.
Into a big creature.
A creature that may be bigger.
A creature with proportions that were unforgettable.
He had the size and strength but he was not Incredible.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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