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Ironside -- Just How Did Annie Die?

Updated on October 3, 2013

A very different version from the original

I swore I wasn't going to watch this show. I've had nothing but disdain for it since I heard they were remaking the show. There's only one Ironside and that's Raymond Burr. But since I had an empty slot on Wednesday at 10 pm and I sure didn't want to watch Nashville [puke, yuck] I decided to give it a shot.

It's a very different show. There's no Eve Whitfield, Mark Sanger or Ed Brown. Well, there's an Ed but he isn't always on Team Ironside. Although I could have sworn in one of the flashback scenes I saw that ugly old Ironside van.

It's a very different show from the original. For one thing for being in a wheelchair Ironside is pretty mobile. He uses his upper arm strength to pop in and out of his chair. Raymond Burr's Ironside was more of, "My bottom is glued to the seat of this chair," kind of Ironside. He also was getting it on with some hot chick in his chair, no less.

Ironside does have his trio of helpers. The blonde Holly seems to be Eve Whitfield, but I can't decide if Teddy or Virgil are supposed to be Ed or Mark. Since Ironside is black, none of his helpers are.

This Ironside doesn't seem to mind straddling the line of police brutality. The show opens with him roughing up a suspect in the backseat of a car while one of his helpers, Virgil I think it was, read the suspect his Miranda Rights. The suspect finally cracks and tells where he's hidden the little girl he kidnapped. So in Ironside's world the end justifies the means.

It also seems that the police department didn't want Ironside around and he had to sue them to get his current position. Another big change, as Burr's Ironside seemed to be revered by the police department. They even got him a van complete with motorized lift and a team to help him investigate crimes.

Another departure from the old show is that Ironside's partner, Gary, is responsible for paralyzing him. They were in a dark alley chasing after a suspect and Gary shot Ironside thinking it was the suspect. Now Gary's a mess. Ironside was called when the man got arrested and he didn't want to deal with Gary's guilt trip. At the end of the show Gary seemed to attend an AA meeting and Ironside was listening in the shadows before leaving before Gary could see him.

The major case of the night was the investigation of a woman named Annie who appeared to jump from the building she worked at. Ironside declared it was murder and the team started investigating the case, even though they all thought the woman killed herself.

They discovered that Annie had a boyfriend Zamir who they found with a knife sticking out of his chest pinning some dirty pictures of Annie to his chest. The pictures were taken at a Flower Party where older investors where hooked up with younger women. In this case, Annie, who got them to invest their money in the company she worked at.

Zamir was killed before Annie took her leap from the building. Turns out Annie met Zamir at a Flower Party and convinced Zamir to invest in her company and she ended up losing half his money. Only the money didn't really belong to him but his cousin, Alek. When Alek found out about the lost money he killed his cousin.

Annie stopped by Zamir's apartment and found him dead as well as pictures of her from the Flower Party strung all over. She blamed herself for what had happened to Zamir and killed herself by jumping off the building. Something Ironside claimed he always knew, but he lied about thinking she was killed because he wanted to punish the people who'd put her on that ledge. Namely Alek and Annie's boss, who was the one who actually lost half of Alek's money and caused the deaths of Zamie and Annie.

I can't say the whole lying to everyone someone was killed when you always knew they killed themselves sat well with me. It makes Ironside seem more like a vigilante than a cop. It reminds me of the old show The Equalizer who people went to when the police couldn't punish the bad people. Only The Equalizer didn't go around carrying a badge. It kind of makes the police justified in not wanting Ironside on the force and definitely not in a position of power that he could abuse for his own reasons.

That's what he did with the Annie case. He knew no crime had been committed but lied so he could find a way to punish the people who caused Annie to kill herself. While that's a good motive, he's a cop and that's not his job to play judge, jury and executioner. It's an abuse of his badge.

Ditto for the way Ironside physically abused the child kidnapper at the start of the show. Yeah, it was the only way to get him to tell where the child was and save her life, but when you have a badge you can't behave that way. Even if you have the right motives, you're still breaking the law as much as the criminal you're pushing around. What Ironside did in the backseat of that car was nothing less than police brutality. But because he rescued the child safely it was all forgotten.

If Ironside wants to behave the way he does as some vigilante righting the wrongs, he needs to give up the badge. If he wants to be a cop, then he needs to follow the rules someone who holds a badge is expected to uphold.

I guess I'll continue to watch the show, but I'm not sure how I really feel about it. It's not that bad of a show, but I have to admit I have issues with it. I just hope every episode doesn't involve Ironside lying about a crime not being committed just so he can punish those he feel are bad.


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