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Ironside -- The Ripper

Updated on October 13, 2013

Still not sure how I feel about this show

I've been trying to figure out why I liked the original so much and why this new version leaves me kind of meh. I think a lot of it was because Eve, Ed, Mark and Ironside almost formed a little family together, and this show really lacks that quality. You also always felt that Raymond Burr's Ironside cared, while in this episode I didn't really get that Blair Underwood's Ironside gave a crap about this girl who was running from her molesting stepfather. He was all about getting the girl to give him what he needed to solve his case.

Anyway, Ironside was on a stakeout in the streets to find this serial killer called The Ripper and this young girl saw him attack his victim. So Ironside became obsessed with finding the girl The girl's mother came into the police station and identified her, revealing she'd run away from home years ago. She was also shocked to recognize the man with the girl as her brother.

Seems mom knew Step Dad was messing with her daughter and decided to ignore it. When the girl went to her her uncle he ran off with her to save her from her perverted stepfather. I have to admit I dozed off a couple of seconds here and there [not a shining example of the show keeping my attention] and I'm not sure why the uncle was in trouble with the law from protecting his niece from her stepfather since her mother just did nothing to protect her daughter.

When the girl won't talk, Ironside gets Holly to go in and help lubricate the girl's tongue so he can get what he needs to arrest The Ripper. Although they didn't say it, I'm guessing Holly was also a victim of incest herself.

I have to say the Holly character has none of the charm of Eve Whitfield aside from them both having blonde hair. Eve was this rich girl that decided to become a cop. It made for an interesting storyline. I'm sorry the Holly character was molested but it really doesn't add anything to the character.

This case also provided a reason for Blair Underwood to have flashback scenes where he could walk around and not have to use the chair. He recalled his own ex-partner discovering his nephew was being molested. Maybe that was supposed to show this hit Ironside where he lived, but I really didn't get that feel. What I got was Ironside seemed to care more for the chick that killed herself last week after doing bad stuff more than this innocent girl who was being forced to have sex with her stepfather. I really felt he just saw this girl as a means to the end to catch the felon he was after.

Since this show only shares it's name with the original show, maybe they could have given this show a different name. Maybe called it Leadbottom. I feel like they're only trading on the name of a popular show, thinking that would be the key to making it a success, instead of allowing it to succeed or fail on its own merits.

When I first heard they were remaking Ironside I thought it would be a disaster in the making and I kind of still feel that way. It's not as bad as I thought but in other ways its worse. They need to do something to make viewers care not only about Ironside but his team. Suggesting the Holly character was molested didn't do much to make me care about her, since I felt both she and Ironside were trading on it to manipulate a teenager into giving them the info they needed to solve their case. And I rolled my eyes at her ending scene. The other two members of the team, Teddy and Virgil I think their names are, also need to be fleshed out more.

The problem is the original trio of characters supporting Ironside all had good stories and their differences helped to make them all click in some strange way. Aside from society girl turned cop Eve. You had ex-con Mark who had to learn to get along working for a cop and who eventually learned to care and love the crusty Ironside. While Ed Brown was a cop just like Ironside.

In a sea of cop shows, I'm really not sure this show can distinguish itself. While the new Hawaii 5-0 lacks a lot of the charm of the original it still has the great Hawaiian scenery. This show just seems to be a very dark show without any lightness between the characters. It's kind of a Debbie Downer of cop shows. The CSI franchise has the whole procedural thing. Blue Bloods has this family that are all in law enforcement. If the show is cancelled soon, I kind of won't be surprised. It just doesn't seem to have much going for it.


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