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Is Blue the Warmest Color for Blue is the Warmest Color Movie?

Updated on November 18, 2013
At Cannes
At Cannes

The new French movie making its around America is, Blue is the Warmest Color, a movie that if it had no explicit lesbian sex scene lasting up to 10 minutes, would be quite boring and predictable. Even the sex scenes between two good looking females showing how lesbians do it lingers on a bit too much.

The movie is also too long, at nearly 2.5 hrs. Usually epic films are this length. The infamous sex scenes remind me of the scandalous "Deep Throat" the porn movie of the 70's that made six million and cost only thousands to make with Linda Lovelace. The sex scene in "blue" took a whole day to get right as the director took many retakes and the actresses involved were not always ready.

What is it about?

Adele, is a teen in high school, 18 yrs., a senior and is sexually confused. Peer pressure force her to have sex with a hot teen boy who likes her. After it happens, she realizes something is missing. One day as she is going to meet the boy for a date, Adele and the older woman (Emma) with blue hair (20's) pass each other and their eyes connect. Sort of mutual attraction in a fleeting moment. As Adele screws her boyfriend she is detached, thinking of the other woman. Soon, Adele starts to fantasize about this woman and seeks her out at a lesbian bar. Eventually, the two meet, but both are navigating carefully because Adele is only 18.

From there, it really is just another love story this time between two women culminating in the sex scene. They meet each's other's parents and live together happy at first. Like many love stories that is based on intense physical attraction, it wears off, as both drift away for other reasons. Adele feels lonely at eventually dates a guy from work just for a one night stand and when the other finds out, well, you can see it all coming, including everything that follows in the movie.

That is the problem with the whole movie. It is so predictable because all viewers have gone through something like this- a breakup. Adele simply has a horrible time letting go and just lives a miserable life, while the other woman, has moved on into another relationship.

As a viewer, I had read that there was a shocking ending to this-you know, some sort of outrage from Adele, maybe a suicide, a stalking or murder, give the story something more, but no. All that happens after the 2.5 hrs. is that Adele goes to the art exhibit of her former lover seeking some sort of false hope and when she realizes there is no going back to the way they were-ever- she leaves the exhibit, lights a cigarette, and walks down the street finally accepting reality-something she could have done within two hours.

The movie is well acted, no doubt, but the story line is bland and so predictable. The sex scene is just that and really does not add much to the whole movie- I mean, you know they love one another long before the scene arrives. This scene just makes it graphic.

Having seen the movie, Lovelace, the story of how Linda Lovelace got involved with Deep Throat is actually more entertaining. It is a story of innocence and getting involved with the wrong people and man who exploited her fame. Its R rating is just for topless shots, all other sex scenes are implied and one never sees even a penis. As this movie moves along, it turns from fame to tragedy to redemption as she escapes the hold of being exploited for porn movies.

Blue has received 3-4 star reviews and mostly for the 10 minute sex scene that is porn in the middle of a love drama between two women. I give two stars because it never got me misty eyed like other films. It was all rather linear in the script and too long.


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