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Breakdown of Why You Should Watch Batman v Superman Again

Updated on July 22, 2016

With the new Batman v Superman (BvS) movie have come out recently, I thought I pose the question to those that have viewed the film in theaters, is it worth a 2nd watch? I have only seen the movie one time and my first gut reaction after seeing it was I didn't really feel the need to watch it again. However, now with the release date having come and gone, for both buying online and physical copies of the movie, I find myself thinking; “well it wasn't so bad, why not give it one more try?”

I am going to give you a breakdown of the movie overall, and if it really is worth the time and money to watch it again. Please enjoy and at the bottom of the hub you will see a poll that ask if you will go watch it a 2nd time, so please take time and let me know if you will be seeing it again!

I am going to judge the movie on 3 categories: visual effects/graphics, storyline and casting. The very last paragraph will be my overall rating on the movie. I am coming at this pretending I know nothing about Batman or any of his previous incarnations. The only movie I will act like I know about is the previous Superman movie. My goal is to rate this from the opinion of someone who has never heard of comics or any of their related movies. Please enjoy!

The Breakdown

Visual Effect/Graphics: Let’s get the biggest compliant about this movie out of the way. Was the movie heavy-handed in CGI? Yes! However, it was still a very pleasing movie to watch as far as graphics are concerned. I agree with most everyone that the movie could have used less CGI. Because if CGI is used too much then the movie just becomes over the top nonsense. Now, full on CGI movies like The Jungle Book are awesome. Lord of the Rings (both original and prequels) are another example. With BvS, we have a movie that you don't go into really expecting as much CGI as they did. I had the expectation of more realistic graphics in mind before I saw the movie. Only because I has envisioned something different prior to the movie, did the graphics kinda disappoint. However, thinking back on the movie, I really think the graphics were really good. I guess you could say, it grows on you over time.

Storyline: This was the biggest problem to the whole movie. Not that the storyline was bad but that it was just really crammed full. Really, the weirdest/worst part of the movie was Batman’s dream. We had a dream/time traveler or something (Prediction: could have been Robin) appear out of nowhere and for no reason! Also, there was a lot of unexplained parts and characters just kinda thrown into the mix. Nobly, they tried to tell a great story while introducing many elements. Unfortunately, they failed. Too many plot holes and unexplained events.

Casting: I will admit, I was a hater to the Affleck casting. After Daredevil, I just couldn't imagine a way back for him. Boy was I wrong! One of the bright spots of the movie was how great Affleck pulled off Batman. He really just nailed it, especially the darkest version of Batman we have seen in live-action.

I wasn't impressed with Cavill. I mean sure he has the physique of Superman but none of the charisma Affleck did. Really Affleck just outshines Cavill in this movie. He was just too robotic like in his acting for me, kinda boring really.

Gadot as Wonder Woman?? Granted, her acting was very good and she did great in the action sequences but really? Wonder Woman is an Amazon! Gadot is about as big as a twig. However, her acting and chemistry with Affleck masked the physical portion.

Last casting choice I’ll go over, Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. At first I didn't really know what to think but as the movie progressed, I really started liking him. He lets you know he is very smart but also very naive for his age. I thought he really did great and proved himself a very versatile actor. The last scene where his head is shaven like in the comics was my favorite; he looks straight demented.


Overall, the movie had it’s good and bad but for the most part I would say good. Would I watch this movie again? Yes. Watch it again just to pick up the parts you may have missed because it was such an action/story packed movie. Not to mention, I think the film grows on you after a while. Unfortunately, this movies initial reception has really put a lot of pressure on Suicide Squad to perform well.

Please take time to vote if YOU are going to give it another try or not! If you have any questions or special requests, please hit me up in the comments or message me via Facebook!

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    • profile image

      Barbara Gordon 8 days ago

      ...P.S. Ha ha! Despite my comment, I did read the correct article... I just finished watching JL for the second time and had a brain shift - but I saw this one twice as well...

    • profile image

      Barbara Gordon 8 days ago

      I love superhero movies, but I don't judge them the same way I would judge something being presented as an art film. If a super hero movie was thrown in the Oscar race, I would watch it with a much more critical eye. Some movies we watch for escapism, and some we watch to challenge ourselves. And frankly, sometimes I leave an "escapism" movie more inspired than I would an "art" film. But, JL is riddled with flaws, and that did not undermine my enjoyment of it. Especially (*spoiler alert - stop reading now if you haven't seen this movie,) when Clark Kent first returns and faces down the rest of his future team. That moment when his eyeball rolls to match Barry Allen was incredible. All that being said, my favorite superhero movies are still Superman and Superman II with Christopher Reeves. Nice article!