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Is Cheryl Cole too Skinny?

Updated on February 3, 2013
Cheryl Cole's Weight and Height.
Cheryl Cole's Weight and Height. | Source

Cheryl Cole, one of the most popular UK stars of the modern era has been accused at times of being too skinny.

In this hub we discuss Cheryl Cole's weight and height to assess if she really is too thin.

We also reveal the diet Cheryl Cole reputedly uses in case you would like to get in on her secret to staying slim.


Cheryl Cole's weight is reputed to be about 98 lbs. While this is a very low weight, it can be normal for some women, especially petite ones that are small-boned. Her 0-2 dress size (U.S.) is also similar to the dresses that very petite women wear.


Cheryl Cole's height is 5' 3". This puts her in the category of petite women, since petites are 5' 4" or less. This is very typical of women in the entertainment industry. A minority of women actresses and singers are actually tall.

Cheryl Cole's Diet and Dress Size.
Cheryl Cole's Diet and Dress Size.

The Silver Dress Incident (right)

When she appeared in a cutout silver dress back in 2008, speculation and gossip started, "Is Cheryl Cole anorexic?" "Does she have an eating disorder?"

This is the thinnest I have ever seen her. What made people worry is that her bones are apparent in the cutout dress, but more so -- her hips seem non-existent.

If I were to judge by this picture, I would say that Cheryl Cole is too thin, however, I have not seen her look quite this skinny since then. Although she is very skinny even today, she is still within normal range.


Cheryl Cole's diet reputedly consists of 1,200 calories per day. It includes plenty of vegetables, fiber bars, and lean protein such as skinless chicken and fish. The vegetables and fiber bars keep the stomach full, while protein helps keep the appetite at bay.

A 1,200 calorie diet is actually low, even for a 98 lb., woman. It can be used to lose weight, but shouldn't be maintained long-term. Cheryl probably uses this diet only when she is attempting to shed weight. Her normal diet is likely closer to 1,600 calories.

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