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Is Kim Kardashian Fat?

Updated on October 17, 2013
Is Kim Kardashian Fat?
Is Kim Kardashian Fat? | Source

The media loves to talk about how big Kim K's butt is and how curvy she is, but really, is Kim Kardashian fat?

We will examine her measurements, height, and weight to determine if she falls into the fat zone.

We are focusing on KIm K's non-pregnancy stats.

The Effect of Cameras

First, let's remember that everyone looks larger on-screen than in person. There is a saying, "The camera adds 10 lbs." When fans have a chance to meet celebrities they are often shocked at how small they are in person.

Kim Kardashian's Height and Weight

According to, Kim is 5' 2.5" tall and 117 lbs.

Kim Kardashian's Measurements and Dress Size

Her measurements are 34-26-39. If she were to wear standard women's Calvin Klein clothing, Kim K. would be a size 2 in the bust and waist, but about a 6 in her hips.

Her size is no accident. Kim reportedly has a diet that keeps her in the shape she is in, and also uses QuickTrim.

A Family Affair

Weighty issues sometimes run in the Kardashian clan. People commonly accuse Khloe Kardashian of being in the fat zone. And let's not forget Kourtney's post-pregnancy weight woes.

In our everyday lives would we consider a size 6 to be fat?

The overwhelming majority of Americans would say Kim Kardashian's dress size 6 is perhaps an ideal size for women in real life.

The Standard Dress Size in Hollywood

Size 0 or 2 in Hollywood is very standard for women. Women who are larger than these sizes can be labeled as "curvy" or "fat," depending upon just how far out of range their dress size is. So by Hollywood standards, size 6 is on the larger side.

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Kim Kardashian's Height, Weight, and Dress, Size
Kim Kardashian's Height, Weight, and Dress, Size | Source

The disparity of Kim's size 2 bust and waist to her size 6 hips:

Kim is pear-shaped, which is a very common body shape for women. But Kim has been accused of having buttock implants to make her derriere more round and full, though she has denied having them.

If she indeed does have buttock implants, were she to remove them, she might be closer to a size 4, and look more naturally proportioned.

Kim Kardashian's lovely figure in a long red dress.
Kim Kardashian's lovely figure in a long red dress. | Source

So is Kim Kardashian fat?

Kim is not fat by off-camera, everyday standards. She would definitely be in the fit and healthy range of the population.

By Hollywood standards, her lower body is larger than normal, but still is not "fat." Her lower half gets a lot of attention because she has more exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics with larger buttocks. This has garnered her more media coverage and given her a sex symbol status. This would not happen if she were actually fat.

Kim K. has slim legs beneath those skinny jeans.
Kim K. has slim legs beneath those skinny jeans. | Source

Kim K. Poll

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  • Pop Culture World profile imageAUTHOR

    Pop Culture World 

    4 years ago from United States

    Victoria, it's funny how many different opinions revolve around body size. Thanks for commenting!

  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 

    4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    Size 6? She is small! Nobody would say she is fat except for people with eating disorders! :-)

  • ThoughtsWriter profile image


    5 years ago from America

    There is no way that she only weighs (or weighed) 117 pounds. I mean, look at her!

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Most white men (and women) would probably say she's fat. But ask black man the same question...(or just look at who she dates).

    It's a cultural difference/ preference.

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 

    6 years ago from Arizona

    What is so important about the Kardashian family. What do they do? It is amazing to me how people get notoriety and fame from sometimes absolutely nothing. So she has a big bottom..who cares? I think she as a big head also. However, I did enjoy this hub and you did a fine job.

  • Georgie Lowery profile image

    GH Price 

    6 years ago from North Florida

    I didn't use either answer in your poll. I don't think that she is fat or a good representation of what women normally look like - her body proportions are unrealistic and generally don't occur in the real world without cosmetic surgery and every spare moment being spent in the gym.

    I do think she has booty implants, or at least the Brazilian butt thing. I would hope that women wouldn't want to compare themselves to someone as superficial as most of the people in the Kardashian family anyway.


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