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Is It Just the Front Cover or Is It Racism?

Updated on May 19, 2014

Kim Kay At Work

Porn Star Gaining Fame with A Rich Rapper

Will the Kimye controversy ever end? Why are people so dam enraged about Kayne West and Kim Kardashian being on the cover of Vogue?

Well, for starters, who in the world is Kim Kardashian? The woman is famous for essentially nothing of value. That’s the general consensus. But, to People of Color and the hip-hop world, she’s the most famous hoe to get “slammed” by Ray J. The infamous Ray J and Kim sex tape actually gained her the title “porn star” long ago.

Porn Star Turned Reality TV Star

And, that’s where Kim’s fame actually began. From slut to porn-star to reality-tv-star, Kim is a perfect example of lowering the bar to keep up with the times. In general, magazine subscriptions have dropped substantially in recent years. Most people prefer to get their fashion info from free blogs rather than buying paper circulations.

With that being said, Vogue’s circulations have probably shrunk drastically. This may have caused Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, to feel the need to take drastic measures to increase sales. And, Kanye’s bullying tactics surely became a factor as Wintour sought ways to appeal to more diverse audiences.

Vogue has always been known as a “Lilly White” magazine. Yes, it’s true that there have been some beautiful black women on Vogue’s covers in the past. But, these women all appealed to their “elite white” audience. So, how does such a magazine make the leap to targeting an audience still downloading Kim’s sex tape and following the Kardashian tribe on TV?

Kanye Ain’t Royalty by Any Means

Then, there’s that Kanye guy. Wasn’t he the same fool that made the sweet white girl cry hysterically backstage at the VMAs? Isn’t he the same obnoxious character knockin’ dudes out every other week? It’s one thing for Vogue to put a black man on their cover. But, Kanye? He is not royalty in the eyes of “his” people. Many of us are actually quite ashamed of the jerk.

It’s believed that in the end, Wintour succumbed to racial pressure. Yet, there have been black men on Vogues covers, such as LeBron James (April 2008) and hip-hop mogul, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs (British Vogue October 2001)… both well-respected names.

But, to choose Kanye, of all people, standing with his porn star hoe-wife, all dressed in white… It just seems like a slap in the face to the People of Color communities. However, as we know all too well, Kanye can be a super-bully. The a$$hole probably threatened to proclaim Vogue to be racists to “his people.”


The bottom line is this: The word “vogue” is defined as “the popular style at a specified time.” Look closely at the caption on the Kimye Vogue cover. The worlds most talked about couple” sums it up. They’re simply “Vogue”, at this specified time.

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    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 3 years ago from New York

      I feel the same as most. I've never been in to fashion magazines but, I don't care how successful her tv show is, she and her family contribute nothing of any value or substance to society. She wouldn't even be as well known as she is if it weren't for Paris Hilton (not defending Paris in any way, shape or form!) But Kim became known as one of Paris's "best friends" and her tape just happened to get "leaked" after Paris's. Wouldn't surprise me if her relationship with Kanye West was just a publicity stunt. That's what that family is all about. As for Kanye, he's just a thug. I'm 100% sure Anna Wintour is simply trying to appeal to the masses as sales have taken a hit.