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Is Johnny Depp Doing Something Wrong In Hollywood??

Updated on April 30, 2014

Hi all,

I know that I already posted today about the big Star Wars announcement but I felt that since I am just starting out I should post as much as I possibly can.So my big topic with this is article today is that I have been watching one of my favorite video casts AMC Movie Talk(Shout out to Campea and the rest of the AWESOME gang).But in a few of their daily videos they post they had mentioned that Johnny Depp is obviously an actor that has come a long way since people can remember him as the charming boyfriend in the very first and original Nightmare On Elm Street or even possibly Cry Baby. But lately after the whole Pirates Of The Caribbean craze sort of cooled down and wasn't really talked about for a bit he decided that he obviously HAD to work as most actors do but lets lay out his past 5 to 6 projects(That aren't name Pirates) and I will give you the IMDB score and Rotten Tomatoes score for each and tell you why the title of this article stands.

-Transcendence-IMDB-6.4 stars-Rotten Tomatoes-18%

-The Lone Ranger-IMDB-6.6-Rotten Tomatoes-30%

-Dark Shadows-IMDB-6.3-Rotten Tomatoes-37%

-The Rum Diary-IMDB-6.2-Rotten Tomatoes-50%

-Rango-IMDB-7.3-Rotten Tomatoes-88%

-The Tourist-IMDB-6.0-Rotten Tomatoes-20%

Ok and looking at all that doing it all you can clearly tell that the shining example in that list is Rango which from what I heard is a good and different kids movie from director Gore Verbinski and I heard that most people enjoyed it but I almost wanted to overlook it because he only lends his voice to it and doesn't fully act in it like he does the other in the list. But overall I heard that the people who saw Transcendence just thought it was so out of his wheelhouse that they couldn't believe it was a movie with him in it.The Rum Diary was basically a weird one to watch and I wanted to check it out because I read the book before by the late and great Hunter S Thompson but it didn't feel like the book at all which was a bummer.I remember staying up late one night watching The Tourist and thinking it could be interesting with the tandem of Depp and Jolie together in one movie and then when their supposive "Twist" ending comes to play that basically lacked the intensity it should of had before it was just not a good movie and the relationship for the two felt fake almost.

The Lone Ranger is weird one because it was so hated and was nominated for Razzies when the awards season kicked in that it made it something undesirable to watch and thinking the Pirates combination of people working together would make it work but it just didn't and people still are scratching their heads as to how it got Razzie nominations out the rear end but still ended up with 1 Oscar nomination as well.The Last one to mention was Dark Shadows and how people thought that Johnny had really wanted to do this role because it was more leaned towards him like Sleepy Hollow style darkness although in its reality it is a soap opera back in the day.

I should also mention that all the money that he lost making Lone Ranger and Transcendence was a bigger deal then people think because to everyone else it is just a loss to him and a bust on his record of movies that he does but making The Lone Ranger with Disney he lost so much money and didn't make enough in profit that there was meetings and talks that there was the slight possibility of there not being another Pirates Of The Caribbean movie like there was previously planned.Now this story now today is done and debunked because they got it handled with other titles but Depp being a big player in the world himself you would figure that he would want to make money where he has been making hundreds of millions and even billions for so long.

But in all honestly don't get me wrong I know like all the way up to here it sounds like I am bashing Mr.Depp as an artist but I am really trying not to.I feel as if that he were to do things that he REALLY loved then people would actually flock to the theaters to see him again and he would go up to possibly make another billion dollar powerhouse.Like for example there was rumor up until the release date but when I went to see 21 Jump Street with a friend of mine and heard his voice before he took off the disguise I literally was in the theatre and was a kid in a candy store because I LOVED that he went to his roots like that with his partner and basically paid homage to something that was so retro and so beloved by some people.I do also know that the people behind the Pirates movies are trying their absolute hardest to get the newest movie off the ground and green lit for a late 2015 to summer 2016 date if anything but having a tagline title and other actors attached to star in this story that are different then Penelope Cruz instead this time the word is that its Christoph Waltz and everybody knows he can play an AWESOME bad guy because of Inglorious Basterds.

All in all at the end of the day I was looking into his future projects and for someone who will be on the A list until his heart stops beating like he his signed on for another pirates so everybody who is a fan of Jack Sparrow he will be back,He will become the Mad Hatter again in Through The Looking Glass which is basically Alice 2 and he picked two movie franchises that are beloved by many and made a billion dollars worldwide so its a great start.But on the other end he is tagged to play Whitey Bulger in the film Black Mass which from what I heard it is currently being made and he did do and ok job in Public Enemies but this role is more aimed towards what he did in Donnie Brasco so I am interested to see how it goes.But granted for his sake I heard it is green lit and being made but the powerhouse of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are going to make something about Bulger as well so for Depp's sake I hope his comes out first so they have his idea of Bulger in their mind to raise the bar.Finally he will be in a film called "Mortdecai" about art and Nazi gold which sounds like an interesting one,He will play the Wolf in Into The Woods which will have Meryl Streep playing the wicked witch.He is also listed as an uncredited role in Kevin Smith's horror film Tusk which if he shows up in that could really turn it and also show that while working on big budget tentpoles he can also have fun with a Kevin Smith movie as well.

Poll Question

This is if you HAD to choose since my last two were picking from favorites or ones that people like.So if you absolutely HAD to choose a movie that you thought was best in the poll during Johnny Depp's down period what would your choice be?

What is your favorite of these movies during Johnny Depp's "Down" period

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