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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Updated on September 5, 2012

13 Weeks Pregnant


Those rumours about Kate Middleton's pregnancyjust won't go away. On a royal trip to Denmark with Prince William recently, the British Princessdeclined politely when asked to sample to some peanut paste. Kate is known not to be allergic to peanuts herself, but pregnant women are generally advised to avoid eating them, as eating peanuts during pregnancy can increase the risk of the in-utero fetus being born with a potentially dangerous peanut allergy. Add to this otherwise unremarkable incident a couple of photos of a royal hand carefully holding a royal belly and the fact that the couple are young, newly wed and obliged by the pressures of British patriarchy to provide the realm with an heir, and the rumour mill was bound to start churning, with commentators the world over asking "is Kate Middleton pregnant?" Or maybe she just doesn't like peanuts.


William and Kate's official spokesperson has refused to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumours concerning Kate Middleton, claiming instead that it is the standard policy of the British Royal Family not to pre-empt any official announcement by either confirming or denying rumours about pregnancy. The custom in the UK is for couples to announce their pregnancy after around three months, which is after the first antenatal scan has confirmed that all is well with the baby but shortly before a baby bump begins to show. So if an announcement is going to be made about William and Kate's pregnancy, you should expect to hear about it around Christmas, or early in the new year! Is Kate Middleton pregnant? We might have to wait and see.

What Do You Think?

We love a royal baby in the UK. Sooner or later the answer to is Kate Middleton Pregnant will be "yes"- it's inevitable that the heirs to the British throne will be looking to create an heir and a spare of their own.

So what do you think? Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Are we all going to get a royal baby to coo over soon? Are William and Kate being discrete and wary or are we all just getting carried away? What would the new royal baby look like? What sex will it be? What do you think they should name him or her? Is Kate Middleton pregnant?


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