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Allegiant- Whats the Hype- Great Theo James moments to come

Updated on April 24, 2016

Four and Tris from Allegiant- Actual Photo from the movie


Difficult to Watch

I was not someone who read all the books and waited patiently to see all the movies. I infact did not even hear of Insurgent until girls night out last Valentines Day when us girls went to see Fifty Shades of Grey together. Sitting while waiting for the movie to start the trailer came on for Insurgent. It looked like a good movie so I waited for the next couple weeks to go by so we could once again spend another girls night out. I then went on to watch Divergent and read the books. I can now say looking back that I have been waiting patiently for Allegiant to come out. Now that it is here, I wish I had not spent any time on the remainder of the books.

Spoiler Alert

If you have not seen the movie yet and do not want to know too much surrounding the movie, I suggest you turn back around now as there are spoilers ahead.

Scene Stealers?

Did you wait patiently for the movie to come out because you wanted to watch more chemistry between Sheo? If so, save yourself some time and money and wait for the DVD to come out.

There are not many scenes between the two where you see chemistry coming out on the big screen. There is a number of scenes where they are together and you see some chemistry however there are just a select number of scenes where the two are actually spending a good bit of time together.

I for one am in love with Sheo and they are the main reason that I even continue to watch the movies. I mean come on now, sure Theo James is easy to look at and is a damn good actor when it comes to his roles in films but the two of them together make a heck of a dream team.

I sat by and watched scene after scene with Tris and Jeff Daniels who plays the head honcho however because they spend so much time on the two of them it cuts back the amount of time spent on many other characters.

Not at all like the book

I spent a good couple of days reading the Allegiant book only to find out what happens between the two love birds I so badly fell in love with on the big screen. I was quite upset when the book came to a close to find out that Tris dies in the book. I was hoping that this would be the only part of the book that they changed for the movie however this is not the case.

The book in all actuality is much different from the movie. The movie goes along with hardly anything straight out of the book. There is a few things that you know of from the book which was changed for the movie slightly however most of the parts of the movie have nothing in common with the book. I think because of this fact, I am not at all pleased with the outcome of the movie. I will still purchase tickets to see the next movie and will be there opening night however I will not be as excited for the next one to come out. I am anxious to see what happens with the two and if they go along with the ending of the book however I am hopefull that they will not.

Because I am someone who does not tolerate change well, I was quite upset for the whole movie to be different from the book. Because I love the two of them together as much as they are in Divergent and Insurgent, I am hoping that the next movie will focus more on the two of them instead of the way that this last movie went.

Four and Tris in Allegiant

Whats in Store Next?

There is so much speculation surrounding the next movie in the series that it can be hard to decipher which rumor is accurate. There is talk that the next movie is going to focus more on Four and his side of the book as to follow the book path however this is only speculation. All I know is that I will be happy to see what comes of the power couple. I want to know how they plan on ending the movie and if this will in fact be the last of the two of them together in one movie. I think they should work on more movies together such as a romance movie seeing as they have the chemistry that most people would die for when it comes to their roles. Ill sit by and wait patiently for the next one to start filming and for the new movie trailer to be distributed. Hope you all stay tuned as well to see what comes up next in the movie franchise.


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Allegiant Scene


Release Dates

Divergent US
March 21, 2014
$56 million opening weekend
Insurgent US
March 20, 2015
$21 million opening weekend
March 18, 2016
$29 million opening weekend


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